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Just a question...

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Games' started by LegoNick1208, Feb 26, 2021.

  1. So i got bored,
    and i was scrolling through the latest changelogs on the main page of this very website, and saw this:

    The most recent update(FOR BEDROCK) Was the Halloween update, and that didn't really add much. Before that we had the classics update, and all that really did was ruin dragons as some people say. (Fall dmg and player count) Before that it was mainly a bug fix update. And thats all show on the main page, then you cant scroll any more. From guessing, i can say that before that there was the removal of skyblock and the addition of it, and then i cant really remember anything major. I just want to know, based on other servers, mojang themselves, and other games, i can say that during a time where sort of small and not needed updates are added, it mostly means the devs are working on a really huge and awesome update. (ex. Caves and Cliffs LETS GOOOO) So as a question to the devs, and i am really excited for the answer, whats the big update? Any hints you can give us? Im surprised that nobody else noticed this, and i cant wait lol Thanks for reading.
    Posted Feb 26, 2021
  2. Well there are big updates. On 12/2 the Halloween update ended. And here's a copy paste of everything after 12/2 till now from the Mineplex discord.

    "General Changes
    - Enabled double xp
    Winter Event
    - Added Snow Fight
    - Added Winter Event mission system
    - Added Winter Event shop and premium shop
    @Bedrock Another month. Another Holiday Event. This time we are bringing you the event early unlike what happened with Halloween. Unlike Halloween, the Winter Event is not just a new game. The Winter Event is a three week long event with new things added every week. A major component of this event is the mission system that has been implemented that allows you to do different missions to earn yourself Winter Tokens which can be used to purchase cosmetics in the Winter Event shop. The last two daily missions and the last two weekly missions are reserved for players who have a donator rank. Along with the mission system this week also comes with a new game to Bedrock, Snow Fight. In Snow Fight you are split into 4 teams and eliminate other players by throwing snowballs at them. You get a few health potions to heal yourself back up if you get into a pinch.
    - Removed Holiday Lights from shop
    - Made rank locked parts of the event more clear that they are locked behind a rank
    - Improved the Winter Event menu's formatting
    - Added water damage to Snow Fight
    - Improved formatting of Snow Fight's description
    We are sorry that the Holiday Lights cosmetics were bugged and could not be purchased. To help make this up to people who wasted their Winter Tokens all players who joined the server before this patch will be getting a free 15 Winter Tokens. The current offering in the shop is currently limited, but do expect new cosmetics to be released during this event.
    - Added mission progress messages in chat
    - Added ding to snowballs in Snow Fight
    - Added lobby entities for Snow Fight
    - Increased double xp message interval from 2 minutes to 5 minutes
    - Fixed Santa's Jetpack from interfering with gameplay
    - Removed tasks progress messages for premium tasks to nonranked players
    - Moved token count from shop title to body in shop menu
    - Added empty icon for back button in task menu
    @Bedrock We've reached week 2 of the winter event. It turns out making, testing, and releasing a minimum of 4 new tasks every day takes a lot more work than I expected. Unfortunately, new cosmetics are still in the works, but should be out in a couple of days. Anyways into the meat of the update.
    - Added game rotator npc
    Every day (for the next 5 days) there will be a new game showcased. Today's game is Merry Mayhem, a tower defense game from a previous Christmas event
    Tuesday's game is the return of an old game. One in the Quiver.
    All it takes in one arrow to kill someone. You start with one arrow. Don't miss.
    Wednesday's game is Bomb Lobbers.
    Throw TNT over to the other team's island to try and eliminate them
    Thursday's game is Survival Games.
    Scavenge for items across the map to become the last person standing.
    Friday's game is Cake Wars Solo
    As a highly requested game, we wanted to give it a shot in this event.
    - Fixed Cake Wars Duos and Solos stats being counted under regular Cake Wars
    - Switched villagers with snowmen in Cake Wars
    - Removed Tasks
    - Remove Game Rotator
    - Added New Shop Items
    - Fixed numerous broken particle effects
    The winter lobby has about a week left, so prices in the shop have been decreased
    - Added new (and better) team selection logic
    - Fixed bug where there was an extra ghost player on a team
    - Fixed team queuing hologram not updated

    I have completely ripped out the old team selection system and replaced with with a new, better, and well tested system.
    The highest priority is to put parties together. If a party is too big to fit on one team it will still try to group the remaining players together.
    After ensuring people in parties are together, it tries and put people on teams based off their preferences (what sheep they clicked on).
    If you are on a party you can still choose what team you will prefer and it will be taken into consideration. If everyone in your party prefers to go on Red team, your party will likely end up on Red team for example.
    In the previous system you would be put on a team in the pregame lobby and then it would get shuffled around as the game was about to start. I saw this as being too complex and changed it to only assigning you a team once the game begins.
    - Fix kits selection being broken in some game for certain players
    - Disabled the Winter Event
    - Disable hiders from being able to be AFK kicked in Block Hunt
    - When there are more players than the max players for a game the extra players are now put into spectator. It will prioritize people not in a party to be put on spectator
    - Fixed kit selection in Cake Wars Duos
    - Increased vertical knockback"

    So I don't really think that there's a big update coming... Because gyroninja is our front end dev and we're in need of hardware stuff, also some of these are big changes if you read them.

    EDIT: Also there were some knockback updates around the Classics update, and a lot of others that you didn't mention. Oh. And would you like me to PM you all the updates since the new city lobby thing on 6/2?
    Posted Feb 26, 2021,
    Last edited Feb 26, 2021
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  3. geez thats a long list! thanks for pasting it! I still wonder though - what will the next big update be? a new game? if so what?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 26, 2021
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  4. definitely hardware and bugs overall with the server that make the experience bad, as in the bug affects the whole server, not just one game

    but after that...don't quote me on this, but the CW update proposal and the BH update proposal maybe or small skins? idk. it all comes down to what their priorities are, really
    Posted Feb 26, 2021
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  5. I hope if its a bug fix update, that its the small skins or the villager thing.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 26, 2021
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  6. Small skins are up there for sure, villager thing I don't think so.
    Posted Feb 26, 2021

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