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Legendaries glitching out and disappearing

Discussion in 'Clans' started by DemigodPercy, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. 2 legendry's have disappeared lately and it isn't due to insiding, our members were using them and when they put them in the chest they just vanished. I'm wondering if it is possible to get them back
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
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  2. Probably not unless you have videos of this happening. I lost a maul a few seasons back because I glitched and started dealing 1 damage.
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
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  3. As the person above stated, I don't believe you'll be able to get them back unless you have video proof of it happening, because I don't see any other way to prove that they actually disappeared and glitched. I'm sorry this happened to you as I know how hard the legendaries can be to find.
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
  4. Only if you have it recorded, if you didn't record it happening there's no physical proof of you owning said legends at the time and evidence of you guys losing the items. I understand the fact that people don't typically record constantly, which really is a bummer for situations like this. Just understand that this issue is known to Clans Management and was investigated. If I recall correctly, it has to do with inventory lag and server lag. I've seen multiple cases of this where the item was forced out of your inventory and thrown on the ground for no apparent reason. The only suggestion I can give is, if this happens again retrace your steps and look on the ground for dropped items.

    Also have the person who was holding the items /kill, sometimes the items turn invis in your inventory. When you /kill sometimes they will drop. I've also seen this happen when people put their legends back in a chest and go fight, only to drop the items.
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
  5. I know, I do have evidence of actually owning them but I don't have the video footage. But apparently the same thing happened to the clan Weird and they didn't record and grandpa gave the legends back
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 30, 2020

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