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[Java] What direction would you like to see Mineplex go?

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Marzie, Nov 5, 2020.


Bring back the old or bring in the new?

  1. Bring back the old!

  2. New stuff!

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  1. Hmmm. This was a tough question, as I and many friends of mine do miss some of the old games of Mineplex, that said, Mineplex is not the same server that it was years ago, nor should we try to make it the same.

    I think it is very important to continue changing and growing. Servers that attempt to recreate nostalgia usually do not succeed at it. It is also extremely hard to please everyone in that instance. I think it is always better to try to pursue the new as opposed to bringing back the old. :D
    Posted Nov 13, 2020
  2. fr it's been almost 3 years and no update.

    it's also one of mineplex's most unique / popular gamemodes
    Posted Nov 13, 2020
  3. Castle Siege and UHC face the exact same problems as each other. Lack of popularity, lag, and so on both caused these games to fail miserably as Mineplex decreased in player count. These core problems are the exact same, and UHC is a good comparison to castle siege in terms of game play.

    Cake wars and other new games would bring in thousands of new players while old games would revive a community of a few hundred players at best. These old players have moved on, it has been like almost 3 years I am pretty sure they ain't gonna come back at this point lol. They probably don't even play Minecraft ever, it is just a small community that spams the forums with threads of it coming back.

    I believe heavily that new games should always be prioritized over past failed games. These games were removed for clear and obvious reasons that the leadership team saw clearly. They know what is best for Mineplex and know that working on failed games is an utter waste of time. Unless they want another repeat of UHC which flopped hard even with announcements that it was starting lol. But if you add a new game this won't happen, thousands of players will flock to it and stay with it just like Cake Wars.

    LOL people from 3 years ago gonna suddenly login to play castle siege after 3 years. These people are insane tbh.. most of its players quit since they knew it would never come back ever lol. Such a joke, a new game would bring players in a much more easier way.

    I have unlimited alts or did you forget that lol?

    I was still new and ignorant then, I didn't understand the game all too well. I was still new then and was hopeful that Mineplex would fix and keep castle siege as a key game. They never did and as such, it became utter crap and one of Mineplex's worst games.

    CS never succeeded because it was removed, it was a failed game for a while. The map updates aren't that good and the game balance is still broken like it was back in the day. The CSGI is a joke, it has no idea how to fix the game, yet still tries to do it miserably.
    Posted Nov 13, 2020
  4. Anyway for anyone who's out of the know, Ned (using the edogman alt in this thread) is a hacker/troll that tries to attack/delegitimize the CS community in his free time. He used to love CS back in the day but grew sour as he got older and now he can't resist sticking around and trolling in an attempt to give CS a bad name. Best to just ignore him tbh, he wants MP to fail. And he is probably going to reply to this message with some bait but I'm not going to respond.
    (Also before I get a warning or something just note he's literally admitted to having "Unlimited alts" and hacking in this thread)
    Posted Nov 13, 2020
  5. Alright since you want to have an actual discussion, I’ll give you one. I remember after the big CS update back in 2017, you kept talking about how the game was still unbalanced, and by hacking on the undead side, you made it... more balanced? And even now you are still talking about how CS is unbalanced, even tho I think it’s perfectly fine how it is. Castle siege is a game that revolves around teamwork; if your teammates are bad, your team will most likely lose. Now obviously, most people assume undead have a huge advantage over the defenders in CS, but that isn’t really the case. A group of marksmen on a map like helms deep is complete HELL to get through, as you will just get bow spammed to death. But at the same time, if undead use the tnt strategically as a distraction, it can still be possible to break through the wall of marksmen barrages. I should point out that this is talking about high level Castle siege, as the reason undead won so much in pubs were because defenders sucked. Anyways, the main thing I’m trying to point out here is that castle siege IS a balanced game. The undead have what it takes to do king assassinations or rushes, but defenders can also easily defend choke points with a wall of marksmen barrages. It’s a game that heavily relies on team synergy and doing the right strategies. I’d assume you would understand that, but why would I expect anything remotely reasonable out of YOU, Ned.
    Posted Nov 14, 2020
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  6. Also, you keep talking about how the CSGI is making bad maps and balance changes. Like bro, could you do any better? LMAO I’d love to see your perfect and incredible castle siege maps that are somehow better than our large team of builders that have made 10+ maps.
    Posted Nov 14, 2020
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  7. I think people who are suggesting for MP to only move forward with new content, and leave old content behind, are neglecting to consider that the server never really went full game update mode. Games got updated, but more went without updates, and arguably the ones that did get updated didn't even need it compared to the ones that do. Where are the Champions and Super Smash Mobs updates? Why is the biggest game on the network in scope, Clans, routinely ignored? A comprehensive Mixed Arcade update?

