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In Discussion Light Defense/Shaders

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Ghoast, Oct 2, 2019.


    Okay, I'm about to go wayyyy off the charts of normal with this one so prepare.
    Also please don't just say that this is a complex version of Turf Wars because I already know that it is.
    One last thing: I'm not expecting this to get accepted, but I just wanted to post this anyway to show the absolute insanity that my mind puts me through daily.
    Ok I lied. Final note: I may have a great mind, but I am a terrible communicator. It's easier to show it. Which I don't have the time to make this myself sadly :<

    Name of the game:

    These are some ideas I've cooked up for this game:
    - Shaders (my personal fav)
    - Light Defense
    - Night Fight (:thonking)
    - Blackout Getout

    There will be three teams by shade:

    White: The protecting light
    Black: The corrupting dark
    Grey: The balancing equivalent

    The Objective:


    <=> Protect the people - villagers - (Mineplex can decide the amount based on balancing, not grey's job :P)
    <=> Destroy the Taint of Black
    <=> Eliminate Blacks Heart
    <=> Take out black
    <=> Survive the Grey

    <=> Slay the people
    <=> Engulf the light
    <=> Corrupt Whites Light
    <=> Extinguish white
    <=> Survive the Grey

    Grey only exists after the first person truly perishes (explained below)
    <=> Keep the pure and the taint even
    <=> Summon the empty
    <=> Overpower the world with the empty
    <=> Transmute the people
    <=> Eliminate White and Black

    The Rules:

    These are just a few of my rules I would like Mineplex to go by if this is implemented to make the best game play and keep the game fun
    1. No cross-teaming.
    2. A fair amount of lives (until Grey is created).
    3. A balanced cool down on certain abilities.
    4. No ridiculous health on the hearts.
    5. Do not recharge abilities upon death.
    6. Don't just throw in new balancing changes make sure they work. If not remove them.
    7. Abilities don't increase with buffs. Just the main weapon.
    8. Before implementing make sure you balance damages and cool downs :P
    9. Please correct the prices if they are too low or too high.
    10. Loss of upgrades on death = true, restore used items on death = true.

    The Game:

    While white and black are completing their tasks, grey isn't existent yet. Now you might ask why that is. The reason being is that after the first person uses up all their lives, instead of being out of the game, they get *another* chance to win. Now this doesn't come without a few challenges of course...
    - Instead of fighting one team you're fighting both.
    - You need to survive while infiltrating each side.
    - Discreetly you must begin your own corruption.

    In this section I will explain some stuff the best I can. Afterwards I will explain the way I envision the way things work.

    Whites goals seem straightforward and that's because they are for the most part. All you gotta do is keep the civilians safe and fend of black while holding of the increasing grey's.
    Blacks goals also are mainly the same level of simplicity as whites, just the opposite. All the objective you need to accomplish is to drop a certain item in the heavily guarded Chamber of Purity and then eliminate white while taking/changing a few civilians. Grey is where things start to get complex. You need to maintain solid balance to please the Soulless God, collect items from both black and whites territory that only grey can see to bring back to the altar that you present to the Soulless God. Once the altar reaches full charge the ground will begin to spread grey and along with it The Empty shall spawn. Once Grey has joined the battle for control of the land and people, white and black are unable to die, but there is a way for Grey to gain numbers... A team wins when they've completed their tasks.

    Okay so I realize I forgot about Black's heart and couldn't find a good spot to slap it into there:

    Blacks heart is at the back of Black's territory. White must first kill five sentries (wither skeletons with stuff and buffs) in order to get 3 keys and two skulls that unlocks the gate to the Dark Heart Center where white will then destroy the heart by depleting its lifeforce.

    The Map:

    So here is where I try to be flexible to allow easier addition of more various maps and fail:

    By making the heart and light areas have solid structure but not blocks allows for the customization of the chamber and dark center as well as maintain the basic form of each source of the corresponding teams power.

    By making the battlefield a free range for building a war zone with play ability you create the possibility for a whole diverse collection of maps.

