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Is Squid too OP?

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by PewDiePizza, Jan 13, 2020.


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  1. It's not like I care tho
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
  2. And herein lies the reason toxicity is rampant on most MineCraft servers.
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
  3. Idk what ur talking about @MCgamer1175 ive never seen sven team in ssm before.
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
  4. Not OP but very fun to use
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
  5. I have seen him team multiple times and so have others. I told toki about a few months ago and she said that two people that purposely don't attack each other and go after the same person isn't teaming, it's targeting.
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
  6. I've literally already tried to tell toki and she said that two people purposely not attacking eachother and going after the same person isn't teaming. So I really have no reason to care if staff is just going to be biased and not follow the rules the "work so hard to enforce."
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
  7. No, not really. Squid lacks range, doesn't have damage comparable to top tier kits (or most kits in general for that matter), isn't particularly good at staying alive due to iffy mobility, and has overall middling stats which don't help patch up its shortcomings.
    The only really good tool it has is Super Squid, but even then, it has a pretty long cooldown whereas most abilities most kits spam are, well, spammable. So it's not even that amazing at avoiding damage from most kits.
    I think it still beats out Magma Cube easily, since it's at least capable of causing some damage, but I wouldn't say it's op, or even good for that matter.
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
  8. @_Gorgonite I do hope you understand that this really just makes you look pretentious and self-righteous. If you want to do something productive for anyone this really isn't it.
    Posted Jan 17, 2020
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  9. Imma be candid for a second if I wanted to be productive I wouldn't be here right now, and people just copying a post they disagree with and switching some of the words is one of the most 5-year-old-level things that I see happen on Minecraft server forums.
    Posted Jan 18, 2020,
    Last edited Jan 18, 2020
  10. Honestly I dont even agree with this, I dont see it as a Noob slayer tbh. It's hitbox is reasonably sized, it's damage isn't particularly high, and I've never seen Fish Flurry as something that people struggle with outside of cheesing Smash Crystals for a while.

    It's best tool is honestly Super Squid, and even that is fairly limited currently.

    I genuinely think that Squid is one of the better balanced kits, and I think if it was buffed slightly so that Shotgun was given a little more raw damage and maybe SS reworked to use an energy system rather than a raw cooldown, it would be a good standard for balance for the rest of the kits to be roughly in line with.

    Chicken is pretty garbage. It's not unusable or anything, but I definitely wouldn't say its incredible with practice... except maybe against pub noobs who cant hit you
    Posted Jan 19, 2020
  11. So you weren't so different from MCgamer1175 after all and stating an obvious observation to make yourself seem knowledgeable is the most edgy 15-year-old thing that I see happen on every keyboard warrior forums.
    Posted Jan 19, 2020
  12. ShushMyChild is the best squid I have ever played against and I have to admit I lost to him as a sheep. I killed him once IIRC, but if he was playing wolf I would have definitely gotten 4 stocked. I'm not sure what the point of this forum is but I'm just going to give my opinion nevertheless which is that squid is not too overpowered and it's probably one of the most balanced kits.
    Posted Jan 19, 2020,
    Last edited Jan 19, 2020
  13. What part of telling someone to back up their claims is edgy? What makes you think I want to seem knowledgeable? Are you not doing exactly the same thing you're accusing me of doing right now?

    I told him not to jettison out claims and you're calling me a keyboard warrior. If I wanted to be a keyboard warrior I would be on twitter.

    I'm starting to remember why I stopped coming on these forums.
    Posted Jan 19, 2020
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  14. Ahh yes, going out of your way to defend yourself instead of contributing to the thread, all because of a fragile ego.
    Posted Jan 19, 2020
  15. okay, so, thank you to everyone who participated. I think I've gotten more than enough answers to this question so I am going to lock this now. Also y'all won't stop arguing over something stupid :/
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 20, 2020
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