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In Discussion Leveling rewards for bedrock

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by pokyvessel52506, Oct 31, 2019.


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  1. Heyo!

    I think adding leveling rewards would be a nice addition since they were very good on Java, but off of what you have here, I feel players will be disappointed from their rewards. I like all of the crates you have included, but instead of "special crates", these should just give a special cosmetic that is only obtainable from leveling rewards (like on Java). Level 100 should definitely have a lot, maybe around 10,000 shards and gems, special cosmetic, 10 noble crates, and 20 royal crates. Going down from there, the rest should definitely still be buffed as they aren't that high of rewards, but that's just my opinion. Also, just more unique cosmetics would be nice to see since it would make players want to level up in order to get these rewards.

    Overall, I enjoy the concept of leveling rewards for Bedrock, but these rewards will still need drastic changes in order to fit in with the Bedrock economy. I'll leave this at a +1 for now, have a nice day!
    Posted Nov 11, 2019
  2. Ok I’ve changed it
    --- Post updated ---
    I’ve made the rewards much better
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 13, 2019
  3. I'm not too sure about the rewards but I like the concept of getting rewards for leveling on bedrock. Right now there isn't really a reason to level since even the 20,000 gems you get for reaching level 100 don't register so having this would certainly motivate more players to level
    Posted Nov 13, 2019
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  4. This is a very good idea because leveling up tough and I think rewards would motivate a lot of people to try and level up as fast as possible this will also gain us a lot of active players.
    Posted Nov 15, 2019
  5. Hey!

    I thank you for sharing your tremendous idea with all of us! I think that there really should be level rewards for the bedrock server. I love this idea, and think that this should definitely be taken into consideration. Now, the list could defiantly be improved by a more variety of rewards, and not the same reward over and over again. I think that the way Java has it is perfect, and it should really be pushed to bedrock, as well. Saying this, I give this idea a +1!
    Posted Nov 17, 2019
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  6. What some servers do is that after a certain of inactivity,the server kicks the player. Maybe Mineplex could do this too?
    --- Post updated ---
    *time of inactivity...
    Posted Nov 17, 2019
  7. Yea that’s called an afk timer. They’re broken for mineplex bedrock for some reason
    Posted Nov 17, 2019
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  8. Greetings!

    A couple of months back the Update Ideas Crew published this to the Ideas forums which you can find here. Overall I am a big fan of this idea and I hope to see this added to the Bedrock Server. While we do have a small issue of players AFKing to get to level 100. Once we add an AFK timer this could fix the issue very fast. I can't wait to see what others think about this reopened idea!
    ~ GuardianInASuit | Your Friendly Mineplex Guardian​
    Posted Nov 25, 2019

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