    Grey's whole setup is extremely limited for details and modifications because grey would just kinda spawn in rather than being a predetermined thing. The altar would remain the same with two possible spawning locations in the middle of the map.

    The towns/housing for the Civilians is very open for customization as long as they aren't too complex and aren't too challenging to access.
    Image attached below:

    The Mechanics:

    Whites Light:

    <O> Allows for the passive defense against the corruption of black.
    <O> Manifested in the form of a beacon with a faded yellow-white glass on top.
    <O> Beacon despawns when black corrupts it.
    <O> Black will begin to die at this point
    <O> Black inflicted Weakness and Slowness in Chamber

    Corrupting the Beacon:
    <O> Black throws an enchanted ink sac called: Seeds of Corruption into the beacon beam

    Blacks Heart:
    <O> Allows for the continuous spread of Taint.
    <O> Manifested in the form of a dragon egg.
    <O> Dragon egg is protected by the tainted force of barriers with black smoke to push White back.
    <O> Tainted Force is useless after white kills Sentries and wears one skull.
    <O> Dragon egg disappears after being right clicked with other skull.
    <O> Other skulls get removed from inventories and placed on what seemed useless fence poles.
    <O> After skulls placed Servants of Dark can spawn.
    <O> White will begin to die and inflicted Blindness when in the Center at this point.
    <O> Black gains Strength II when in territory at this point.

    The point of the Blindness and death is to prevent white from going into an area they no longer need to enter. It only is in effect when in the heart's center. Same with the Strength II for black. Black is boosted by rage at the destruction of their power source but is nullified when entering white, restoring back in black.

    The same goes for Weakness and death. Prevents black from entering an area that no longer is in play. White absorbs the left over power of the Light well but is nullified when crossing over into black, returning in white.

    Grey's Team:
    <O> Team created after 1 person has died their limit.
    <O> Team created when 1 side destroys others power source
    <O> The last one results in a random selection of 3 people
    <O> When Grey kills someone outside of that person's territory a balanced amount of times (however Mineplex decides) they become grey

    The Altar:
    <O> Spawned somewhere in mid
    <O> Charged by maintaining equivalent control
    <O> When reaching full capacity, begins to spread grey faster than White or Black
    <O> When full capacity reached, both White and Black can no longer become Grey.
    <O> At this point Grey is buffed and White and Black have no buffs in grey.

    The Territories:

    Each territory increases their size by killing the opposite team - excluding Grey - in order to prevent and have the extreme advantages total control results in.

    Grey's Territory spreads from mid and is harder to defend from. It requires two grey kills to send back.


    If you don't select a kit or default one you will be given an iron sword with sharpness one and iron armor with protection one and you will get a sign with knock back titled: "Good Luck :>" (This idea isn't too harsh is it???)

    White Team:

    <|=|> Sacrificed Volunteer: Free <|=|>
    A librarian villager with:

    <>>Training Sword: A wooden sword with sharpness one.
    <>> Rat Killer: An upgradable shovel from wood-diamond increasing per sword kill achieved.
    <>> Makeshift TNT: A rushed explosive capable of being thrown that only deals 2 hearts of damage. 10 second cool down.
    - Left Click: Drops the TNT in front of you. WARNING! Will damage you because of clumsy wiring during assembly (item description).
    - Right Click: A much better idea. Throws the TNT 3 blocks away. Doesn't grief map.
    <>> Edible Emerald: Not actually edible, you're just crazy enough to attempt to eat your prized emerald (item description).
    - Left Click: Does half a heart of damage.
    - Right Click: Causes you to free the emerald from your throat. Ceases to go forward until it hits a block.
    - Deals 6 damage to everything in its path.
    <<.>> Armor: All Green Leather Armor with protection 1 on the chestplate. Titled "Dyed City <armor_piece>"

    <|=|> Royal Guard: 5000 Gems <|=|>
    <>> Soul Flare Snap (S.F.S): Basically a smoke bomb just via magic. The idea is that the enemy is blinded by the pure light of the Flare. Earned similar to Block hunt's method.

