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Luvli's MPS Party

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Luvli, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Hey everyone!

    So, I had the most incredible experience on Mineplex today. Nothing will ever compare to this most humbling and wholesome experience that I had. Basically, here's a bit of a story time for you:

    I love to spend time in Lobby-1, moderating and interacting with other players all across the network. It was quiet as it was during a time when most people are busy and can't be online. So, I spent some time happily getting to know players and just having a grand time with all of them. I eventually created a box in the staff build area - a simple white 6x6 box that many players joined me inside of whilst we built rails, end portals and all sorts of things. This small thing of just doing fun random things with the players in this one little box, lead to an idea to create an MPS for those people. So naturally, I decided why not. I created an MPS and many players joined. It started off simple, just playing the games that people wanted to play and letting everyone have a turn and a say. Then, it turned into so much more. Through amazing communication and being so kind to one another we came up with game ideas within the games that Mineplex holds. For instance:

    - We covered the void in Cake Wars using wool from the 4 different colours on each team. Whichever team covered the most area won, and at the end, we took a big group screenshot in the middle of the map, and fought it out until the end. - https://imgur.com/a/RBS3a8w - Images of this event can be found here! This event that we did in Cake Wars was probably the best. It was just such an incredible thing. And the group photos in this collection are so cute.

    - We then gathered resources in Bridges to build a small house in the centre, and after this we played a round of hide and seek where we all hid, and if the seeker found you, you had to fight it out. Whoever won the fight would become the new seeker, however, the seeker was amazing and didn't die! - https://imgur.com/a/KKKFvrN - a couple images of this event can be found here, but I didn't really take many here.

    - We then took a few more screenshots, a couple individual, played some other games, and took another group one. - https://imgur.com/a/NDIC7Ro - I sadly lost the group photos but here's a few individual ones.

    - We lastly played Master Builders and changed the build theme to be as creative as they wanted. - I didn't take photos here but it was so so cute.

    All in all, the experience was just incredible. Everyone got to know each other so well, and eventually we set up a call and got to speak to one another as well! Using teamwork and just having so much fun was the most beautiful experience ever. I felt like we all connected so well, and it warms my heart to know that a bunch of strangers can randomly become friends just by interacting with each other and joining an MPS where we worked together to do amazingly fun things.

    I really want to make this a weekly thing, I host MPS' and just get people to come along, we play certain games, add twists to them, do some fun things and just have an awesome time! I cannot describe to you how much fun this was, and sometimes I forget how important it is for myself to connect and be part of the community. I just fell in love with this whole thing, and I really want to do it again. So hopefully I'll have a set day for it, and we'll see where it goes from here!

    I want to give a huge shoutout to those OG's who came to this very first MPS. You all were so amazing to get to know & meet. I loved spending time with every single one of you, and I hope to do it again! Shoutout to these names, I probably missed a few, but hopefully I got some!: Wbos, Teschner, Supermanglop09, tommy317, DaWolfKid26, JustinTheZone, Copyy, ezlee6, Luc_x3, FrontBack, billyjack3, Sakeusi, Tapen and there are a few others I need to add but these are just a few of the names of random players who got to know one another today. It was amazing.

    I really believe that this is an experience to share with others because I want people to see how amazing it can be when a community comes together to just chill with one another and really get to know people they've never met. The teamwork was amazing, everyone was so kind to each other, there was not a single fight, not one bad word, nothing at all. Everyone was calm, happy and peaceful. No one fought over games, nothing. It goes to show that this kind of friendship exists, it's the friendship of friends you haven't met yet. I loved every moment of today.

    I can't wait to experience this again, and hopefully, others too can experience this.

    From yours lovely,
    Sarah | Luvli
    #Box Clan
    Posted Sep 13, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 13, 2019
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  2. Hai Sarah,

    You're honestly so sweet! It was really nice to read through this and just see those awesome experiences you've had and how you stepped it up to hosting your own MPS. Looks like crazy fun so I'm glad you're turning it into a weekly thing. If I'm ever around or awake, I'll definitely stop by!

    Absolutely luvli,

    Posted Sep 13, 2019
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  3. Hey!

    When I was playing earlier today I saw that your MPS was open. I'm so mad I didn't join. The next time this happens, I'll be sure to pop around and spend some time.

    Have a nice rest of your day/night c:
    Posted Sep 13, 2019
  4. Hey,

    This sounds and looks like an amazing time! I would love to see this become a weekly thing, you already know I'm going to join. Sound like you and the other players had really sweet ideas, and I can't wait to see what you and the others come up with next! Well anyways have a good rest of your week!
    Posted Sep 13, 2019

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