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ItzCqnadian's Introduction

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ItzCqnadian, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone! This is something that I've been meaning to do for a while, but hopefully its not to late.

    Anyway, my name is ItzCqnadian, and I've been playing on mineplex since about 2014, joined the forums within the past couple of years, and joined the discord within the past few months. I go by numerous nicknames by a lot of people over the years, but you can also call me Ben if you wish. I'm 17 and just graduated highschool, and I'm taking a gap year to earn some tuition money, as well as upgrade some classes I need as prerequisites to University.

    At the time of me making this post I would be lvl 95 on Mineplex, and I hope that one day in the distant future that I reach lvl 100. On Mineplex, you might see me playing a variety of games, such as skywars, super smash mobs, paintball, minestrike, just to name a few. Years back, I really got into PvP and started playing a lot of PvP games on Mineplex like bridges, smash mobs, and skywars. My favourite of them all was champions at the time. I'm not sure why I enjoyed the game so much, but I sure played it a lot, and it's still my favourite PvP gamemode on the server. I also played a lot of death tag back in the day, and I would say that it's one of my favourite non-PvP games. Over the recent years I've gotten into other games like minestrike, a lot of mixed arcade games, as well as some games that I haven't played in a while. I've also been building for a while, either on my own creative worlds, on creative plots on servers, and even for a build team for a few years. It's something that I never thought I'd start doing often or even be good at, I kind of just picked it up one day and enjoyed it.

    As for other thing's I do, some of my hobbies include drawing, swimming, biking, and gaming. I've always loved to doodle since I was younger, and it's been a fun pass time for me. I've also liked swimming a lot as well, if it's in a pool, lake, river, or ocean. It's really nice to just "go and swim" I guess. Biking is fun too, and I enjoy mountain biking around trails and across the cities around me. I've also been an avid gamer for a while, ever since I was young. The first games I've played were Super Mario 64 and Loz: Ocarina of Time back on my parent's old Nintendo 64 (Which sadly broke down eventually). Eventually I got my own Nintendo DS with a few games on it, and in later years my siblings and I got a Nintendo Wii, and now I own a 3Ds (my old one broke down) and share a Nintendo Switch with my siblings. I grew Up with Nintendo games, and I've always been fond of them. Some of my favourite serious are Mario, Zelda, and Kirby. Some other things that I didn't mention were snowboarding and hockey. I've been playing hockey since I was in grade 3, and it's been a very enjoyable sport to take part in. I also started snowboarding back in grade 6/7. I go a few times during the winter months, and it's such a thrill to go down the mountain (don't do any tricks though). I also enjoy volunteering in different ways. I've done different ministries at my church I go to, done summer programs and camps with kids, and helped with different events at nearby schools. My favourite of them would be the summer programs I've helped with. Working with kids has become something that I enjoy, they're always just so happy and full of energy, and its pretty fulfilling to do activities with them

    Anyway, I know that this was pretty long, and I'm not sure if you read it all. But, if you did, I hope you learned some more about myself, and I hope to keep making friends in this wonderful community that I've been a part of for many years. If you want to contact me at all, my discord is NintendoNerd#0254. Hope to see you around!

    Posted Sep 17, 2019
  2. Hello ItzCqnadian, I am rexh17. I hope you inch your way to level 100 and are featured in the Mineplex book of records(which has a list of level 100's in there somewhere.) as of now, I am only a 29 which is quite pitiful compared to your 95, so congrats on your milestone. Nintendo games are the best games, but since I am a PC player, I suck at them and my cousins always wreck me in Super Smash Bros. Besides Nintendo games, and Minecraft, I don't have very many games.(unless you count roblox as milllions of games lol) Mostly because my computer has a lot of space taken up and I am too lazy to clear everything. I am very religious, especially for a 15 year old, but I have a lot of faith in the Christian God/Jesus/Holy Spirit which I guess I get from my Christian highschool(they teach us about a lot of apologetics there,) and my Christian family and my awesome Youth leaders at church. My hobbies include:
    Videos Games, ofc the og
    Doing Homework, unfortunatly
    But anyways, welcome to the forums and I hope you like it on here. The Mineplex community is always ready to accept cool players like you.
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
  3. Hey Ben, welcome to the forums officially :D (I guess)

    I’ve seen you around a lot in-game and it’s great to see you here too. First of all, best of luck on level 100 you’re super close, keep the grind up! I also want to say congratulations on graduating and good luck with your future plans for university. Amongst the games you mentioned my favourite have to be Paintball and Skywars, paintball has always been my all time favourite however similar to you I had a huge Champions phase which led to me playing a lot of Clans but I don’t play either gamemode all too much anymore. I think it is really cool that you have a lot of hobbies and I have to admit I have a huge love for Nintendo too as I too started off on the N64 with games like Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time and Pokemon Battle Stadium, though at the time I was super young and I used to cry and get scared a lot at them, my love for nintendo has outgrown the N64 and I still get hyped over new Pokemon and Zelda games. It is really admirable that you dedicate a lot of time to volunteering and I am glad you find it enjoyable, it is always nice to help out wherever you can so keep that up too :D

    It is always great to get to know players a little more and yes I did read it all :D If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to drop me a message here, I hope you have an amazing day :)
    Posted Sep 20, 2019
  4. My name is _Prof_, I have played Mineplex since 2016, joined the forums not long after logging onto the server and the Discord last year. I am called either "MrDrProfessor," "Prof," and everything else consisting my long form. I am 16 and in 11th grade.

    I am level 69 at the time of making this post and will reach 70 today by farming Area 51 Raid. I have always been a PvP fanatic and play games like The bridges, Survival games, Cake Wars, Mixed Arcade, and Speed Builders. My favourite game on Mineplex is The Bridges because it is PvP-based, competitive, and challenging.

    Outside of Mineplex, my hobbies include ie hockey, guitar, YouTube, and reading. I have played hockey for 12 years (since I was 4-years-old) and currently on my town's AA team. Guitar is my favourite instrument by far and I just qualified for my grade's jazz band solo guitarist position. I have a YouTube channel with 19 subscribers but do not upload very often. With life in the way and my preference of quality over quantity, pumping out videos are not easy. The genres I read the most are anything non-fiction. You really get to salvage knowledge from documentaries as they go extremely in-depth about a certain subject. I ski once every winter month. I might consider trying snowboarding, but my steering is a huge concern as you face sideways when looking in the direction of your body, and it is inconvenient moving when you are not on a ramped surface. I have also volunteered at a summer camp 2 years ago, but it was not the best experience. 5-8 year-old children are difficult to take care of. My current job is at Starbucks where I prepare the food and drinks for customers.

    My IGN is _Prof_ and Discord is MrDrProf#8715. Welcome to the Mineplex forums, enjoy your stay!

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    Posted Sep 20, 2019
  5. Hey Ben!
    Welcome to the Mineplex forums, I hope that you are feeling quite welcome and I'd really love to see you active here on the forums. Maybe I'll even be able to meet you in-game, you never know! If you need anything just PM me. If you also want to you can friend me, I'm always open.
    IGN: TheProTroller
    Posted Sep 21, 2019

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