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In Discussion Implement Rejoining for more games

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Evgeen, Jan 26, 2020.

  1. Hello!

    If you know (or maybe don't know) Mineplex has game rejoining support for some games only since August 2018 which works only when you were disconnected from the server and then rejoined Mineplex (not like if you left it with /hub). The message about rejoining looks like this, if you've never seen that.

    Currently, it's supported for Cake Wars, Bridges, Block Hunt and Turf Wars only but my idea is simple enough is to add that for some other games. These games are: Draw My Thing, Master Builders, Champions DOM/CTF, MineStrike, Death Tag, Evolution, Sheep Quest, OITQ, Wither Assault, Milk The Cow, Squid Shooter, Tug Of Wool, Rose Rush, Castle Siege, Castle Assault, Heroes Of Gwen. All of them are fits great to add rejoining to them.

    Some games should get notes about how it will work and I will say them below:
    Draw My Thing - Points amount should be saved but once rejoining timer ended, it can be removed from scoreboard;
    Master Builders - You will be able to rejoin during the building phase only;
    Champions CTF - You will able to rejoin only before Sudden Death started;
    MineStrike - We already can join a server back when disconnected/crashed but there is no guarantee that you will get to the same team which on you were before and also, your money won't save as I know. So, when you will rejoin the game, you will get to the same team and will have the same amount of money which you had before disconnecting;
    Death Tag - You will be able to rejoin only as Chaser even when left as Runner (it's the same as in BH);
    Evolution - When you are rejoining, you should be the same Mob which you were before disconnecting;
    Wither Assault - You will be able to rejoin only when were on Withers Team.

    Other games don't need any notes. Additionally, some MPS only games (CA, CS, HoG) were included here because players might play them on MPS, so they should be able to rejoin them too because why not. (Squid Shooter and Tug Of Wool aren't on this list of MPS games because due to a bug they aren't available in Mixed Arcade right now while should be which is known issue.)

    I don't think it will be something hard to implement as we already have a base system of rejoining to games and move it on other games shouldn't be a hard task but maybe in games with special conditions for rejoining will be harder to do that and will take more time. I hope this idea will be implemented once and you liked that. Tell me below what do you think about that.
    Posted Jan 26, 2020,
    Last edited Jan 26, 2020
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  2. Hey! I like your suggestion. Sometimes I would like to rejoin games that aren't supported and it's a shame I can't join back in the game. It's a small change and I don't think it should be prioritized over other things such as bug fixes but it's something that should be done eventually. I think it wouldn't take a long time to implement. The base concept of this like you have said Mineplex already have which is the current rejoin system. However, the idea of saving their scores, mob (for Evolution), etc... could take a while to implement and like I've already said, the time it would take to add this could be put to better use.

    Overall, I can't really think of many negatives and I hope this will be added in the future.
    Posted Jan 26, 2020
  3. Hey there!

    Overall I am for this idea and don’t see many negatives to it as of now. As we already have the programming for this in some games it hopefully wouldn’t be too difficult to implement, so it has that going for it as well.

    One thing I would like to mention is that I don’t think it is necessary for Minestrike. As an avid Minestrike player, I can tell you that it isn’t really a big deal to us which team we get put on when we reconnect. Also, it would probably be very difficult and take a decent amount of time to develop a way to keep the exact money you had when you left and also the same team you were on upon rejoining. Currently, when you join a Minestrike game no matter if you were in the lobby before or not, it will give you a starting amount of $800 and I think it is fine to stay that way.
    Posted Jan 26, 2020
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  4. Hi!

    I agree with this idea, it would be a very useful feature for someone who accidentally left or got disconnected. As of now, it would just mean that they'd be missing out on a game that they enjoy, which isn't very ideal. I don't see anything wrong with this suggestion and I would love to see it implemented. Definite +1.
    Posted Jan 26, 2020
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  5. Hello!
    I think it would be great to be able to reconnect to more games. For the many games you stated, it would fundamentally make sense to be able to rejoin mid-game given some of the obvious stipulations you listed. Since these would give no gameplay advantage for rejoining, I would love to see all of these given the option to rejoin. That being said, the only one of these games I do not think is necessary to implement this feature in is Minestrike. As @Tilgorn brought up, it is not that big of a deal being put on a different team when you rejoin. I do not play Minestrike as much, so I know little about the mechanics of tracking the money that Tilgorn mentioned, but one thing I can think of is that it could provide a slight disparity in team numbers. Say, for example, a few players from one team quit, prompting the new players to be assigned to that team, then the original few join back and that team has a clear advantage. I don't think this would be an often occurrence, but given this possibility combined with the issues stated by Tilgorn, I think it would be best to exclude Minestrike from the list. Overall, I think this would be a great change, as it would make it so that players are not punished for disconnecting when there would be no advantage to them rejoining. For these reasons, I will give a +1 for all of the games you proposed besides Minestrike. Thank you for suggesting this, and have a nice day!
    Posted Jan 26, 2020
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  6. Hey there!

    I really like this idea. As other people have mentioned, I don’t see my negatives in this idea. I would like to see this implemented in the future. +1.

    Good luck on the rest of your suggestions!
    Posted Jan 26, 2020
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  7. I think you're presenting an idea that can really be helpful. The feature of rejoining games on the server is currently limited as you stated to a few games. I don't see a problem of expanding this feature onto other games that you've stated that are on the network. However, it might actually take some extra time off the development team as they'd have to change some essential code off of each game and it might take a long time to do so. But I do think this feature can be really useful, helpful and worth the time to be invested in despite the fact that it can take a considerably longer amount of time to work on compared to other ideas. Overall, I'll give this idea a +1. The only negative point that I see arising from this idea is the fact that it can require more development time compared to other ideas but I think it would be a nice change that many players would benefit from and enjoy.
    Posted Jan 29, 2020
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