    There realistically needs to be a mix between new content and fixing old content. To put it simply, this should be the game plan in chronological order:
    1. Invest in better marketing (YouTube). Shilling on Twitter interests nobody. Nobody's coming back if they don't even remember the server.
    2. Make the best new game ever on the server and put real time and money into regular maintenance/content. No leaving it in "beta" for a year and changing nothing.
    3. Round out the rough edges on the server in between updates for the new game, by updating legacy games/systems. An SSM update here, a missions update there. People aren't going to stay long-term if the only redeeming factor on the server is a shiny new game, and everything else is dusty, boring, and filled to the brim with tryhards who have been playing the same meta for years on end.
    Posted Nov 14, 2020
  8. In my opinion, Mineplex should be focusing its efforts on a new game mode, which as discussed in Dean's Halloween game stream reveal they are. New games bring in players, and that's something that would greatly help out the network. A lot of people ask for their favorite games to receive updates, such as Champions, SSM, and Clans (quite a lot from this game) but in all honestly, those do not bring in multitudes of new players, they just appeal to current ones. With only 3 java developers, although I think AlexTheCoder is more of a project manager for both Bedrock and Java (even though he is developing Season 7 for clans currently) it can be pretty hard to balance working on new content, while still providing content updates to current games. With Sobki working on the new game mode (to my knowledge at least, I don't believe he's had a huge part in the recent updates as Mopple has been the main developer behind them) it can be even longer before every game gets its time in the spotlight.

    If the new game mode does bring in players, Mineplex should be allocating a lot of developer time to keep players interested, as this is what Hypixel did with Skyblock and quite frankly it worked. Skyblock alone brings in over half of their player base, with some of their old games like Warlords having similar numbers to games on our network. If Mineplex were to develop a game that did indeed bring a couple thousand more players on to the network they should take the opportunity to push that game as far as it can go. If they were to stop providing new content then players will eventually run out of things to do and will lose interest. I'm sure that if the game were to "pop-off" in a sense, then marketing would be less of an issue, as plenty of people would probably log on to try out the new game. The Hypixel network had three successful games that pushed them to the top, Skywars, Bedwars, and then Skyblock. With games like these, they had plenty of content creators to help get their name out there, I'm sure a big game would help Mineplex in a similar way.

    Now, I think one main issue for Minecraft servers today is just the version changes. Back in the day, we all started playing Mineplex and other multiplayer servers in 1.8.9 or even 1.7.10. As 1.9 released there hasn't been a major network to push up to newer versions, and for people who don't understand why you can join Mineplex on 1.8 and 1.16 it's because of version support. Version support is when you pick a base version (in our case and most other networks we choose 1.8 for the PvP system). Then if you don't add any items / blocks / features past that version you can still allow higher versions to play with people on 1.8. If Mineplex were to release a game with elytras (Skyfall) you lose the version support for 1.8 on that game as they were released in version 1.9. Now one of the main issues with people joining multiplayer today is they join a network with version 1.16 when it's best played on a version that's 6 years old. A lot of them don't understand the PvP mechanics (as it isn't similar to what they would experience in survival) and don't understand the version support that limits new content. Now if Mojang were to release a new PvP update (probably never going to be 1.8 but something in between that and 1.9) I think Mineplex would be better off updating due to the fact new players would now be in the same boat as old ones. Version 1.8 is 6 years old, meaning that developers have had plenty of time to release ghost clients that are hard to detect through an Anti-Cheat system and even by Staff members. Constantly updating to the newest version of Minecraft would make client developers have to work just as hard as people who develop anti-cheats, as they constantly have to update their client when either the version gets updated or the server-side anti-cheat gets updated. Plus with the new Mojang/Microsoft 2FA for Minecraft accounts it's going to be almost impossible to alt, so if any cheating were to still be prevalent it would most likely be ghost clients rather than blatant bhoppers who have an infinite number of NFA accounts to use.