    <>> Bright Blade: Iron blade that has one passive ability along with it's special ability.
    - Every kill you gain a charge to your Light Power Counter(L.P.C). This is manifested in the form of your exp bar for this kit.
    - Every 12(or a balanced number decided by Mineplex) kills you can use the ability: Pure Beam
    - Pure Beam: fires a 6 block "light ray" in the direction you are facing. Deals 16 damage(or another balanced number) to all in it's path.
    - Main Attack Damage: 6

    <>> Light Spell: Allows for glowing effect on one random Grey. Received when Grey is formed. May use up to two times.

    <>> Spirit Steed: A saddle to summon a white horse with moderate speed. Lasts 10 seconds. 45 second cool down.

    <<.>> Armor: Iron Armor (cause guard and iron is kinda white?). Chest piece is enchanted with Protection One.Titled "Protectors <armor_name>"

    <|=|> Ascended Protector: 5000 Gems <|=|>
    Invulnerable to Wither(too OP?)

    <>> Enchanted Orb: An orb that on a 45 second cool down provides healing to OTHER players.

    <>> Power of the Light: Gives the ability to double jump and doubles speed for 5 seconds. 25 second cool down.

    <>> Blade of the Disciplined: A blade that deals 8 damage and knocks back the enemy unless they shift.

    <>> Purity Vial: 2 use health pot that provides saturation and slow regeneration for 15 seconds. 30 second cool down.

    <<.>>Armor: Diamond Chest-plate "Pure Heart" with the rest iron armor titled "Descendants <armor_name>"

    <|=|> Faithful Citizen: Achievement Kit <|=|>
    <>> Farmer's Scythe: An upgradable hoe that upgrades from wood to diamond by getting kills with it (similar to Hyper ax in Block hunt just not from bow).
    - Right Click to use Wary Sweep: Deals 6 damage all players in a 1(maybe 2) block radius. Ability cool down 15 seconds.
    - Shift Right Click to use Sever Corruption: Instantly deals 14 damage to ONLY nearest Animated Corruption. 35 second cool down.
    - Base damage 4 and Max damage 10

    <>> Smith's Rod: A stick with sharpness that has two abilities to help the user of this kit:
    - Left click enemy to use Bonk!: Inflicts nausea on hit person for 5 seconds. Cool down 12 seconds.
    - Right click to use Spark: Launches a spark igniting a 3x3 area on impact (hopefully in random place including yourself) within a 15 block radius. 35 second cool down.
    - Damage: 0

    <>> Brewer's Concoction: A mystery potion that may only be drank once.
    - Only gives positive effects or gives a big buff boost for a short time but also provides negatives.
    - Lasts for 30 seconds
    - Results in nausea after potion for 10 more seconds due to being sick from the drink.
    - After Drinking can Right Click to "crack" the empty bottle then Left Click to deal 12 damage consuming broken bottle on use.

    <>> Farmers Candle: Allows for protection against blindness when held.
    - Right Click: One time use that destroys the candle. "Throws" the candle at the enemy player igniting them on fire for 10 seconds.

    <<.>> Armor: All White Leather Armor titled "City <armor_name>" except for boots. Boots are Iron boots titled "Steel Toe Boots"

    Black Team:

    <|=|> Animated Corruption: Free <|=|>
    A squid(or custom black taint-like player skin) with:

    <>> A wooden sword with sharpness III.
    <>> An ink sac to right click and shoot corrupt residue at a white dealing 2 damage per hit. 3 second cool down.
    <>> Only when Grey arrives: Bow that has Power V with arrows generating every 5 seconds.
    <>> Passively has Speed
    <<.>> Armor: All Black Leather Armor with Protection 1. Titled "Dark Mass <armor_name>"

    <|=|> Dark Servant: 5000 Gems <|=|>
    A wither skeleton with:

    <>> Death Blade: Stone Sword with sharpness II and one basic ability along with the main attack.
    - Right Click: Next attack inflicts wither for 3 seconds. 25 second cool down.
    - Damage: Same as a Stone sword with Sharp II.

