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Is this guy some sort of bot?

Discussion in 'Speed Builders' started by otdog64, Sep 20, 2019.

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  1. So I've played a few rounds with -snip- now, and he has displayed some very interesting behavior. He never moves in the lobby and doesn't respond to chat. His build times are just straight up insane. As well as all that he has a very specific ritual before he starts building where he shifts then immediately stops shifting when the time starts. He sometimes also punches his first block. Just take a look for me because i could be very wrong. -snip- This video shows some signs of him being human, but it still doesn't seem quite right for whatever reason.
    Posted Sep 20, 2019,
    Last edited by a Moderator Sep 20, 2019
  2. He looks somewhat fine to me, he just seems to be experienced and knows the builds showing he has 5k wins and is #6. I don't think theres a hack for speed builders.
    Posted Sep 20, 2019
  3. okay. that makes sense. I guess I was a bit too suspicious. He must play so much that its just automatic.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 20, 2019
  4. I find it odd that he doesn’t fly around the build before and before the actual building starts, he crouches and looks straight at one of the blocks on the build. I might be overthinking this though...
    Posted Sep 20, 2019
  5. Like i said above it just seems like hes experienced and remember the builds.
    Posted Sep 20, 2019
  6. There is a mod for this called "Printer" It's only on BC (Badlion Client I think). It builds something automatically looking like you're cheating, but you aren't. First, you would have to take a screenshot of the build then Printer would start building it. But it could just be he/she has been playing the game for a lot.
    Posted Sep 20, 2019
  7. His name is -snip-, he’s the bot sent by GWEN.
    Posted Sep 20, 2019
  8. Yes, this player seems to be using a script/bot to auto build. Please report any suspicious players (especially this one) at mineplex.com/reports so it can be looked into further.

    Message me with questions or concerns and I'll lock this as it's been addressed.
    Posted Sep 20, 2019
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