    But yeah, I would rather see new game modes rather than content updates to current games. Once a game mode that drives new players to the network can be established, you should focus on new updates for that game to keep the new player base interested but still balance content updates for old games to keep everyone else happy.
    Posted Nov 15, 2020
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  9. While new players is always nice, we shouldn’t brush aside the importance of retaining our existing players. If anything, I think that should be the priority. Updating games that haven’t been updated in years is probably a good start.

    I do see your point though!
    Posted Nov 15, 2020
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  10. True, content updates maintain players but they do not bring in new ones. If Mineplex wants to grow they need something new, bringing back old games such as UHC/Castle Siege/Skyfall/Wizards, etc. does not do that. We may have had a spike when UHC was first reintroduced but it's going to dwindle back down within a month or two. For the most part, old games appeal to people's sense of nostalgia, it may bring back some old players who already know how to play the game but it won't help with bringing in new ones. Most of the time when something old is brought back that has a high player count it's mainly because people shift from their current game modes, like Cakewars, Skywars, etc. to the old one to try it out again or get that last achievement they weren't able to get so long ago. In no way is it going to help the network grow.

    Hypixel grew because it established something new, Skywars, Bedwars, and finally Skyblock were the three games that pushed them to the top. These games built up a solid community filled with a constant player base, content creators, etc. These are the kinds of things you want if Mineplex is to gain players. Updating Champions/SSM/Clans, which are some game modes that have desperately needed balance changes and new content may make current players happy but they most likely will not bring thousands of players to the network. When Skyblock was released and became uber-successful Hypixel opted to neglect the majority of their other game modes and focus mainly on Skyblock, as they knew it brought in players. If Mineplex has a similar type of breakthrough with the new game that's being worked on I would hope they push a significant amount of time developing new content for it after the initial release. A lot of Hypixel game modes have similar player counts to our own, it's just their main contenders that do better than ours. If Mineplex were to release the new game mode and establish a solid player base for it (Maybe it gains 1-2k players for the network), people will begin to venture out and try the other games on the network as well, but those won't have anywhere the same significant player counts as the new game mode.

    I think the content updates that have been done recently to Skywars, NANO, Bridges, Cakewars have all been pretty great and do help keep the current player base appeased, but none of these updates have really boosted the player count. This just pushes my point that whatever Sobki is working on is going to be what really brings in players. I think the current balance between Mopple doing game updates and Sobki working on the new game is pretty good, and that's something I hope they continue if the game is successful. With Sobki being the main developer he should probably lead the charge for new content updates for it.
    Posted Nov 15, 2020
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  11. I have only read several replies here so I apologize if this point has already been stated in similar words, but I feel that appeal to new players must be top priority. When playing most games on the server, one very noticeable aspect of them is that a lot of the time there are experienced players in the lobby that either farm wins or are just too good for everyone else and ruin the game in a way. This, to some degree, discourages me from playing PvP games on the server as well. Having a large pool of inexperienced players is key to them having an enjoyable time and being motivated to play - winning games is what makes them rewarding.

    Therefore, as ClassN has said in this thread and in many others, advertising to the greater Minecraft public must be an imperative. If this approach is to be taken, updating older games frequently would be a way to go, as well as introducing low-count PvP games where one can jump straight into action against other players, preferably 1v1 (think Gladiators but better). Changing the metas and fixing bugs regularly ensures people do not get bored very quickly and have a reason to come back.

    Mineplex is behind on quite a few things especially compared to Hypixel, but with a broad Minecraft playerbase, there is a space for good decisions that can bring the server a part of its old reputation.
    Posted Nov 15, 2020
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  12. Mineplex is awful with updating existing games and that is why they usually die. Either that or it is too little too late sort of speech that results in community members being upset. The best way to keep players on the server is to update existing games that people currently love. This is the best and only way to keep members who are on the server in the long run. Not adding back old games that have failed in the past like the post may suggest as an option.

