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Its over.. now

Discussion in 'Survival' started by qxtz, Feb 25, 2021.

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  1. I agree but we left feedback for the past years on updates, even small ones. And my conclusion on it all is that some of the things that were removed /disabled and anything like that... There were other ways of stopping what was wrong with those things, all I have seem was disabling and removing things when there were other solutions.

    My other conclusion is that no matter how much we feedback there is nothing going to change. People keeps saying that we gave to wait for updates and other things that have to be added when this is the most unupdated gamemode în The entire server, I have seen that you guys instead of looking at the feedbacks, fixing problems faster, you guys just add things to other gamemodes like skywars and cakewars etc. and the problems will just stay on until there is just nothing else to update on other gamemodes and finnaly someone looks and we have to wait again until it is resolved.

    No matter the problem, no matter how urgent it is this is gonna be the gamemode that its gonna stay at the bottom of the task list (if there is any)
    Posted Mar 7, 2021
  2. Bedrock GI was created quite recently, I know they had a lot to do in regards to this update. When they are ready with the proposal, they should post it on the forums for some general feedback before development starts (this is what is done for Java, anyway).

    I think with the team being formed now, feedback should be listened to more, so long as it's reasonable. So I think when the update does come out there will be a period of time everything will be taken into consideration. Really hoping you guys get an update you are all happy with
    Posted Mar 7, 2021
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  3. But after the survival reset is carried out it will be hard to make an update to that which will make everyone happy. If they start taking our feedback into consideration after the update it would be to late to do anything. But for the GI posting it on the forums would be a good idea.
    Posted Mar 7, 2021
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  4. When the GI doc is ready to be looked at, it will go on the forums, then player input will be looked at in response to what is proposed, adjustments if needed or can/can’t do then development.
    The doc ideas are from players input from forums and discord, and staff/devs
    Even after an update happens if something isn’t working as thought or intended then it can be changed and usually fairly quickly.
    Posted Mar 7, 2021
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  5. Hey there,

    So, there's definitely been a lot of discussion these past few days on this thread regarding Survival and it's movements thus far. Survival has not been reset or updated in a long time and honestly, there have been many splits in the community about resetting, which is visible in forum posts in the Survival section. What everyone can and will agree on is that Survival does need to be updated and there is no doubt that it's in high demand when it comes to the Bedrock community; as evident by threads like these and via the Bedrock Ideas forums. I'm not a Survival player so I'm not going to go into any specifics as I'm very aware a lot of people on this thread have a superior understanding of the game, and all the information I have is from what can be found on this post as well as other threads and our discord.

    What I can tell you, and what has been said, is that your forum threads do get listened to. Petitions don't work and this platform is the most effective way to reach out to our subteams which reach out to development. In the past communication and movement on these posts have been slower, which is why there are now people in GI dedicated to Bedrock, where people knowledgeable can review threads and pass them onto staff. You will always be allowed to give feedback about games and suggest changes as long as you're constructive. We do consider your feedback and we have multiple teams set up with that goal in mind, including GI and CCO which are all open to the community and dedicated to taking your feedback and proposing changes. A few people from these teams have even contributed to this post.

    GI proposals come out when they're ready. This post outlined in perfectly:
    We never really set deadlines for things like this in public because it will ultimately lead to disappointments when times get pushed or missed. We can't always guarantee these things and will just cause people more aggravation. This is because we have limited devs and unforeseeable circumstances can arise and mean extra work is needed or that things get delayed.

    Changelogs and updates are released on our discord for bedrock in the #bedrock_changelogs channel. I know not a lot can be seen about Survival, and I know that is frustrating, waiting for things to change and see a game you love flourish rather than become inactive. While I'm not a Survival player, I 100% understand the build-up of sadness seeing your favourite game not get the attention you feel it deserves. We have been trying to make so many changes to become more Bedrock friendly, and this includes plans to share hardware with Java to make things more accessible and feasible to implement, as well as making more teams have mandatory Bedrock accounts and more emphasis on cross-platform and communication. This can be seen on the staff team as well as in subteams, such as QAT which had recent app openings with an emphasis on having both a Java AND a Bedrock account for regular testing.

    We are doing more listening now and I highly encourage speaking out more constructively and proposing new ideas you want to see, or even contributing to the threads which want what you want in Bedrock Ideas. Changes are happening, and although they have been slower than what many people here want, they have been occurring.

    With all this said, this thread hasn't been promoting very positive discussion and is mainly going around in a circle of "nothings happen, no one is listening" vs "we are", which isn't extremely constructive. While it certainly was informative and I think people got to share a lot about the topic and how they feel, I will be locking the thread. There are plenty of other threads open right now about this topic which promotes a lot more discussion and benefits in that they're allowing the community to constructively suggest more is done. The bedrock ideas forum and other posts on the survival forum section are open to discussion about what you want to see and evaluation from CCO for future implementations. You're welcome to open another thread about this if you have other questions or want to suggest for constructive feedback for the future which can promote a longer discussion that will give more people insight into what exactly you want to be changed and how you think it can revive this game.

    Doesn't promote positive/constructive discussion ➭ Thread Locked to be changed
    Posted Mar 8, 2021
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