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Not Planned Immortal Rank Perk Changes

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by ClassN, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. It's no secret the addition of Immortal, Mineplex's rebranding of Power Play Club, is a controversial choice. What I've found since its implementation, however, is that the majority of people aren't against the fundamental idea of it. It's the perks that people raise questions and criticism about. EULA violations, perks that everyone previously had access to, and so on. People aren't happy with the perks. With that being said, sales have proven to LT that Immortal is something to stay, something they need to move forward. And I agree. Immortal should stay. Mineplex has to make money. Even so, the way it makes money should be reasonable, wouldn't you say? Devoid of controversy? There is a middle ground to be had between insulting non-consumers of Immortal and pleasing the consumers of it. So here I am to suggest what should change with Immortal's perks. As always, I'm open to feedback on everything here, and I'd love if LT contributed to the discussion so we can arrive at something beneficial to everyone hopefully- a mutually pleasing conclusion. I'm only gonna be touching on perks unique to Immortal, not those that it inherits from other ranks.

    Perks that should stay:
    Skin change system, ignore velocity, flight, monthly bonus (not including exp boost), 300% shard bonus, exclusive monthly cosmetics, Metal Man morph, Rainbow Road diamond sword name, Excalibur diamond sword name, and icon prefix.

    Perks that should be made available to everyone:
    First-person spectating and stacker (also add /pref).

    Perks that should either be limited or removed (if removed, also replaced):
    Color chat and join message.

    Perks that should be removed and replaced by other things:
    2x gem bonus and exp boost (both are EULA violations). Even if Mineplex talked to Mojang beforehand, it's a better idea to just stay within the law and set a good example.

    Perks I'm unsure of and will need feedback on:
    Bypass Clans queue and priority map voting.


    So if we go by this breakdown, which I find pretty reasonable, at most there are 6 perks that need to be replaced, not counting the ones I'm unsure of because I don't know what people think of them. So bear with me while I brainstorm some hopefully interesting replacements. There should be more than enough new perks here to replace the ones I suggest get removed and enough for new things to get added later down the line. If it has a question mark, it means I'm not entirely sure on if that's a good idea or not (or simply that it would make more sense for everyone, not just Immortal).

    1. Duplicate shard increase: Immortals get more shards back from duplicates found in chests.
    2. Gifs in banners on your wall.
    3. Username particles on the website (like what Enjin used to have).
    4. Increased wall post character limit?
    5. Hoisted Discord role (the only premium role there).
    6. Greater MPS capacity.
    7. Access to unique games in the MPS roster (solo CW, for instance).
    8. Access to more customization options in the MPS (grace period, OP items, etc.)
    9. More MPS/Community themes. I imagine the Build Team should be able to handle this quickly as it's just one island.
    10. More customization options for Communities.
    11. Higher chance to find high-quality cosmetics in chests. In other words, better luck.
    12. Custom, potentially animated title.
    13. Ability to use taunts in lobbies.
    14. Ability to double-jump and use cosmetics that affect velocity in game lobbies.
    15. More daily uses of /report.
    16. Unique emotes.
    17. Endgame loot is added back for everyone, but Immortals have a higher chance for good endgame loot. The pool is more diversified than it was before with more than just low-tier stuff.
    18. Better Carl spinner luck. Daily allowance of one spinner token.
    19. Can bulk-bye non-holiday gadgets.
    20. Can directly purchase non-holiday cosmetics?
    21. Can redeem illuminated chests for shards?
    22. Discount for purchasing chests in-game.
    23. New icon prefixes.
    24. Stacking benefits (For instance, if you purchased Eternal beforehand, and you then buy Immortal, you get some kind of bonus as a thank you). Maybe in addition to the Immortal monthly bonus, you can also claim the bonus of whatever rank you bought beforehand, meaning you would get more than if you just bought Immortal.
    25. Exclusive events hosted by Event Squad?
    26. Greater friend list capacity.
    27. Continuing patron benefit (More perks the longer you keep your Immortal subscription going. Hopefully wouldn't be the same as the monthly exclusive cosmetics.).
    28. Long-term patron benefit (A little different than continuing- if you buy for a year or for some time period other than for a month, you get some kind of benefit.).
    29. Animated forum profile picture.
    30. Can own 3 Communities.
    Any ideas of your own? Let me know down below!