    <>> Dark Services: Ability for calling in backup. Takes the form of a piece of enchanted call
    - Right click to summon 5 wither skeletons that chase the closest enemy.
    - Deal 2 damage per hit.
    - Disappear after 15 seconds.

    <>> Insanity Flask: Gives temp nausea but speed after. "You cackle mad laughter audible even from within the city. Death has come!" (the potion description). Lasts 30 seconds.
    - May only use fist during use.
    - 1 minute cool down

    <<.>> Armor: All Black Leather Armor with Protection 2 on half. Titled "Death (Skin) <armor_name>"

    <|=|> Corrupt Mage: 5000 Gems <|=|>
    A witch with:

    <>> Book of the arts: Well obviously a book enchanted upgradable to Sharpness 3, but with three abilities and a main attack.
    - Left Click: Smack those who interrupt your spell casting. Deals 1-3 damage.
    - Shift Left Click: Send a wave of Poison Current in a 3 radius. 12 second cool down
    - Right Click: Sends a Lightning dart at the nearest enemy. Disappears after exiting a 15 block radius at 1 block per 1.1 seconds. 8 second cooldown. Deals 4 damage.
    - Shift Right Click: Send a dark fireball(maybe the dragon fireball for texture?) in the facing direction. Deals 8 damage and ignites the area. 30 second cooldown.

    <>> Darkened Mushrooms: Two kind mushrooms with different abilities to weaken the enemy and buff you. Recommended to use when you or enemy are low.
    - Tainted Mushrooms: 2 Brown mushroom that when right clicked on a player gives them nausea for 5 seconds and regeneration for 3 seconds. 10 second cool down.
    - Controlling Mushrooms: 2 Red mushrooms that when consumed give you regeneration for 8 seconds but slowness for 5 seconds. 12 second cool down.

    <>> Twisted Pumpkin: A Jack o' Lantern when right clicked summons two wither skeletons that disappear after 45 seconds
    - Wither skeletons have Jack o' Lanterns on head as well as full black dyed leather armor.
    - 60 second cool down
    - Chases closest enemy

    <<.>> Armor: Black Leather Armor with Protection 1. Red Chestplate and Boots. Armor titled "Archmages <armor_name>"

    <|=|> Withered DarkLord: Achievement Kit <|=|>
    A wither skeleton with:

    <>> Corrupted Wither Axe: an upgradable ax that is exactly like hyper ax in Bh, just acquired through bow kills instead.
    - Right Click: Activate wither and poison for 2 seconds. 30 second cooldown.
    - Base damage: 2 Max damage: Iron axe sharpness 1

    <>> Writhened Corruptor Bow: A bow that deals 0.5 seconds of wither damage upon contact. Arrows generate per 8 seconds. Left Click for dark boost to rapid fire for 5 seconds.

    <>> Mount DarkBeast: A saddle that summons a black horse with max stats for horses. Lasts 8 seconds. Cool down of 50 seconds.

    <>> Unstable Chaos: Stal disc. When right clicked causes you to randomly teleport nonstop in a 5 block radius within map parameters for 3 seconds. 75 second cool down.

    <<.>> Armor: Red Leather helmet. Iron chestplate and boots. Black Leather leggings. All with prot one and titled "<armor-name> of the DarkLord"

    Grey Team:

    Grey has a little bit of Lore because why not.
    All grey have Resistance and Absorption
    A kit is now chosen upon becoming Grey

    <|=|> Pointless Growth: Free <|=|>
    A gray sheep(or custom grey player skin) with:

    <>> A stone sword with sharpness III.
    <>> A grey dye to right click and shoot blanks empty residue dealing 4 damage per hit. 3 second cool down.
    <>> Passively has Saturation
    <<.>> Armor: All Grey Leather Armor with Protection 1. Titled "Dead <armor_name>"

    <|=|> Forgotten Civilian: 8000 <|=|>
    A blacksmith villager with:

    <>> Sparring Sword: A stone sword when right clicked pulls you back two blocks.
    <>> Broken Rat Killer: Diamond Shovel with sharpness two (cause it's the rat killer but the jagged end is sharp now cause it's broken).
    - Right Click: Aggressively slam that shovel into those forgetful people of the light and those heathens that killed you. Deals 8 damage.

