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Immortal rank giveaway (Again)

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by DatzRuben, Sep 17, 2020.

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  1. Hypixel > Mineplex.

    Hopefully I made you laugh with my joke! IGN: Bomo
    Posted Sep 27, 2020
  2. is the giveaway over yet? its way past the 22nd
    Posted Sep 29, 2020
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  3. The teacher said to his class one day, “Please stand up, anyone who thinks they’re stupid.”

    Nobody stood up so the teacher said, “I’m sure there are some stupid students in this class!”

    At this point Little Johnny stood up.

    The teacher said, “Oh Johnny! So you think you’re stupid then?”

    Little Johnny replied, “No, I just felt bad that you were standing up on your own.”

    IGN: Crossroad1223

    (This is not a true story. All acts and names are fictional.)
    Posted Oct 2, 2020
  4. Make you laugh? Well I guess you could say I will get top ten in this giveaway.... ok I’m sorry I’ll stop :D

    ign: TopTen

    thanks for doing this again :)
    Posted Oct 2, 2020
  5. You know why my name is Justin?

    Because I'm Just(in) to you ;)

    Are you Mc Donald's?

    Because I'm Lovin it

    Why did the Chicken cross the road?

    Because no one asked

    Ayo someone told me to check their balance at the bank so I pushed them off the counter, why did I get a lawsuit?

    What did the shark say when he ate the clownfish?

    This tastes kinda funny

    What do you call a chinese millionare?

    Cha Ching!

    What's the best thing about Switzerland

    Mann I don't know tbh but the flag is a big plus!

    haha I tried my best to make the most jokes I can, some are from google some are from my head, put in everything I thought was funny!

    IGN: luvjustin

    Good Luck to all!
    I may have not been Justin time! But I still arrived!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway twice btw haha I missed the last one it means a lot you gave us another chance on top of competing our jokes and having a good laugh :))
    Posted Oct 2, 2020
  6. Posted Oct 2, 2020
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  7. This is by far the best joke here. In case anyone is too lazy to click the link, I'll type exactly what the screenshot shows:

    92 ETERNAL Paladise_ there is no such thing as aimbot lol

    If you need an interpreter:

    Basically, Bob, aka Paladise_ believes aimbots don't exist.

    I think this deserves a grammy award for the comedic value it has brought to the Mineplex community.
    Posted Oct 2, 2020
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  8. Thank you good sir *tips hat*
    Posted Oct 2, 2020
  9. Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Because chickens are dumb (no offense to people who like chickens)

    ign: Ryan9116
    Posted Oct 2, 2020
  10. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to your house.
    Knock Knock! Who's there? THE CHICKEN, DUH!!!

    ign: SomebodyElse314
    Posted Oct 2, 2020
  11. IGN: Jackkeh :))
    Posted Oct 2, 2020
  12. Please announce a winner for this contest. It's WAAAAAAAY past the 22nd.
    Posted Oct 3, 2020
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  13. i agree xd
    Posted Oct 3, 2020
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  14. My mom was 300lb and when she fell on the ground no one was laughing, but the ground was cracking up.

    Hehe I honestly don't know any good jokes.

    IGN: drinkoftea
    Posted Oct 7, 2020
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  15. How do you steal a coat? You "jacket"

    IGN: ThatJadon_26YT
    Posted Oct 7, 2020
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  16. watermelon [i'm not funny this isn't fair]

    Posted Oct 7, 2020
  17. Posted Oct 9, 2020
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  18. LMAO
    Posted Oct 9, 2020
  19. Honestly , I am not Good at joke but my mother is.

    Posted Oct 10, 2020
  20. when does the giveaway end
    Posted Oct 10, 2020
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