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In Discussion Mafia in Mineplex?

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by gzen, Sep 6, 2019.


What do you think?

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  1. Hey everyone, I'm here to present to you all an idea I've thought about for a while now. Mafia. I'm sure if anyone has ever gone to some sort of camp or were at a party or something and played this game, you would know how it works and how fun it is, especially playing as one of the more important roles. For those of you who don't know how to play, I'll explain now.

    The game has two phases in playing. Day, and night.

    The game can be very simple, with only two variating characters, or there could be all different types of characters, such as a ghost, a fabricator, a magician, or even an alien!

    In the simple version of the game, there are a few mafia members and usually around 3x the number of mafias there are innocent. So if there were four mafia members, there would be twelve innocent.

    During the day, all players talk amongst one another about who could be the mafia member, and when one player is chosen to be put on trial, that person can make their plea to try and convince other players they are innocent. After this process, players finally vote once more as to whether the player on trial is innocent or guilty. If that player is voted innocent by majority vote, the players must vote again until one player is eliminated.

    During night time, however, the mafia strike. They want to work to eliminate all players that aren't part of the mafia (excluding certain extra-role characters).

    After each trial takes place, the narrator should not tell the players what role the player who was eliminated had. Instead, allowing the players to discover for themselves is necessary. (Of course, the narrator will tell when the game has ended/When the mafia has been eliminated)

    Extra role additions I suggest adding include the detective, which during night time, wakes up and chooses a player. The narrator then tells the detective whether that certain player is a mafia member or not. The detective is aligned with the civilians and can communicate with them and tell their findings.

    The only other extra-role I suggest adding includes the doctor. The doctor can protect any player of their choice right before the night starts so that if a mafia member chooses the player the doctor chose, that player doesn't die. There should only be one of these extra roles in a player each game.

    I know this is all sounds like, REALLY complicated, but trust me, it's not. In fact, a simple way to explain it on just the start of the game would be something like:

    "You are a(n) (mafia, civilian, detective, angel)

    For mafia, "Kill other players". For civilians, "Eliminate the mafia". For detectives, "Catch the mafia". For angels, "Protect other players".

    "Don't die!" ("Don't get caught!" for mafia)

    "Chat should be ON during this game."

    I suggest in terms of players, there should be 14 players per game, with a minimum of 10 to start.

    To prevent uneven teams, at 10 players, there would be 2 mafia, 7 civilians, and a detective. The doctor is not included in 10 player games.

    When there are 11 players, I suggest it to be the same as there were 10 players, but with a doctor role added.

    When there are 12, a mafia gets added to the 11 player game mode.

    At 13 and 14 players, simply civilians are added to the game.

    If extra players manage to join the game somehow via joining late, they should be added in this order: 1 mafia, 3 citizens, 1 mafia, 3 citizens. I know this is also unlikely, but even so, I don't want the game glitching out when extra players are added.

    During the discussion process, each player should get their own chance to speak, so that it isn't just a giant jumbled mess. Each player will receive twenty-five seconds (open to suggestion) to speak and tell what they want to say. There should also be an option for players to simply skip their turn for discussion if desired, and this could be represented as an item in their inventory / in their book.

    During the day, players are all put in the same lobby to jump around on some parkour map, and during nights, players should have their own little hotel room to stay in while players with roles do what they must.

    I think players would like it a lot if their hotel room was based on level, getting classier every ten levels or so, and for level one hundred players, it would be great if they had the ability to either choose their hotel room class before the game starts or if they could have an editor for their hotel room (but that is a whole other thing that would require a whole other game mechanic so I don't really want to get into that so much.)

    It would also be cool if players could invite each other to their hotel rooms during nighttime. That way players would be able to see what they could get as their level increases.

    Though this system of hotels would require more hotel rooms to be built, taking builder time, I'd be happy to submit some rooms for this (maybe I'll build and include some pictures / a video in the future if this thread gains more popularity)

    I know muted players exist, and I definitely would not want it to be so they couldn't play either, after all, all of Mineplex's games so far don't require you to talk in order to play, and so hence what I am about to propose.

    Kits! That's right. "But what kits could there possibly be in a game such as this, and how the heck would muted players be able to play with just some stupid kit?" Well, what I suggest is that there are two kits, mainly for talking to other players with. These kits are both free as well as essential to gameplay.

    The default kit of the game will be the drop and select menu, and the other kit, the one used to type in chat with during the selection process, will be a kit exclusive to unmuted members.

    I find there should be clarification in the book for new players as to how they can type in chat during the discussion process, and think this would work well being included in the bottom of the book. This is shown below (I'm not sure if there's a way to make the font smaller in books but if so I would recommend having as such be included rather than this space taking up like half of the book.)


    Kit names (open to suggestion):

    Default kit name: "Mute". This is because the kit is used for players who are either muted or simply don't know how to talk.

    Other kit name: "Player". (Only able to be used by players who aren't muted) Simply a player who talks in chat during the discussion phase.

