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Issue with bricks/shops/kits (suggestions)

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by akeyfortyseven, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Im not gonna lie, i love cakewars on bedrock and its the most fun game out of any server, but there are some problems i would like to address with the shop/bricks:
    1. Make bricks not be interchangeable with emeralds
    this might seem like such a small thing and i dont know anyone who would spend 20 bricks for one emerald, but duplicators do this a lot and as what i have seen in duper videos, they only need one brick to get a bunch, then they just spam dupe emeralds. this would make it so that they would need to get an emerald point before duping, which might hinder their process
    2. change bricks to another ingot
    im mostly looking at iron, just because in reason number 1, dupers can now just dupe bricks, get to an emerald point, then get one emerald and dupe away. the bricks are used to become blocks which can be used to bridge, making it even easier for dupers to get emeralds and then full diamond, pearls, and gapples, etc. changing it to iron makes it harder to turn it into blocks and thus makes dupers even more frustrated
    3. make it so that you can only have 1 tnt trap at a time
    some dupers will put a million tnt traps onto their cake, making it near impossible to eat because you get flung into the air and YOU CANT ACTUALLY EAT THE CAKE because theres so many traps, so maybe just limit it to one so that dupers have even less security
    4. make shops be an inventory system
    make the shop look more like the one on java/make it toggleable. i stated this in another post but i feel that an inventory-style shop would be easier to navigate, on some platforms
    5. make bridging platforms part of the builder kit
    just like on java, make it so that the builder kit gets wool platforms, i feel like that would make it feel more useful, but i will compensate for this buff in reason 6
    6. change the builder kit from terracotta to wool
    i feel like this would make it more consistent with java and make non-builder-kit people happier knowing that they dont have to spend an extra 8 bricks (or iron if they change it) to buy a pickaxe
    7. change the builder kit's maximum amount of blocks to be 32 instead of 6 (and if number 5 gets implemented make it a max of 5 platforms
    6 blocks really gets you nowhere in cakewars

    thats basically it, please put more suggestions because i really feel like mineplex should be a community driven server and i also believe that making bedrock closer to java makes it easier to implement things to both servers.
    Posted Aug 27, 2019
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  2. I wouldn't take away the ability to purchase emeralds from the shop using bricks or iron (if iron was to replace bricks) because some teams only spawn with one or two players and makes it extremely hard to keep points when other teams with more players are pushing the points.
    Posted Aug 27, 2019
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  3. i honestly dont find any non-dupers buying emeralds with bricks, and the team situation, well, life happens, and sometimes the odds arent in your favor, but everyone has had to have faced this situation where you are the only one/there are only 2 of you, so i wouldnt say that this would be extremely helpful, and those bricks only make one emerald, so you need about 100 bricks to buy a diamond sword. not exactly the best exchange rates but a rate that dupers are happy with, so i vote remove it
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 28, 2019
  4. Duping has been patched. So apparently whatever rule violator you find in game, is aparently hacking
    Posted Aug 28, 2019
  5. People can downgrade their versions someway. I can’t remember how but it’s possible
    Posted Aug 28, 2019
  6. I was just looking on YouTube and some guy showed that some method still works, it’s pretty recent and he/she did post comments saying it still works.
    Unless you can somehow end server lag to where everyone has like 1ms ping or something there will always be a dupe glitch, as glitches like these use lag on their side. It’s similar to the glitch I sometimes use on realms to duplicate items where you have a sticky piston and a chest/furnace and u take out the item right before the piston retracts. Glitches like these are nearly impossible to remove because it requires lag, and servers (no matter how small) will have some form of lag. (Unless your computer is directly connected to the mineplex server computer)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 28, 2019
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  7. I agree with pretty much everything here, except for the inv-based shops. Ive used it in other servers and with controllers it doesnt work well at all so the ui based one works perfect. I get that it would be better for mobile, but if youre playing on mobile rip you fake fan
    Posted Aug 30, 2019

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