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In Discussion In the City

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by CupAWup, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. Description:
    You are inside a big city (Dev note: 5 separate cities (servers) and there is a 30000x30000 map for every server, fitting 500 plots of land). You own a 64x64 plot of land and can execute a number of commands (/b {command}). You can build anything you want as long as it's not inappropriate. You can also set the privacy of your plot, as in public, friends only, invites only, or solo building. When you are building, you cannot leave your plot. You can also put tags, and descriptions so others understand your build better. You can do /adventure to travel to other players plots (You can toggle what speed you have and it goes up to 10 for traveling to players builds. You can go on a pressure plate to explore it, or use a compass and warp to players builds.

    Blacklisted Objects:
    These are the blocks/objects that will not be allowed to get placed for a reason.

    Redstone related objects (can cause lag, and this includes pistons and dispensors/droppers).

    Mob Spawners/Mob Eggs and Water/Lava- Mobs/Water and Lava can cross the border/get into other peoples builds. If developers can put a barrier then that would mean these objects are unblacklisted from being placed.

    Roles (Descending from highest position to lowest):
    Owner: Overlooks all of the players and can promote/demote anyone, and has all the permissions of admin.

    Admin: Can tweak with the settings of the build, and can demote/promote anyone who is not an admin+. Admins can't promote players with the Mod role

    Mod: Can kick and ban anyone from the build, and can build themselves.

    Builder: Can build anything in the house.

    Visitor: Can't break/place any blocks, but can walk around in the house.

    I think this would make a great game for people who enjoy building/building with others. This was inspired from Creative Housing and Bedrock though. Also, there are only 2 builder games here, which aren't much of a builder game (Master/Speed Builders). I played this game back in Bedrock and loved it, and would love it to be here too.

    This thread is a WIP
    Posted Nov 24, 2019
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  2. Hello!

    I appreciate you making this thread and putting effort into making this game sound fresh and enjoyable.

    As for the actual game and whether or not it should be implemented, I'm unsure. I've seen many, many threads like this before suggesting a creative mode be added to the game, so let me tell you what the general consensus tends to be.

    There are two game modes for building: Master Builders, and Speed Builders. These game modes attack both aspects of building: a more quick-paced mini-games, and a slower more creative game. As you may know, Mineplex's main focus tends to be mini-games, and in the past attempts to make games more drawn out or less mini-game like have failed, like Gem Hunters or Heroes of Gwen. That being said, there's not much room for a creative plot type game on Mineplex, considering the fact that there's two game modes already made for building and it's not necessarily a mini-game.

    I do see potential in this idea, however. There are a lot of aspiring builders on the server, and people that overall just enjoy building. I definitely think that there's a demand for a game mode of this type, and I think there aren't too many negatives. However, I think to get the full potential from this game there needs to be some sort of incentive to play it. Mineplex is full of fast-paced competitive games that bring most of the players into the server. I just think that the prospect of a game where all you do is build doesn't really fit in with Mineplex's vision. As for the exact thing that could spice up the idea, I am unsure. I just believe that it needs a little bit more to it before it fits the 'Mineplex' style.

    Again, thanks for putting effort into this thread and trying to improve Mineplex.
    Posted Nov 24, 2019
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  3. From what I see this is basically the regular Creative Plots with add-ons. I'm personally not a fan of the idea due to my own game preferences, however this sounds enjoyable to those who would like to show off their own creativity.
    I have a question; How would one deem a build inappropriate? What'd be the set standards and the line that shall or shall not be crossed in terms of the build being inappropriate. The obvious inappropriate builds I understand, but if something said "Mineplex <Insert Relative Vulgarity word here" Would that warrant a warn?
    Just curious about the rule bit about this idea of yours.
    I'll leave this an idea at 0.5+
    Posted Nov 24, 2019

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