    While being a mute kit may sound like a disadvantage, it is also good for players who just want to give a quick explanation rather than have to type in chat (also good for slow typers)

    To prevent trolling in games, there are a couple of additions I must add.

    NOBODY, especially mafia members, should know each other's role, and there definitely should not be a role selection in the lobby. That would ruin the game!

    There should only be 10 seconds of allocated time for each player to pick somebody during the night, otherwise, a random player is selected for them.

    When players vote during the day, they have ten seconds to choose. If they don't choose, no vote is cast. In the extremely unlikely event that nobody chooses, a random player is selected to be put on trial, and once again in the unlikely event that nobody chooses if that player is innocent or guilty, I suggest the player be chosen guilty to prevent game stalling.

    Okay, so this is an absolute ton of information, I know. Really though, I find the game to be suitable for players of all ages alike, as well as all types of players alike. I'm going to be editing this response even further based off of future comments, so if you think that something may not work or may be wrong, or even if there is a typo in my explanation here, please say so! I'm very open to suggestions as well as criticism. I might include a video trailer for the game in the future given I have enough time on my hands. Thanks!
    Posted Sep 6, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 10, 2019
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  2. Question: So the innocent would include the mafia members correct? If only the innocent were to discuss among themselves, it would make it really easy to tell who is a mafia member and who isn't.

    Overall, I am not too sure about this one. On one hand, I have always loved playing this game when I was a kid and it is a game that is known to a lot of people. Additionally, it breaks away from the typical pvp game that we may see on the network, which I am all for. Diversity is incredibly important and we do need more pvp based games on the network. On the other hand, I do think that this would be a very confusing game to a lot of players and as a result, it is difficult for me to envision this being a game mode on the network. Specifically, a game with multiple phases and roles may be really bothersome to understand. When we look at other games on the server, they are extremely easy to understand whereas, this complex game mode breaks away from that tradition. So, although I would love to see this as a game, I do not think it would be a good fit for the mineplex network. -1
    Posted Sep 6, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 6, 2019
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  3. Firstly, to answer your question, yes. The mafia would most definitely be included with the innocent, as would the rest of the players. Sorry I didn't make that more clear in my explanation.

    Secondly, I understand completely where you are coming from with the argument that it is too complex. Players may not understand a lot of aspects of this game mode. Though I would have to disagree with you that a lot of players wouldn't understand it completely. Possibly removing the angel role wouldn't be so much of a big deal, it isn't a huge character. Personally, I more in the server just want something more complex that requires strategy all without making it so young players can't play. A lot of games I see on Mineplex are from my experience a lot alike. You accomplish a certain task, and that task is fairly simple to get to and understand, but with the introduction of a more complex game, it makes using games a lot more fun. Mineplex could appeal to a lot more people with this sort of game and I think the simple "here's what you should do, now do it" is too overrated. With at least some variation in the process of 'doing that one thing' is what makes the game stand out, and I feel it could attract a lot of players on its own! It's hard to break away from the norm we have here on the server but I feel adding something like this would bring a lot of life. Thanks for your answer, and for everyone else, here are two extremely varying opinions on the state of games here on the server, feel free to cast your vote after reading both sides.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 6, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 7, 2019
  4. Hey!

    I really like this idea. I enjoy playing Mafia on other video games, so it would be cool to see on Mineplex. Like @Sven stated, it does have a different atmosphere than other games, which is good. Mineplex does come up with games that are different from others, such as Speed Builders. But if this were to be added, I would suggest only 2 mafias and at the most, 10 innocents (not including the detective and guardian angel). So technically there would be 14 players in total. I think that the guardian angel should just be called the “Medic” or “Doctor” because that is the normally what it is called when you play Mafia. I do agree that no one should know another players role, it will in fact ruin the game. It should be randomized for who gets what role, just like it is normally. The only person that should know would be the narrator, or director, obviously. I do like the idea that the chosen people have 10 seconds to pick, but I think it would be better for innocents to have 15 seconds or just a little more time. It could be hard to choose who they think it is sometimes. I also think that before the game starts, it gives a quick tutorial or summary of the game so people do understand how to play. This is a great idea and everything, but it could be VERY difficult to make, or might take a while. At least, I would guess. There are a lot of specific things that are needed to be done, but it could most likely all work. I give this idea a +1! Thank you for suggesting it!
    Posted Sep 6, 2019
  5. Yeah, I think your variations are better lol. Thanks for the response! (and the plus 1 ;))
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 6, 2019
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  6. This sounds really cool, especially because I personally love playing it in real life with my friends, and on other games. I agree with @ItsFree/Daejoi on the changes of how many mafias, and the roles. This concept sounds like it might work, but what would happen if someone leaves the game midway. Like a detective or doctor leaves. Would another person become the detective? Something else that concerns me is probably the length of the game, but I think around 10 seconds to pick would probably fasten it up, which seems reasonable. This could probably be developed, but It would kind of take a lot of effort and time to do. I'm just not too sure if it might be worth it in the long run, but I guess who knows?