    While updating the current games to keep current players, Mineplex also needs to work on new games. This is the best way to get new players by simply adding new games. But make sure these new games get updates and they don't end up like all their other games that may get a small update in 3 years lmao. The updates Mineplex have are sometimes just bug fixes or adding 1 map and making a big deal of it.

    These are the ways that Mineplex can keep it's current members while luring in new ones. This is the best path to go and to improve the amount of players on the server while keeping the old ones. The direction of getting old players back does not work -- just look at UHC for a prime example. The classics cow too, these options DO NOT WORK and we need to move forward!
    Posted Nov 15, 2020
  13. free popcorn here for Revive CS thread 2.0
    Posted Nov 15, 2020
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  14. Honestly, that would be pretty boring in terms of playercount, I’d like to see something like UHC Meetup in a 25-30 player game, it would definitely be interesting and less time consuming
    Posted Nov 15, 2020
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  15. I've been procrastinating giving my opinion on this since pretty much the day it was posted, but generally the topic has been something I've been thinking about since I returned to mineplex near the end of the summer.

    From my perspective mineplex absolutely needs new and unique content, even at the expense of past content. Unique is the word I'd like to put a lot of emphasis on here, because as popular as cakewars for example has been, it's not and was not the game to bring new players to the network. It has its differences compared to stuff like bedwars or eggwars sure, but it's similar enough that it doesn't offer a reason to play on mineplex to players who don't already do so, there's just no incentive to stop playing bedwars or eggwars in favour of cakewars. It's a great alternative for people who play mineplex already, but imo that's all it is.

    Generally as a person I'm not one to reminisce on what once was, and my purely honest opinion is that mineplex needs to do the same. My answer to this question isn't as black and white as updating current games or releasing new games, it's more that I think it's time that the network stops trying to return to what it used to be, and instead works to reinvent itself. I'd personally like to see that started through a completely new hub, but whether they do that or do it purely through releasing new games is up to LT pretty much. Regardless, that's the path I'd like to see the server take as a base.

    With all that being said, I have high hopes for the game sobki is working on, and assuming all goes well I'd like to see a roadmap for updates for everything in the future, doesn't have to have a hard timeline but some direction would be nice to have.
    Posted Nov 21, 2020
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  16. Hi!!

    I personally believe that introducing new gamemodes would benefit Mineplex in the long run. The idea of bringing back old games is always fun however I believe that is causing Mineplex to go backward. For example, Cakewars, Nano Games, and even the recent Halloween Havoc event are all new and or updated gamemodes that the community has enjoyed a lot. Even I love these 3 gamemodes a lot and more specifically, updating these gamemodes is important to keep them fresh. With the help of the staff team and the community, I believe we could introduce new gamemodes within the future that could impact Mineplex very positively. Some ways to see how the community feels about a new gamemode could be polls through all platforms as that will allow a greater reflection to see if a new gamemode should be removed or continued to be developed.
    Posted Nov 21, 2020
  17. New games are the better option in my view. I don't know what these other games were, but they must of been bad if they had to be removed before. New games are much cooler and will draw in more players, also I really want cool new games added immediately.
    Posted Nov 21, 2020
  18. I think to some extent focusing on old content is good (because as @Sven said we do want to focus on player retention as well as giving people a reason to come back to the network), however, new content if done well will always gain a lot more interest.

    If you look at the trend for when people have come back and played the most, Halloween this year was a higher playercount than any other time this year (except for the start of the pandemic of course). This would suggest new, fresh exciting content is really the way to go. New players aren't the be all end all of the server and it continuing to work as a business, however, I feel like new games and new content for large games (especially Clans) is important.

    I want to touch on Clans not so much to talk about a reset but more to step away from the whole design of the game we have right now. I feel like the game is very closed and difficult compared to other game modes, for example, the popular SkyBlock twist on another server, which loads of players, including myself play. I feel like it's important we focus on stepping away from this retro champions style and factions style and step towards new things, like PvE (or PvP) but in more custom and unique concepts.​
    Posted Nov 22, 2020
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