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Immortal Loyalty Shop Update Feedback

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Jaek, Jul 10, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]
    You said it right, Mitchy.

    This update brought many cool features that have been highly requested, which is a great thing. But, they've been locked behind a paywall of a few months of Immortal for each perk, with 26 perks/cosmetics being added in. This is an issue.
    A new calculation came up with taking around 13-14 months, being a lot more reasonable.

    Another big issue with this update is that players that have held Immortal for years on end are starting with the same points as those who just got it last month, with 7500 starting points. Just for scaling purposes, that lets you buy an Immortal Symbol and a Balloon....quite underwhelming for someone that could have held Immortal for a few years. The most expensive item is an
    Immortal Gift, which is priced at 120,000 points, about 8 months of having Immortal.

    As you can see above, I've had 18 months of Immortal, but only have 7500 points; quite underwhelming if you ask me. I've spent $164 exactly on Immortal/PPC, and get this as a tribute to having it before the update.

    Additionally, people receive a free random perk if they subscribe in July. This is okay, but its value ranges from 120000 points to just 5000. For some reason, I received two perks for free instead of one, which I hope is already being settled, but the two perks I received were "Bow Names" and "Extra Community Slots", two things I could care less about.

    How All This Could Be Fixed/Improved Upon

    Give 10,000 points for every month someone has been subscribed to Immortal in the past.
    This would provide a solid tribute to those who have spent lots of money on the server and stuck with Mineplex through all of this time. Additionally, your streak would start at however many months you've been subbed, considering right now you start at one month regardless.

    Let people choose their free perk at the start instead of assigning a random one.
    We all desire something on that list of perks, so why not let us choose at least one for free? It would bring in more people to buy Immortal to get a certain perk, which would bring in more first time subs instead of people not buying because they'd buy and hope for the dice roll to be in their favor.

    Give 1 point for every 10 XP earned in games for Immortals only.
    This would give incentives to grind for your rewards. In example, it would take 1,200,000 XP earned to get the most expensive item. You'll need to hold Immortal throughout this time of grinding, so it keeps people staying subscribed.

    Perk Changes and Removals

    Chest to Shards Converter

    This should just be a free perk for everyone, since most people have issues with extra chests and this is just a bandaid fix for those that have extra chests since you'll get Shards to buy...more chests that you already have stuff from for a majority of the year.

    Bulk Chest Opener

    Another feature that should be available for everyone, it's a nice QoL addition and it's locked behind a paywall.

    MPS Extensions (/give command, unlock kit setting, broadcast command)

    This is fine as long as you make "unlock kit setting" a perk for anyone with an MPS and add in the Event games to this perk.

    Additional Community Slots

    Underwhelming and unneeded, should definitely be a cheaper option (in the 5k point range)

    Additional Skin Changer Pages

    Underwhelming, change the price to 5k points

    Additional Mission Slots

    Flat out remove this one since rarely anyone plays for missions nowadays.

    Noteblock Music

    Put this cosmetic in regular chests so players can use up an extra Illuminated on it.

    Old Monthly Immortal Cosmetics

    Mineplex should continue to release Immortal Cosmetics as their own thing, rather than including them in the shop.

    Big Larry & Big Garry Balloon

    Put these in regular chests as well, considering they don't really belong with the other stuff in the shop and would use up Illuminated Chests that need to be used up.

    Overall, the update was an obvious money grab, but hopefully they'll go toward more development resources so we can get some game updates and the like. There are lots of issues with the execution of the Loyalty Points system, but it's a great idea and is great for marketing one of their products. Feel free to suggest perks and their prices and I'll add them to the thread, as the more perks the merrier with my suggested changes to the system.

    Have a good one,

    Posted Jul 10, 2020,
    Last edited Jul 11, 2020
  2. Hey!

    This is a great thread that explains this update in a positive manner. Personally, it was a cool update. Obviously I have different opinions on some of the additions but I see why this was all added. Four years to get all of the new perks is crazy, should not take that long. There should be a way for people who don't have Immortal to get these points, either by doing missions or playing games, anything that they can do to get a reasonable amount of points would be nice. Since you do keep the rewards you purchase with these points after losing Immortal, it makes sense for this to be added.