    <>> Explosive Remains: Gunpowder with two abilities to aid the user.
    - Left Click: Throw TNT residue on those you once fought by and against. Deals 6 seconds of poison damage.
    - Right Click: Ignites gunpowder and throws it at people you can't recall and evil you don't remember fighting.

    <>> Emerald Shard: A chunk of emerald that you seem to have an interest for but don't know why.
    - Right Click: Stab all unrecognizable entities 1 block in front of you uncontrollably for 6 seconds. Item disappears on finish of use. Deals 8 damage (4 hearts) for all hits.

    <<.>> Armor: Dark green leather armor with prot 2. Titled "Faded Emerald <armor_name>"

    <|=|> Soulless Immortal: Achievement Kit <|=|>
    A skeleton with:

    <>> Extracted Life Axe: Diamond axe with a special ability.
    - Right Click: Activate speed and inflict weakness for 10 seconds. 30 second cool down. Weakening other's fills you with stamina(speed).
    - Base damage: 2 Max damage: Iron axe sharpness 1

    <>> Injected Extractor Shot: A bow that deals 0.5 seconds of wither damage and heal you for the same amount upon impact. Arrows generate per 8 seconds. Left Click for Lifeless push to rapid fire for 6 seconds.

    <>>Lifeless Steed: A saddle that summons a grey horse with double max stats for horses. Lasts 4 seconds. Cool down of 55 seconds.

    <>> Meaningless Motion: Music disc 11. When right clicked causes you to teleport to your altar after 3 seconds. 45 second cool down.

    <<.>> Armor: Light Grey Helmet. Chain chestplate and boots. Grey Leather leggings. Leather Prot Two Chain Prot One and titled "<armor-name> of the Soulless"

    <|=|> Conflicted Citizen: Achievement Kit <|=|>
    <>> Death Sickle: A sharpness 3 Diamond hoe.
    - Right Click: summons 5 fully upgraded Farmer's Scythes that cycle around the player each one disappearing and dealing damage upon impact with an enemy.
    - Ability called Scythe Cycle. Cycle pattern similar to that of atom structure (Just really fast I guess?) electron cycle format.
    - Base damage 6 and Max damage 11.

    <>> Forge Conductor: A stick with sharpness 5 that has two abilities to help the user of this kit:
    - Left click enemy to use Crack!: Inflicts nausea on hit person for 8 seconds. Cool down 24 seconds.
    - Right click to use Spark: Launches 2 sparks igniting a 4x4 area on impact (in a random place excluding yourself) within a 15 block radius. 45 second cool down.
    - Damage: 1/2

    <>> Conjurist's Poison: A mystery potion that may be drank twice with a cool down of 45 seconds after effects end.
    - Only gives positive effects for a short 15 seconds.
    - Results in nausea after potion for 5 more seconds due to being sick from the drink.
    - After Drinking both potions can Right Click to "crack" the empty bottle then Left Click to deal 12 damage consuming broken bottle on second use.

    <>> Lifeless Candle: Allows for protection against Blindness and Weakness while held
    - Right Click: Three time use that destroys the candle. "Throws" the candle at the enemy player summoning 5 "Lifeless" (Zombies with Grey Leather armor and a grey block for the head) in a circle around the enemy that chase that one person.
    - Lifeless deal 3 damage per hit.

    <<.>> Armor: All Grey Leather Armor titled "Ragged City <armor_name>" except for boots. Boots are Diamond boots titled "Reinforced Combat Boots"

    Will continue to update as I develop this. Kits are finished after 6 hours of work
    Posted Oct 2, 2019,
    Last edited Oct 3, 2019
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  2. Heyo!

