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lobby connection problems

Discussion in 'Help' started by Le egg, Mar 6, 2021.

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  1. I can not connect to lobby when I spam the blaze or bed and it's impossible to connect. This needs to be fixed because I've noticed the numbers going down because of this.
    Thank you for listening
    Posted Mar 6, 2021
  2. Hey there!
    This is a known issue that has been happening for quite some time now, and our developers are working to fix it. Until this issue is fixed, you can try using the /sv command. This is an alternative way to go to a lobby, because when you type /sv 1, you will be taken to Lobby-1. The same thing goes for Lobby-2, and all other lobby servers. I do not know when the developers hope to have fixed this issue, however I do know that they are doing their best to fix this issue. I hope this helped!
    Posted Mar 6, 2021
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  3. I'll have to try this out. Is this like a bypass to the full server issue? if so this would reaaaaallly be helpful.
    Posted Mar 6, 2021
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  4. Yes, the /sv command allows you to join lobbies even if the bed in your hotbar at the end of a game or the blaze does not work.
    Posted Mar 6, 2021
  5. So it's the same as /hub? that command rarely works If the bed doesn't work.
    Posted Mar 6, 2021
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  6. It isn’t an alias for /hub or /lobby, it’s a different command altogether. I guess it’s similar to the java /server command, however on bedrock it works for lobbies. If you do /sv 2 it takes you to lobby 2, /sv 64 takes you to lobby 64 (if it exists)
    Posted Mar 6, 2021
  7. Thread Moved ➪ Help

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    Since this isn't really a suggestion and is an issue you're experiencing, I felt it was better suited in the Help Section.


    As @Bob16077777 has said, this is a bug that has been occurring for a while, which QA and Development are aware of. There is not an estimated time as to when they will fix this issue, but feel free to check out our #bedrock-changelogs on our discord server if you want to keep updated on this and many other changes. I am very sorry for the inconvenience it is causing as I've also experienced it and I understand it is frustrating. The development team will fix this when they can. Right now we only have two bedrock developers, (gyroninja and OneThousand) and there's so much to do, so we don't set out estimated update times as it'll ultimately lead to disappointment if dates are missed and a lot of pushbacks in the event that unforeseeable issues occur.

    Right now, the temporary solution is what Bob has said, using /sv (number), which in a way is similar to /hub, but it actually redirects you to the requested lobby rather than send you to a random hub and should bypass the issue. I'm unsure on the specifics as to why /hub doesn't work right now, or the bed/blaze, but it could be a result of a lot of people joining the lobbies at once and causing some traffic issues.

    Hopefully, the /sv command will work out just fine for you until this bug is fixed. You're welcome to report any other bugs on our website, if you happen to come across others and are unsure if they are known or not. Make sure to read the guide beforehand, as to make the process a lot more easier for both QA (Quality Assurance) and you.

    With all that said, I hope this has addressed your concern. Feel free to PM me with any further questions and/or concerns!

    Concern Addressed ➭ Thread Locked
    Posted Mar 7, 2021
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