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Issue with the new forums (and a solution)

Discussion in 'Forum Discussion' started by Ender Rivka, May 23, 2019.

  1. The problem

    I’ve been on the new forums for a while. In the beginning, I thought this problem was just because of the hype from the new forums, but since it’s been almost 9 months I think it’s just how the new forums are. The issue I’m talking about here is the thread and post quality. Now I’m not saying there aren’t good threads and posts out there, but I’m saying the general quality isn’t very high.

    Many idea threads are somewhat uninteresting and it’s very hard to come up with a response other than +1 because they’re so obvious, or -1 because it’s so bad/complicated (for example, many SSM threads are just “Nerf Creeper!”). Also, the off-topic section is replied to very frequently, almost as much as the on-topic threads. In no way do I want those idea threads to disappear and off-topic to be removed, but it feels excessive right now. The old forums had a very different vibe to it, while it was more serious, I felt like it was more productive.

    As for the posts, since the post boosting rule is pretty much nonexistent, many posts are +1 or "Good idea!". This is an even greater issue with the post leaderboard, which makes posting competitive. It’s upsetting how some people on the posting leaderboard type such short posts.

    While some posts are longer and have a bit of reasoning, because of most thread’s quality and subject, the posts still short and almost all the same. I can emphasize with people who write posts like this though, as it is very hard to write a detailed response to the kind of threads on the forums currently.

    Back to the old forums, they were a lot more serious. Even a little too serious. However, that made the post quality better and ideas were generally more interesting and you’d get a lot of interesting responses. The rules were definitely irrational, but the rules did cause better post/thread quality. The new forums is the complete other direction, where it is a lot less productive and a bit too chill.

    The sad part about this is that only now when the new forums came out, did they start taking feedback, so many good ideas from the old forums have been washed away.

    The solution

    I think the forums should be a combination of the old forums and current forums. While I don’t want to remove the off-topic section, I think that it should be removed from the latest posts bar so that feedback is more visible and easier for staff and community members to see. Another solution is to have an off-topic latest posts bar, and an on-topic latest posts bar.

    As for QoL changes or ideas that not much can be said about, I think all of those should be moved to feature upvote, and if they are posted on the forums, have an FM/FN lock the thread and politely ask the player to move it to feature upvote, and then the FM/FN (possibly) archives the thread afterward. This allows players to show support without having to make meaningless posts. If the player takes a long time (like a week) and the thread has not been moved to feature upvote, the FM/FN will do it themselves.

    My solution for post boosting (even though the thread type above is removed, people will still post boost) is to not have posts that are less than 10 words count for post count, and if players make 3 less than 10 word posts within a day, then give them a warning for post boosting

    If you read through this whole thing I congratulate you.
    Posted May 23, 2019,
    Last edited May 23, 2019
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  2. Hey, @Ender Rivka!

    I agree that Mineplex's forums community has developed a placated "+1" culture. While I won't say the issue is unique to the new forums since the problem was beginning to brew on Enjin before my break, but it has certainly prolifically installed itself on the network's Xenforo platform. As someone who was initially drawn into Mineplex by its vast, unique, and creative community which, at the time, promoted discussion, the recent transition towards the "+1" and post boosting culture is sobering to say the least. However, as great as it is to see another member of the community expressing a similar interest in an issue I've observed, I can't say I completely agree with your proposed solutions.

    First of all, I don't think general ideas of any kind should immediately be redirected to Feature Upvote. The forums are intended to be a discussion platform, and I think that they should still be used to gain opinions, insight, and input about an idea being put forth so it can either be stopped before it progresses, or it can be refined and polished before it's posted for review on Feature Upvote, which is closer to Administration and Production than the forums. Both platforms are crucial to Mineplex's community input cycle and I don't believe changing the relationship between the two platforms would be in Mineplex's best interests collectively. I also don't agree with discounting Off-Topic from the Latest Posts bar because even though something might not be directly related to the network, it may still be dear to the community, or at least a large portion of it. The forums are intended as a conversation platform for topics related to Mineplex, but they also serve as a discussion hub for members of the community, whose collectives interest will (inevitably) spread beyond Minecraft and Mineplex's platforms.

    That being said, however, an important feature of the old forums that I would like to see reinstated on Mineplex's new Xenforo forums site would have to be the "Hot Posts." Hot Posts, in case anyone isn't familiar, were a set of threads that would be showcased after reaching so many replies, and the Hot Posts column created a sense of competition to create interesting threads that invited feedback and discussion instead of just mass-releasing large quantities of ideas or shallow responses ("+1!!") in the name of increasing the number of forums posts on your account. I could go on forever about the time I spent browsing the Hot Posts and why I believe it should be brought back, but frankly, anyone who knows what it is can attest to how useful it was. If Forums Development/Administration and/or Production respond to this thread, I'll be very interested in whether or not they acknowledge the removal of this feature and I hope they provide a rationale for it.

    I eagerly await your response, and the inevitable bevy of replies to come.
    Posted May 23, 2019
  3. Replies in bold.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 23, 2019
  4. Yeah this is an issue I feel pretty strongly about. The endless post-boosting and onslaught of low-quality threads has turned me off even being here for a while. At its current state, I have no interest in contributing to forums with such issues... and that's coming from someone who was active for years on the old website.

    The solutions you bring up are at the very least interesting. I cant say I agree with archiving low-quality ideas and moving them over to Feature Upvote. This is partially because I don't like that platform, either, and I believe forums are designed for idea discussion (even if the ideas in question are bad). The post-boosting rule itself definitely needs changing, though; your solutions seem fine to me, and I'd be willing to see how they work out with a "trial run" per se. Additionally, I would like to see the post count leaderboard removed altogether. It just gives incentivizes post-boosting.

    Overall- yes, something needs to be done. Threads like these are helpful in that they make sure the community and Jarvis/Nathan knows what's wrong. So while I don't necessarily agree in all the minutia of this here thread, I'm willing to give my support.
    Posted May 25, 2019
  5. Wholeheartedly agree with this. Especially removing off topic from latest posts.
    Posted May 25, 2019
  6. I have 1 thing and only 1
    Bring back potato
    Posted Jun 21, 2019 at 5:51 AM
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