    Not against this, but due to there being way too many specific things to be added, confusion to newer players, and the effort to develop, I'm just not too sure. I'm neutral on this, but would give it a + 0.5 at most.
    Posted Sep 7, 2019
  7. Hey. You made me think with this question. Huge props go to you for this one.
    In terms of a player leaving mid-game, I don't think their role would be assigned to a new player. I do think maybe some players will leave after the game starts for example if they find out they are just a citizen when they wanted to be a mafia member of some sort, hence the abundance of the narrator (or game) telling one their role before the game starts. I don't think that if a player leaves in the middle of the game that it will matter so much and that as long as a character of extreme importance like a mafia member doesn't leave right when the game starts that it will be an extreme issue. In the case of a mafia member leaving within the first minute and a half of the game I'd say that a civilian will be transferred to a mafia member, the narrator casting a message like, "You were hired to work like a mafia, your goal is to now eliminate others" or something of that nature. I think what really sets this gams apart from others and what I think will make it worth the time and development is the uniqueness and individuality it has. I don't think any other server has done or ever will even think about this sort of concept, and therefore I can most confidently say that it WILL attract players. And a good amount of them at that.

    I understand the game concept is fairly controversial at this point but I feel that maybe once I can delve deeper into this rabbit hole with further questions that it will be clear or not whether this game is suitable for the server.

    Thanks for your insight!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 7, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 7, 2019
  8. Thanks for clearing that up and yeah I definitely agree with it's uniqueness. You're making me lean towards giving you a +1, though I'd like to see other players thoughts about this.
    Posted Sep 7, 2019
  9. Seems complicated for Mineplex's generally simple minigames. I'm sure it could be fun, though, but perhaps it needs to be simplified. You mentioned there are different roles you can spawn as, such as angels, detective, mafia, etc. Perhaps simplify it to just the detective and mafia, maybe a third role? It would be challenging to explain to players who would be playing it for the first time if there were too many roles, especially if they're on the younger side. If there has to be a long introduction to explain what's happening, then they might get bored and leave. However, if it's something simple and contains that sort of intro - such as going through the different roles and explaining what they are - then maybe it could be added. Other than that, the basic concept is simple enough - sneaky assassins kind of with a murderer, basically. I'm not sure how the innocents would converse amongst each other; since it's a Minecraft server and they can't necessarily converse very well, it would need to be edited to adapt to that. Other than that, I'm sure it could be fine-tuned even more, but just think of what I've said and maybe consider the feedback.
    Thank you for sharing and putting so much detail into your idea! <3 Leaving it with a 0 since it can be edited a bit to suit a server more.
    Posted Sep 10, 2019
  10. I think it's a good idea overall but it probably wouldn't work too well. The actually making of the game seems easy enough from the way you described it, but on through a computer screen you can't tell who's lying or not.

    I think that could just make it more of a luck based game, although the initial idea is good and I like it, I just don't think it would really work.
    Posted Sep 10, 2019
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  11. Hey! Thanks for the response.

    If you read my reply to Sven's thread, I think I answered most of your concerns there, though you did have some good points that he didn't in fact mention. For example, you said that it would be tough for members of the game to converse with each other. While I don't completely agree with this statement, I think that it would probably be tough for younger players who may not understand how to type or players that are muted to play the game. In response to this, I find that players may have a predetermined set of choices on the screen to choose from. This setting will be automatic to players on screen in the form of a book. This book will go "I think the mafia is (player choice they type into the book)", and then another choice after this one saying "because (reason: (I am the detective and investigated them)(they have acted suspiciously)) or "I don't think (player) is the mafia because they haven't done anything wrong." The ability to speak as a player rather than just have that book with predetermined choices in them should be displayed as a kit, being free rather than costing any sort of gems. This should also be clarified in the book on the corner of it or something to help new players.

    Hey, thanks for your response as well.

    Honestly, I'd very much have to disagree with you on this. There are multiple ways to see whether a player is part of the mafia or not. For example, the detective role I mentioned is able to see which player is part of the mafia if they chose correctly. Also, if a player chose a different member than the rest, this may be an indicator they are part of the mafia and just didn't want their fellow mafia member dying. Finally, an indicator they could be the mafia is if they were to lie about being a role they aren't. For example, if they said they were the detective even though they were the mafia, this could be a clear indicator they aren't what they say they are and would most likely be eliminated from the game if they took this risky gamble. Feel free to reply with your thoughts on the situation.

    I think you guys have made it clear to me that reading through all of the comments here may be tough for players (it's a lot of reading I get it) therefore I'm going to edit my response so that I don't have to repeat any more answers. Once again, thanks for the insights~!
    --- Post updated ---
    I'm planning on making a video soon, will update when finished/make a new thread possibly
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 4, 2019
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  12. this would work really well because, let's be honest, who DOESN'T know how to play mafia (and it's pretty easy to learn regardless)? a town of salem-esque minigame for mp sounds really fun and i would definitely play way too much of it, needs a little more polish but i can definitely see this being implemented
    Posted Oct 4, 2019
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  13. Yeah, I still need to think of improvements for this game (like further on how muted players can participate) but thanks for your reply
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 6, 2019

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