    Thanks for reading! Leave thoughts below, so we can have a productive discussion.
    Posted Feb 10, 2020,
    Last edited Feb 10, 2020
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  2. First of all, I do like the majority of the ideas listed in the Ideas section, and think they would be great additions to this rank if any changes are necessary (or if sales need to be improved).

    However, I disagree with this part of the post.
    Even if these existed for everyone before, they are not integral to gameplay. If they were to be given to everyone again, they could not be used as an incentive to subscribe (which helps fund the server, allowing all of us to play). I do agree, however, that a /prefs option to disable being stacked would be nice, as I could see this get annoying for players in lobbies.

    I do not not play Clans, so i have no opinion on that point, but priority map voting is a problem in my opinion. Although I feel like it is fine for most games, certain games (such as Block Hunt) are greatly affected by the map vote. Even a small increase in priority could make it so "meta" maps are selected more often, introducing their team bias and decreasing variety.
    Posted Feb 10, 2020
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  3. Heyo!

    Good ideas etc. make me happy fun time.

    Have a good morning/day/evening/night and leave 13 potatoes if I helped.
    Posted Feb 10, 2020
  4. I was originally going to make a thread regarding this but you’ve explained everything I was going to address better than I could even imagine and I’m also sick with the flu so it wouldn’t make matters any better.

    As you did say, the Immortal rank can honestly stay as to keep Mineplex alive they need to keep making money and if Immortal will do that for the company, then it’s all we have got.
    I sincerely hope however, that what you have said and more will be reworked for Immortal rank soonTM as I believe it will improve the overall QoL on the server for both subscribers and non-subscribers along with adding more to what should have been added in the first place. Not much needs to be said here as it’s clear what needs to be fixed with the PPC revamp and if it for some reason isn’t, it’s all in the thread.

    One of the things I’m kind of interested in is actually the custom title and how it would work. Would it just be removed once you decide to cancel the subscription and change to just no title? I’m just assuming that it’ll be the same as the pet name but will allow spaces and colors in the process of making custom titles.

    I had an idea and I forgot, maybe it’ll come back to me. +1000

    Hopefully along with this and the Ideas Team revamp that I heard of, it will actually be taken into consideration and beyond with the LT and DT to be worked on instead of rotting on a Trello board
    (Sorry for any grammatical errors, this was typed on my phone)
    Posted Feb 10, 2020,
    Last edited Feb 10, 2020
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  5. Thanks for the positive feedback first of all. Much appreciated.

    For the custom title, I was actually thinking more like a unique title, something only Immortal has access to. But I worded it like Immortals would be able to make their own. Still, it could go either way, which is why I didn't opt to change that part. There's just the consideration of swearing and such that would come with true customization that wouldn't exist with a unique title made by MP itself; though, they moderate pets fine, so maybe that's not something that would be too problematic.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 10, 2020
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  6. From what I know, Immortal already has a custom title but it’s honestly just a rewording of the PPC title so it’ll be nice to see something newer be added regarding titles. And as you said, it shouldn’t be a big cause as moderating pets doesn’t seem much of a problem so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem adding custom titles if they decide to.
    Posted Feb 10, 2020
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  7. These sound like some great ideas. Definitely want the gems and xp boost goned and replaced with some cooler cosmetic perks, because I want stuff to be fair for everyone (let's not talk about A51). I think a cool thing for Immortals would be changing the optional symbol to a "rank customizer", which could change the color, add unicode stuff around the rank tag, and more.
    Posted Feb 10, 2020
  8. Definitely some quality suggestions going on here. I agree, but I would like to add that I think that the removed perks should be replaced with in-game perks (assuming they only add the bare minimum to replace perks 1 for 1). I'm a big fan of the wall stuff and discord role, but as there is a significant amount of players that are uninvolved with the forums and/or discord, I think those perks should be in addition to the 6+ used to replace controversial perks, rather than being used as a substitute.

    Also ppc/immortal should be able to beta/player test new games like they were able to for gem hunters.
    Posted Feb 10, 2020
  9. I'll be marking this as Not Planned because Production is planning on keeping First-Person Spectating and Stacker as Immortal Exclusive cosmetics, if their verdict changes I will let you know.
    Posted Jun 3, 2020
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