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Kit Perks

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by chrris, Aug 8, 2022.

  1. Around 5 years ago we were introduced to kit levels but not a lot came from it. We only saw Skywars and some other games benefit from it with cooldown reductions as well. All the other games had their levels do nothing as they never completed them. It was removed and we haven’t seen anything from them since. Here I am suggesting using some form of “Perks” but not as OP to ruin the game or make it annoying. (I think every game should do this IF added) Currently, the only longevity games have is achievements which is fine but you complete it very quickly and there isn’t a lot to grind on that gamemode anymore. Giving players another reason to grind their favorite games is always a big plus and I hope we can actually see some form of this in the future. In my example, I use the old Skywars kits as they hold a lot of functionality for this idea.

    NOTE: None of these perk ideas are finalized and are just used for example's sake. (Same for gem count)





    Feel free to comment on the idea and if you do like it, suggest some perks in some other modes too!
    Posted Aug 8, 2022
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  2. Note: I understand that you mentioned that the ideas aren't finalized, but I'll be commenting on them with the assumption that they are, just to share my opinions on them.
    This is an area where I used to be a bit 50/50, but I'm leaning much more in favour of Kit Upgrades than I was in the past. I was always concerned( about how unbalanced it would make the game for newer players trying to play the game for the first time (and I am sort of concerned about that still). However, if work is put into balancing these upgrades, it adds, as you mentioned, a much needed aspect of longevity to the games. It gives you a reason to really work towards playing a game and improving. With that said, I always felt getting kit experience from playing games was the best way of working towards these upgrades, and I still feel that way now, but I understand the benefit of using gems. A major complaint on the server is how little gems matter once you unlock every kit, and this would work towards solving that issue. However, for the users with hundreds of thousands or millions of gems, they could just buy every upgrade before playing the game. Like I mentioned, I still personally prefer a type of "Kit Experience" that could be earned via playing games, but I could also be swayed into liking the gem system since I understand the benefit for sure.

    With that out of the way, I'll go into a bit more specifics with the upgrades themselves.

    I like the Ice Upgrades. Both seem relatively balanced, and wouldn't be game changing, however, you would also notice the benefits.

    With the Air Kits, I question the balancing a bit. A triple jump is one of those things where I'm not super passionate about it. I feel it could be slightly OP, but with a 2% beginning success rate, as long as it doesn't increase much past 8-10%, I feel that slim chance is still enough to make it balanced, while you notice the benefits individually, which I do like. However, I'm not sure how I feel about hitting people with the Double Jump. How much knockback would it do, and if it does a lot, wouldn't that be pretty broken? And if it doesn't do a lot, what would the benefit be? I could just be visualizing it incorrectly, but I don't really understand how that type of upgrade would benefit the user enough, while not becoming overpowered. With that said, I've always liked the idea of reducing a cooldown or increasing the leap distance, which is an easy possibility for an upgrade.

    With the Earth Kit, this would largely depend on how high the percentage goes. I like the idea itself. As an Achievement Kit, it's already supposed to be a slight level ahead of the rest, and increasing the knockback a small percentage is completely fair, however, I wouldn't want this percentage to go overly high depending on how many times you could upgrade said upgrades.

    With all of that said, I love this thread and I love these ideas. I've always significantly enjoyed Kit Skywars more than the standard 1 kit fits all version we have with V3 right now, and I would love to revert back to the Elemental Kits. Along with that, I've also really like the idea of the Kit Upgrades for every gamemode. I believe it adds longevity to the game and it gives users something else to work towards which is always great. Hopefully this thread gets a lot of attention as I'd love to hear what people think!
    Posted Aug 8, 2022
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  3. I should have clarified this but they will max out at level V to not make them stupidly OP.

    I actually really liked your idea with the leap distance and I actually plan to replace "Slam Dunk!" with it. I'm gonna make a lot of edits on this thread later so I can have a much better idea of what it should look like as wel as show some genuinely good ideas for perks.

    Gems were there as a placeholder, possibly we could reuse old currency "Crowns" or make a new one with a different unique name for them.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 8, 2022
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  4. I'd love for something new to grind for that wouldn't completely ruin the fun of a game with sheer brokenness.
    Posted Aug 8, 2022
  5. This looks very interesting and fun! I wouldn't mind playing skywars if this gets added :O
    Posted Aug 9, 2022

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