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Kits that can use balancing and balancing ideas.

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by TheStudentUnion, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. In super smash mobs there are a few kits that are very unbalanced. Here are a few suggestions to fix them.

    Enderman: This is not considered unbalanced too often, and many people can disagree. The main reason it is unbalanced is because of the block toss. The block toss is like sulpher bomb except more damage and knockback. It has a very low cooldown and can do 3-4 hearts. Many players just have to run and spam the crap out of it. I think a way to balance this kit would be to decrease the cooldown to ~6 seconds. This will encourage players to use pvp and play more aggresively.

    Slime - This kit was a creative idea, and some even say it is a balanced kit. However, I think one simple fix should be added and the kit will be balanced. The slime rocket cooldown should start after the slime rocket is charged and released. This may butcher the kit and make the hitbox grow bigger, so to make it balanced again. The bar for the slime rocket can go slower when it regend to make the hitbox smaller for longer. Many people abuse slime by simply running and spamming slime rocket, so I think this can help make them play more aggresively.

    Blaze: The most annoying kit in my opinion, and one of the most unbalanced. To many people reading, this should be obvious. Many people abuse blaze by simply running jumping off and using firefly. I think a simple way to fix this is increasing the cooldown for firefly. This will make blaze players save the firefly as a recovery to save themself from falling off. Some say inferno is overpowered but I think if firefly's cooldown gets nerfed, it shouldnt be a problem.

    Creeper: The most commonly used kit due to how easy it is to learn and play. Most players tend to run and spam sulphur bomb. The lightning sheild also makes combos impossible for pvp based kits. A solution to this would be increasing sulphur bomb cooldown and the duration of the lightning sheild.

    Wolf: In my opinion wolf is the most broken kit in super smash mob due to its one passive ability. For those who don't know, ravage makes it so the damage adds up by 1 every hit and resets after 3 seconds. This damage has no cap. Because of wolfs leap, its wolf strike, and cub tacke with basically stunlocks the opponent, its not difficult to deal insane amounts of damage. I think the best solution is to remove ravage altogether, or at least give it a damage cap.

    This list was my opinion if you have any suggestions let me know. Also remind me if there is anything that I missed.
    Posted Jan 7, 2020,
    Last edited Jan 7, 2020
  2. Oh yeah, and sorry for all the typos im typing on a phone.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 7, 2020
  3. Heyo!
    So you have problems with the way people use the kits, correct? I mean that’s just strategy and there is literally no need to remove/tweak the kit. I mean yeah, it could be a bit infuriating to get burned to death by a blaze or smacked into orbit by a block, but that’s just strategy and I’m not sure that the people that play SSM would be happy about the spammy stuff being removed/tweaked. I definitely agree that sulphur’s cooldown should be nerfed and that firefly should be nerfed too. I highly suggest that inferno is highly nerfed, due to it winning many matches for pure spam not skill. I too made a thread for the block toss but I locked it due to the type of thread it turned into. I definitely agree that block toss should be nerfed too! Many of these suggestions are highly recommended by me and probably many others! Here’s my summary
    Creeper: Sulphur should be nerfed totally
    Blaze: Both skills should be nerfed
    Wolf: Not necessarily, since the armour is terrible
    Slime: Something among those lines
    Enderman: All the Way
    Posted Jan 9, 2020
  4. I agree with you on that for the most part on that, and now l think the ravage kind of compensates for the low defense. However, I think it should still be given a cap of 8 damage (same damage as big magma). Right now, a single unexpected cub tackle or ambush can get most players killed in a matter of seconds. Range kits can normally keep them far away but wolf can dodge quite easily due to the leap. Im not by any means saying that wolf takes no skill, It definately is more pvp oriented than blaze or skeleton horse.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 9, 2020
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  5. The argument for not nerfing the overpowered kits is similar to the argument for keeping random critical hits in team fortress 2. Sure, players may enjoy getting more wins easily, even if they don't deserve them. However, the games will be far more rewarding when you win knowing you deserved that win with a skill based kit. Im saying this because I was a wolf main at one point, and skeleton horse used to be my secondary kit back in 2015. Sure, I was happy when I killed people as those kits, and when I won games. Since then, I have been playing more skill based kits such as zombie, villager, and golem. These kits may be difficult to play and take some practice, but unlike when I played wolf and skeleton horse, winning is more rewarding. I don't blame people who use those strategies, they are simply using the kit the way that helps them get wins. In fact, the people who play those kits cheaply are demonstrating how overpowered and broken those kits actually are. I think its the kits themselves which are the problem, not the players or the strategies.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 9, 2020
  6. I remember at some point I was fighting a wolf as golem. It was a fairly small map but he had just killed some other guy when he cub tackled me. Killed me in literally three hits and I was at full.
    Posted Jan 9, 2020
  7. Hi, I completely agree with adding a cooldown on endermans block toss, maybe even rack it up to 7-10 seconds and give Enderman a passive ability or a third ability, Enderman is really one of the most predictable kits in the game because it’s just the same thing, flank, PvP, block toss, repeat, it can be pretty frustrating going up a kit like that especially when it’s got good armor and incredible damage! I Also think that creepers passive ability (Lightning shield) should expire 0.8 seconds sooner and that sulphur bomb should have another second added to its cooldown.
    I also completely agree with making slimes cooldown start after Slime rocket is used. As for blaze I think that it should do 20% more damage, have 3 seconds removed from how long it lasts, and make it take another 1 second to start up.

