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Limited Reports?

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by ImperialBagel, Sep 13, 2019.

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  1. Since when was there a 100 character limit on reports? I typed up a nice detailed report about dozens of people. I had to remove over half the names and shorten my report to a sentence and a link. It feels very lame and not motivating considering I spent a few minutes making a report and video just to remove most of it.
    Can someone explain the purpose of why there is a limit? Am I the only person who has ever ran into this problem? Do most people just send a video link? What if I don't put some people's names as offenders? I would appreciate answers.
    Thank you for caring about my very unique rant and complaint :)
    Posted Sep 13, 2019
  2. Hey!

    I didn't even know there was a limit until now on player reports , mostly because I keep my reports short. Also which part of the report are shorten? (Name of offender, evidence, etc.)
    Also, most players including myself only submit one or a few players per player report as well so this limit isn't usually a big deal because it isn't reached.

    Also where it says Name of Offenders you have to put the name of ALL the offenders. It is a requirement of the report. You might be saying but all the names are in the evidence, however Mineplex requires the all of the offenders names are typed into the "Name of Offenders" box.

    My suggestion to you is to break it up into multiple reports. Simply only a new tab with a new player report, and the ones that won't fit into the first player report because of the character limit, simply copy and paste them into the second report. This should allow you to get everyone reported and work around the 100 character limit.

    I hope I understood what you were asking and answered it correctly.
    Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes if there are any , I typed this reply on Mobile.
    Posted Sep 14, 2019
  3. You can fill in reports with one, two, three or just as many rule breakers as you can fit in per submitted report, and even if the evidence is the same for all of them, these reports will be considered. Otherwise, the reply above sums up everything you should know about reporting correctly. For further information, feel free to check out the Reporting Guide that should answer any concerns you may have. If your report is declined, also message the Reports Patrol member who denied it for specific instructions and advice.

    Glad to see you have the will to contribute to the server though - the Reports Patrol always appreciates the "good spirits" of Mineplex!
    Posted Sep 14, 2019
  4. Yo, the reason there is a limit to our reports and the words you can write with them is to prevent spam. This is so that people don't flood the thread as we review it in a nice compact format to make sure you get the fairest and quickest review that we can give you as an RP team!

    If you're unable to fit all of the names, just make one report on a group and then submit another one on another group, the reports system is like a forum section, a ton of threads saying "Player report on [IGN]", if you put infinite characters there the formatting would break!

    Thread Locked -> Concern Addressed​
    Posted Sep 14, 2019
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