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Introduction ~ NeverLie

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MerryNeverLie, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. Ello!

    I go by NeverLie, so hello to everyone scrolling over this thread.
    This will be pretty short;

    I like to listen to catchy, hard *drop* -like songs while playing on the server. Songs include KDrew-Circles, Rainbow Road-MDK, and Its Me -TryHardNinja
    Furthermore, you'll mostly find me hanging around in the Cakewars Lobbies/Games either raging or acting ****y. However, if you find me in a lobby, feel free to smack me in a PvP Encounter, and if you want someone to play with, feel free to add me.

    To End with, I enjoy staying indoors making up as many excuses as possible to not go to school (such as today for example).
    I'm not the type to go outdoors for any reason except when I'm forced to take out the trash.

    Anyways, yeah. Cheers.

    eh, IGN: SpookyNeverLie
    (Subject to change to MerryNeverLie

    Discord: Too Complicated, if you're on the Mineplex discord server just type in NeverLie in the search bar (top left of your screen) Something like Merry NeverLie with 2 christmas-like objects on either sides of my name.
    Posted Nov 2, 2019
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  2. Hey!

    Awesome to see you on the forums! We gotta play Cakewars some day! If you're up for that, just friend add me so I can respond to it later.

    Nice to see you! :)
    Posted Nov 2, 2019
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  3. Hey!

    Nice to meet you, Neverlie! I'm up for some cakewars always if you're ever looking for a decent teammate for cakewars or any other game for that matter. If you want, shoot me a friend request on the server and I'll accept it as soon as possible!
    Posted Nov 2, 2019
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  4. Nice to meet you NeverLie! Im up for some cake wars any time (as long as Im online that is)
    Posted Nov 2, 2019
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  5. Heyo!

    Amazing meeting you. I always love learning more about our communities interests and goals! Anyways awesome to meet you and I welcome you to the forums (even though you've been here a while) and I hope you enjoy your time. If you have any questions feel free to PM me and I'll be sure to answer them. <3
    Posted Nov 2, 2019
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  6. Hey NeverLie!

    Great introduction. It's a pleasure to meet you! You've probably been on the forums for a while, but still, welcome! If have any questions or concerns, I'm always here to respond. You may PM me on the forums or add me in-game.

    Have a great rest of your day!

    Posted Nov 2, 2019
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  7. Nice to meet you, NeverLie!

    I hope you have a blast on Mineplex! I see you have already found yourself on the forums! Cake Wars is one of my favorites as well, and I'd be down to play if you ever needed a duo partner! Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns! :)
    Posted Nov 2, 2019
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  8. Hey NeverLie!

    I've already spoken to you a bit throughout the network, but it is really nice to see that you've made an official introduction post! I do enjoy playing Cake Wars a lot too, it's quite a fun game, and depending which version you play, there are different strategies and skills you can develop to improve yourself in the game. I often play it with a group of friends when I am in the mood for some PvP. I'm pretty active in-game, so if you catch me when I'm not busy, send me a message and we can play sometime! Also, I'm always here if you have any questions or concerns related to the network, just send me a PM via Xenforo or Discord!

    I hope to see you around soon! :D
    Posted Nov 3, 2019
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  9. Hello!

    We’ve talked both in-game and on discord, and I have to say you’re a pretty great person. It’s nice to see you here on the forums. The forums is a great way to discuss different things about Mineplex and help the community flourish. It’s always nice to see new folk like you here committed to being active and helping the community out.

    Make sure you familiarize yourself with the website rules, which can be found here: www.mineplex.com/rules

    I look forward to further discussing things with you and can’t wait to get to know you more!
    Posted Nov 3, 2019
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  10. Ok, I first you were the Admin EmmaLie because all I saw was some E's and Lie in your name before I clicked this. Second, I recognize you because of your profile pic. I recognize that goofy Kayn(at least I hope it is) anywhere. I'm more of a lurker so im pretty sure we never talked in-game/Discord/forums but I know who you are(not creepy at all). Also, what is everyone having Spooky in their name suddenly haha, I know it's Halloween and name changes and all but 90% of player's this time period have Spooky in their names, and usually at the front too. Anyways nice to meet you, I'm a League player too and see you around on Mineplex, very cool post.
    Posted Nov 3, 2019
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