    I actually disagree with your wolf nerf, From my perspective Spider is like a more defense version of the wolf and can definitely go farther with wolf seeing as it has more potential but is harder to use, Removing ravage would be brutal for wolf since it practically guarantees +1-3 damage, If you nerfed wolf you would need to nerf spider as well.

    Here are some more nerfs reworks and buffs that I think should be added in the game
    Corrupted arrow does 1 less maximum damage and takes another 2.5 seconds to fully charge up.
    Skeletons horses bone rush should do 10% more damage and have 3.5 seconds removed from how long it lasts, Bone kick should do 45% less knockback and should have 2 seconds added to its cooldown.
    Slime slam does 1 more damage, doesn’t have recoil, and shoots you 50% more horizontally.
    2 second cooldown reduction from witches bat wave
    0.7 second cooldown added to witches bottle throw or whatever it’s called lol. Magma cubes flame dash shoots magma cube 25% less horizontally magma cubes fireball does 20% more damage and has a +3 second cooldown increase villagers sonic hurr cooldown by 1.5 seconds Decrease skeletons armor bars by 1.5 Decrease skeletons arrow damage by 1 Increase skeletons bone explosion cooldown by 3 seconds decrease the rate skeleton gets arrow by 250% nerf snowman’s snow radius by 1 nerf iron golems fissure distance by 3 blocks make it so chickens chicken missile cooldown doesn’t reset if a chicken missile hits an opponent

    and some buffs. Increase sheep’s maximum wool mine damage by 2 Increase sheep’s maximum static laser distance by 10 blocks FIX SHEEPS WOOLY ROCKET AND SMASH!!! It’s been broken for months Come On Mineplex!!!
    Increase iron golems flesh hook damage by 2 increas iron golems flesh hook velocity and distance by 20%
    Increase horizontal and vertical jumping on seismic slam by 30% nerf iron golems armor by 1 bar make chickens eggs do 12% more damage each but make chicken shoot 2 less eggs per blaster
    increase pigs armor bars by 0.5 and increase pigs regen by 0.05 and increase spiders needles damage by 15% per arrow
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
  8. Heyo!
    To top off the wolf subject, I highly suggest that you consider the passive ability (ravage) is nerfed a tad bit, just so Iron Golems can't be 3 shotted by a wolf, recently getting 1 kill.
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
  9. Hey!

    Seismic slam is a good move to knock wolf away and deal a good bit of damage, Fissure can take almost half of wolfs health while dealing lots of knockback and even making it so wolfs very high mobility is useless until fissure expires. Flesh hook is also good, can get void kills and even do much more, while Wolf, having a small hit box and revolving around dealing melee Damage is a good counter for iron golem, There’s no such thing as a bad kit, it all depends how you fight wolf, Creeper beats wolf, wolf beats iron golem, iron golem beats creeper, you just gotta be better than the people you’re facing and overcome those counters, in my opinion wolf does need a nerf but I don’t really agree with nerfing wolfs ability and more nerfing it’s mobility , making wolf have a higher vertical jump and lower horizontal jump would make wolf slower but still fast.
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
  10. I think either ravage reset should be decreased or it should be given a cap or both. Maybe not removed but right now the damage is way too high.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 15, 2020

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