    I've seen a lot of players upset about only getting 7.5k bonus points while they had all of these previous months of Immortal/PPC, so potential good way to change this would be like you said, giving a fair amount of points to the player for every month they've been subscribed to Immortal/PPC in the past. Since Mineplex felt like they haven't made Immortal rewarding enough, this would be another idea that will make Immortal feel rewarding and probably make those players happy that they had Immortal/PPC in the past! For the free perk, I think players being allowed to pick their free perk would be nice. Most people purchase Immortal for a specific perk(s), so if they can pick their free perk, then they'd be satisfied, plus it would motivate people to purchase Immortal, which is always a good thing. I'm sure a lot of players got annoyed by some of the perks they got, so this would help with that.

    Chest to Shards Converter
    I agree that this should be for everyone. So many people complain about having all of these chests that they don't feel like opening and they wish they can trade it for shards, it shouldn't only be accessible through paying.
    Bulk Chest Opener
    Same as the previous idea, should be available to everyone. If they don't want to trade it with shards and they would prefer to open all of them, being able to do this will speed up the process of opening the chests and encourage players to actually open the chests.
    Additional Skin Changer Pages
    Definitely, should be way lower. This isn't as important as others and I don't see why someone would need more pages haha

    That's all of the feedback I had. Anyways, thank you for making this thread! I hope some things get taken into consideration for some updates with this feature. :D
    Posted Jul 10, 2020
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  3. I definitely agree with your points, it's a new update, stuff will be looked upon and adjusted I'm sure. I also feel that (despite having Immortal for only two months), people who have had it for longer should be given more attention and better rewards, and the prices for some of the items in the shop definitely need to be reworked. I do belive its a process though, and I thank the Devs for working hard to get it up and running (I personally watched in game how hard @Moppletop worked to fix the issues, so thank you). This is a great place for feedback though, great suggestions!
    Posted Jul 10, 2020
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  4. HeyHey,

    Nice job on going thru some of the stuff you said here. Lemme also give a small feedback about some stuff.

    Lets obvs start first with the points players got. I saw that players already complained about, that they only ot 7500 points, while they are subbed like way longer than others, who also got the same ammont. I agree, to give out points from every month you had and not just a fixed one. This would make it more fair for those, who bought PPC/Immortal for years already, even when it used to give nearly nothing.

    For the random item: I don't like the idea to let ppl choose. They will at the end just choose the most OP thing they want right away.
    Also I'm not sure about the 1 point per 10 xp. This could lead ppl to just stat boost themself to earn points. I rather to see any other way to earn points by playing doe (maybe special missions?)

    Also I overall agree with the perk stuff. Some of them are not really that good for the price they have or should have been a thing for everyone. I also feel like the Chest to Shards and Bulk was also kind of expensive for those small features (Even bc that Bulk Chest is probs something not alot of ppl would buy anyways)
    I Don't think we should remove the mission slot thing doe. There are ppl who do missions and its worth for them + it really isnt expensive at all, so it could stay

    I guess I got everything for now. Have a good day :P
    Posted Jul 11, 2020
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  5. I was thinking you could open up a new type of Mission, Immortal Missions and advertise it as a perk for Immortal. They'd be fairly easy missions and give a couple hundred points, which seems fair to me.

    Another idea I had was lining up Loyalty points with game gems (NOT gems earned), which encourages playing and isn't as OP as a 1/10 with points/XP.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 11, 2020
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  6. I think a loyalty point system is a great idea, but I really don't like the fact that, as stated above, it's locked behind a paywall. I understand wanting to push people to buy immortal but adding all these additional features that so many have asked for only for those able to pay doesn't seem very fair.
    Posted Jul 11, 2020
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  7. Really nice post. You clearly emphasized your points and I agree with all of them. It's really great to see these updates, but the time to wait before you can actually purchase them makes it, at least, uninteresting. The only perks I truly want from the store are /disguise and the MPS perks, but as you said it'd take atleast a year and a bit to obtain both.

    Thanks for the feedback, and hopefully the leadership team will take notice. :)
    Posted Jul 11, 2020
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