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In Discussion Mage Rework (DOM)

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by Lotas, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. Mage Rework

    As you may know, Mage is not the most used class in the game. When you do see people playing Mage, they are usually using the same builds. The last Mage update made it usable and no longer a bit of a meme to be playing, however it is still fairly weak in some areas and I have a few ideas on how to make more of a variety of Mage builds be played in-game. Here are a few weaker skills I think that could use a little bit of a buff:

    No fall damage - I believe that one reason Rupture is not a very popular skill is because you always have to waste skill tokens on Break Fall in order to make the class viable, as the main thing people use it for is escaping a fight while doing damage.

    Slowness I - The main issue with this class is that you have to keep your sword blocked in order to use the ability, and the fact that it is such a short ranged skill means that you can only try to hit the person for a few seconds before they become in melee range. One thing I think would be interesting is if we made the fire give Slowness and lower the velocity. Essentially what this does it make the skill more of a close ranged ability, making it more compatible with Magma Blade. This would also make it a good support ability in team fights to slow players down. For example, at level 1 it ignites players for 0.4 seconds, this means the slowness would be in affect for 0.4 seconds to the person it hits. Then most importantly, the slowness gives the mage slightly more time to Inferno their opponent before they come in melee range.

    Blizzard not affecting teammates - Currently Blizzard's main purpose is to push players away or off a structure, or intercept mobile abilities in the air such as abilities like Leap, Seismic Slam and Wolfs Pounce. Right now the ability is not the greatest, but I just think that if it had more of a purpose it would be more used. The way I think this could be done is by having the Blizzard not affect your team mates. This way it works more as a support ability, taking enemies off the ground in team fights. If this ends up being too overpowered, you could always nerf it by changing how fast the waves of snowballs come out/making it cost more energy. The main idea is just to get more of a purpose our of the ability.

    Removing ability to hit Fireballs away - There are a few problems with this skill. In general it's pretty slow moving making it hard to hit people, but I think a good way to start is just by making it so players are not able to hit it away from them. The skill is easy enough to dodge as it is, but being able to hit it back is too much in my opinion.

    Losing less health off what you give - As of now, this ability is made to even out the health from among your teammates so that they don't get dropped quickly and you're just left there with a bunch of HP, unable to do anything as you're alone in a team fight. What I think is that for every health you give, you lose 0.5 health less than what you gave.

    Extra Damage - I believe that this ability needs to have +0.5 damage to each level. The reason I think this is because when an enemy is on fire it is slightly making it harder to see and doing damage, so therefore it you are extinguishing them you should be getting more out of it.

    If anyone has any suggestions about an underused ability you think I'm missing, an ability on here that you don't believe needs a buff, or just any general feedback at all make sure to reply so I can possibly fix some things up, Thanks!
    Posted Nov 30, 2019
  2. I don't think this is a good idea because I'm not so sure if mage is such a 1v1 kit. I believe mage is just a kit that helps support people not someone who just goes into 1v1 a Knight or Brute. I think mage is fine as it is! So for just that simple explanation I'm going to be giving this suggestion -1

    Good luck on the rest of your suggestions!
    Posted Dec 13, 2019
  3. For sure it's supposed to be a support kit. I made this not to buff Mage as a whole, but buff certain abilities that are almost never played because they aren't in the meta. Also the changes I made to Inferno and Blizzard turns the skills into support skills to make it fit the purpose of the class more, and buffing Life Bonds would make Mage be used as support more often as well. As for Rupture, Fireball and Magma blade, even though those technically aren't support skills and I didn't change them to be made for support, I still think they need to be buffed as you almost never see them used in game. One thing that I believe could make Fire Ball and Rupture more of support skills is if they didn't affect your team mates.

    Thanks for your input!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 13, 2019

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