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Lucky Blocks Game!

Discussion in 'Nano Games' started by IranMine123, Aug 29, 2020.


This idea is good?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Hi. I'm IranMine123. I have an idea for Nano games... add lucky blocks game in nano games.
    ok, this is an example game:
    in the start... player have one lucky block
    player punch it and get a random item
    the player should kill other players with items that have!
    round 1 end!
    in round 2... players inventory should be reset
    players punch lucky block
    this game have At least 5 rounds
    The player with the most kills wins...
    end game.
    you can set it for Free-For-All, teams or Duels, etc...
    example items: stick with fire aspect I
    blaze stick with sharpness III
    iron sword
    Throwing TNT
    fishing rod with
    fish with knockback I (if you add it... don't build around walls)
    anvil with smite V
    flint and steel
    lucky blocks can give players an armor, for example:
    leather boots with effect speed2
    golden leggings with fire resistance
    chainmail hat with resistance
    if lucky block give the player an armor, the player should kill other players with punch
    THX for reading this. add this game. this game is very good

    i have more idea(s)...
    1.Falling Anvil:
    Crush it with place anvil at enemy coordinate! (if player place it, anvil summon at ~ ~3or2 ~ of the clicked block)

    if player running(or walking), place cactus behind him/her
    and... THX
    Posted Aug 29, 2020
  2. Heyo thanks for the suggest!
    (Move to New Game Discussion?)
    Nice to meet you, and of course great suggestion.
    I love lucky blocks, they are very fun to play around with. The amount of rounds are pretty generous 5 is good. Each round resets? I feel 1 lucky block isn't enough and should have more for better chances of some type of armor and weapon. Free for all sounds easier as well as better, and it is nano games, a good bit of them are solo mode. The items are pretty cool, they can always be altered or discussed more on. My favorite can be the stick with fire aspect I or an anvil with smite v haha.

    Are the next ones new games? Are they just something to be implemented in the lucky block game?
    For falling anvil, this needs more context as not much is given. I would love to put my input and give suggestions but I can't so well with the amount given. There is a game in quick where the anvils fall and it's Reverse Runner I believe is the name.

    Same for Cactuser, it sounds pretty cool. The game reminds me of just Runner and how blocks fall behind a player. It has the same concept, don't have a strong feeling for this as much.

    Regardless of what I might say haha, thank you once again for suggesting, and I wish much luck with the outcome! I hope your thread gets moved to a more appropriate spot on the forums where players can add their thoughts and discuss further.
    Posted Aug 31, 2020
  3. I really like this idea!
    Posted Aug 31, 2020

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