    It seems like you've put some time and effort into this thread here, so good job on your part. As for the name of the game, I think Shaders sounds the best out of all of them. While it doesn't really give a good concept of the game, it still sounds the best (in my opinion).

    For the teams, I assume you mean shade of armor or wool? Maybe if you could make a small tiny map to represent what you mean by this, that could help paint a visual.

    As for the concept of this, the game seems really cool. In a way it seems like Castle Siege, but with a more unique concept to it. I like how there is a gray team as well, which is trying to balance things out and ultimately defeat both teams. Your rules definitely will help out with this game as well.

    The concept behind having to fight both teams definitely is pretty interesting, but it depends on how many players are on each team. If it's going to be above 7-10, this most likely will be very hard for gray to win. I get that later on more grays will be added to the game, but towards the start it may be hard just to stay alive. The goals seem somewhat easy to understand, you did a good job at explaining them. When gray starts joining, things get really complex. I assume if they don't balance things, they die, but once again at the start this will be very hard for gray to stay alive. The game is very unique, just some parts could use a bit more explaining than others.

    For your maps that you suggested, I think just building a small scaled map or using a similar map from Mineplex in your picture would definitely help out a lot, as for the imaging you've put in your thread is kind of throwing me off. Nevertheless, I'll move onto your mechanics.

    This definitely helps explain things more, I especially like how you have to throw in items for the beacon to become corrupted. My only question would be where do you get it at? As for black, the strength 2 seems really overpowered, especially stacked on with blindness (which also means you can't run). I think your point is for them just not to survive, but this seems somewhat overpowered. Good concept though, it is very interesting to see all the unique features tagged along with your game here. The gray team has an interesting role, though it just seems really confusing. If enough people aren't chosen, people will start being selected randomly? Personally I don't really think that's fair, but maybe I'm understanding it wrong. The altar is where things get interesting, and it especially balances out the playing field.

    Finally, the territories part of this game seems really cool as well. It's kind of confusing since you don't benefit from gray, but they can benefit from you, but either way this was a really cool idea you made. Some things I want to point out are if there will be any kits for this game, how many players are allowed to join, achievements, rewards, maybe missions? I don't know, just there are some more things that could be put into more detail.

    Overall, this game seems very unique and cool. For now, it seems really complicated. You tried to describe it the best you could, but I think seeing the game in action would work better for me. I'll leave it at a +1 for now though, have a nice day!
    Posted Oct 2, 2019
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  3. Hey there!

    I'm legit speechless! That is very well planned out. I think I would make a few minor changes to Grey (not sure what exactly) so it can be more balanced. Probably give Gray a buff? Anyways, it's a +1 from me!
    Posted Oct 2, 2019
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  4. +1 bro, seems really cool
    Posted Oct 2, 2019
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  5. I think it looks really good! +1
    Posted Oct 2, 2019
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  6. Wow, this is beautiful! I appreciate the effort you put to write this thread and I would definitely love to see this implemented. However, like @Mathuu already pointed out, grey team is a bit underpowered. Overall, it's a +1 from me. Have a nice day :D

    Posted Oct 2, 2019
  7. First off, thank you for the extremely in depth feedback. I realize that I left so much out that I should've put in. I shall edit that and add it in. I'll also make a micro version to provide a better image. I'm also going to add the following:

    A rough concept of this has been stuck in my head since May! I couldn't get it out of my head for a while and it came back to me. So I finally was able to give it a full concept but not verbally :I
    Grey is supposed to be a little more buffed than white or black. Also:

    You don't need to read this if you read the latest post for this.

    The point of the Blindness and death is to prevent white from going into an area they no longer need to enter. It only is in effect when in the heart's center. Same with the Strength II for black. Black is boosted by rage at the destruction of their power source but is nullified when entering white, restoring back in black.

    The same goes for Weakness and death. Prevents black from entering an area that no longer is in play. White absorbs the left over power of the Light well but is nullified when crossing over into black, returning in white.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 2, 2019,
    Last edited Oct 2, 2019

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