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Improving Master Builders v2

Discussion in 'Master Builders' started by klegios, Dec 21, 2019.

  1. Okey, so few days ago i made a post about improving this game mode, and today im writing kinda the same but being way more especific.(And also add a few improving ideas)

    Unfair Voting
    So about this one is kind of difficult, there is no way as far as i know to cancel the vote in empty builds. Maybe there is a chance if they put a new option to vote "empty" or something like that.(AyyNick Idea)

    More Tematics
    In this one im going to give all the tematics that i think they should add, also if you have more please leave it in a comment.
    Phone,Room,Camera,Keyboard,Winter,Summer,Ventilator,Airplane,Computer,Kitchen,Island,Temple, Basketball,Neighborhood, Mars,Earth,Coffe,Beach,School,Spawn, Videogame, Christmas, Machine, Robot, Star Wars, Art,JetPack,Trashcan,Glasses,Nation,edifice,Dragon,Waterfall,Monster,Village,Golem,Sport.
    So i have those ideas for now, if i see there is feeback in this i surely come back with more.

    Add new tools
    Alright im going to be more especific about what tools i would like to see in Master builders. The best way of having acess to this tools is having a NPC in some part of the arena, where if you press it, it opens a menu where it shows all the tools.
    Time Set: Day/Night- Sunny/Clear/Snowy/Rain.
    Effects/Particles:They could be the same particles that we have in the menu:Enchanted,Haunting Spirit,Knight Aura, Redstone Helix,Demon Wings,etc)
    Heads: Basic colors heads (black,white,red,pink,etc)


    More time: I think that 5 minutes for building is bit, i would love to see 7 minutes, even 6 is fine, but 5 minutes is way bit, almost every time i have to be like super effective and fast to end a good and decent building in time and if i make a mistake i have no time to correct it, so that is what i propose.

    Duo: I would love to see a duo mode in master builder, to play with friends and have fun

    Voting tematics: Actually when you start playing master builder the game pick a theme for you. I think it could be wait better if when the game start (when we all are spawned to the build space) a menu comes up and we can vote for a tematic, i think that is more representative.

    Points and placements: This is something that i really would love to see, so every time someone vote for your building they give you more o less points(depending if they vote poop, okey or any wool vote) and the one who has more votes win. But actually we cant see how many points we had when we won. And also add that if you got 4º or below you can actually see that you got that place, for example:
    1ªPlace: Klegios
    2ªPlace: Soigkle
    3ºPlace: Funguy123

    You cannot see how many points you had or even if you got 4-5-6-7ª place
    We should replace this for:
    1ªPlace:Klegios(100 points)
    2ªPlace: Soigkle(85 points)
    3ºPlace:Funyguy123(83 points)
    You have got 7ªPlace (14 points)

    So in this way you can see how well you did it
    ¿How we can add the points to the game?: Adding a value to the wool vote, for example Poop(1point), Meh(3points), Okey(5 points), etc...
    But i think we should see that(how value have the wool)

    Thats all, if you have doubts or suggestions i will be glad to answer.
    Posted Dec 21, 2019
    Storeroom likes this.
  2. Not entirely sure what you mean by this. Players can vote "My eyes are bleeding!" for empty plots which is equivalent to not getting a score.

    Yes! I'd also love to see the ability to set the ground to water. (How else does my ship on land make sense? lol)
    Although, what would be the point of the colored heads? My understanding of it is that a wool/concrete block would be a fine substitute for it.

    Yeah, I've played with some of my friends on mobile and they have a really tough time creating something really good within the time limit compared to PC players.

    I'm not sure about this one. If one person is really good at building and their score is way higher than everyone else than it might make others feel undervalued.

    Overall, great ideas! I would love to see these enhancements to Master Builders. :D
    Posted Dec 25, 2019

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