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Improving Master Builders

Discussion in 'Master Builders' started by klegios, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. Hey, so i have some ideas to make this game more efficient and also realistic.(Also i have to say that some of this ideas are from other users, i will put their names at the end of each idea)

    Unfair voting
    So i think we all have been in the situation where a person that doesn´t build won the game, just because people thought is fun to vote for them and is definetly not fair, so if someone doesn´t build you can´t vote for them, thats the idea. (IDEA OF "Muils" )

    More tematics
    If you are people that usuallly plays master builders, im sure you can share that a lot of tematics repeat a lot of times, for example: bed,batman,Fruit,etc..) So is kinda boring building the same tematic again and again, so the way of correcting this is puting more tematics on game, i have a lot of ideas of new tematics that can work on game so there is more variation of tematics.

    Add effects,heads, time set.
    A way to make buildings more fun and creative is puting some new tools, im sure this can change a lot the game and make it really really fun, for example changing the time set in the build (day/night) or adding diferent heads with design, so we can for example make different kind of eyes or anything that adds more fun to the game. And finally the effects, this can be really helpfull in some thematics, like "canon", where you can build one an adding a creeper explotion effect wil make the build funnier.

    I dont know if some of you share my opinions, im sure some of you have better once so comment here too!
    Posted Dec 19, 2019
  2. I agree. it is also kinda annoying that people who make inappropriate structures/bypass filters win a lot of games because people think it is funny. On the other hand, a lot of blocks/items cant even be placed which kind of hinders creativity since there are not many options to choose from.
    Posted Dec 19, 2019
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  3. Yo!

    I think you have given some fair points and I like your ideas. However, I just have a quick question on your first point about players winning when they haven't even built anything. I don't really play much at all and certainly don't play Master Builders to know how much of an issue this really is but do you have any suggestions on how this can be rectified? Example of some sort of system which would eliminate the problem? I know you have said that it could be fixed by not allowing you to vote if they don't build anything but I don't really see this fixing the problem. If people are being disqualified for not building anything at all, they will start to place one or a couple of blocks to get around this and I don't see the issue actually being rectified if that makes sense? I'd like to hear your opinion on how this could be countered?

    I do love the idea of adding more themes to the game and having more variety with the blocks you are able to use. Custom skulls can really make or break some builds and I think it would be awesome to allow these in-game.
    Posted Dec 19, 2019
  4. Hey!

    I am someone who plays quite a lot of Master Builders, so I thought I'd come along and leave my opinion. Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to give us some feedback on the game, we're always looking for opinions and things that need to be worked on! As for my feedback;

    Unfair voting:
    I definitely agree it is very frustrating when builds that contain nothing or something that is simple like one grass block win the game when others spent 5 minutes working very hard to build something very nice. Unfortunately, there really isn't too much that can be done about this. We can't really make it punishable as it's too hard to tell who voted, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion so it would be near impossible to track. I guess we could try something like votes not working on empty builds, but I'm not sure if that's a possibility. I would prefer something like an option that is purely for empty/inappropriate builds so that some players vote them out. I'm not sure if this will be something that will return, but I wouldn't be opposed to seeing it back in the game.

    More tematics:
    Honestly this is not a bad idea at all. I'm sure we can all agree that adding some new themes would only do good for the game. I think it's more a matter of a player suggesting potential theme ideas and then the ideas being processed. Feel free to make a seperate thread with some new theme ideas as we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. I can think of many off the top of my head, so it wouldn't be too hard. Nice idea.

    Add effects, heads, time set:
    There is time-set on Java but it doesn't really work well at the moment. I would not be opposed to adding in some of these new options, although to add all these new things, it would take some time. Developers would have to put a lot of time and effort into creating these changes, and so first it would be important to gather some more precise ideas. If you have specific examples of things you'd like to see, let us know. The few you mentioned would new pretty cool in my opinion! The Devs probably do have other priorities but there is no harm in suggesting some changes so eventually they can become a reality.

    Overall, some great suggestions. Thanks for bringing your ideas to the forums!
    Posted Dec 19, 2019
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