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-Informational Only- About Lunar Client Status

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Dulciloquy, Jan 5, 2021.

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  1. *Now Unblocked*
    The purpose of this thread is to give a brief timeline regarding the status of the Lunar Client, and why it is no longer allowed for use on the Mineplex network. I have grabbed quotes directly from those involved that were said publicly on the Mineplex Discord.

    Original Announcement about Lunar losing status as an approved mod - November 16th, 2020
    The following are quotes from various administrators and developers that essentially explain more information about why the mod was blocked. I was going to include screenshots to prove these things were said publicly on the Mineplex Discord, but if you're in the server you can just use the search feature to find them yourself and look at the context if you're interested. You can join via discord.mineplex.com

    The people quoted are being as specific as they can be, but please remember anyone involved in this decision is not able to explain exactly what part of Lunar behaved oddly as they are bound by an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) and legally cannot give you more information.

    On November 16th (2020), An announcement was made that "Lunar Client is no longer an approved mod"
    On November 17th, Toki confirmed that "We are in discussions with the Lunar owners about the issues" and further clarified, "3 of us from Mineplex have been talking to the 3 Lunar owners about it since it became an unapproved Mod"
    On December 13th, Toki updated, "I can't speak for Lunar people but as far as I am currently aware nothing has been changed on the public side of Lunar in regards to us trying to work out the issues"
    On January 4th (2021), the mod was blocked and no longer usable on the server as the issues were not resolved.
    On January 5th, Timmi6790 confirmed "We are still in talk with them" referencing the Lunar owners
    On April 1st, Toki confirmed "Lunar is currently looking into fixing the issue". (No this was not an April fools statement)
    On April 9th, Dean stated "We've been waiting for a response from them for about 2 months, just got one the other day but need to do our testings again"
    On May 25th, Lunar was unblocked and is now usable again on the server with the disclaimer that it is use at your own risk.

    Takeaway messages:
    • The mod has irregularities when compared to Vanilla and changes player behavior, or the way they interact with the server.
    • You will not be told exactly what it changes because those involved with this decision signed an NDA and legally cannot tell you
    • Mineplex was in contact with Lunar developers for at least 1.5 months before completely blocking the mod

    If further relevant statements are made I will try to update this thread accordingly.

    This thread will not be open for replies, it is meant to serve as a resource that has information regarding this topic.

    *Now Unblocked*
    Posted Jan 5, 2021,
    Last edited May 25, 2021
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