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In Discussion Illuminated Chests Issue and New Chest Rewards?

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by TooMuchXMas4You, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. @Dulciloquy - "Suggestions for rewards? We're definitely aware this happens to higher level players, I would recommend thinking about solutions and creating a forums thread" - Mineplex Discord

    I know what you're probably thinking.
    "New chest rewards, not another one of these threads! You're probably just going to talk about some bad rewards from chests, there's already so many of those!"
    Well, I can't really blame you.
    https://www.mineplex.com/threads/new-cosmetic-idea.67939/#post-238975 (kind of)
    https://www.mineplex.com/threads/loot-chests-limit-the-amount-of-pet-dupes-to-1-per-chest.61920/ some other chest idea
    https://www.mineplex.com/threads/cosmetic-axe-names.61851/ more
    You get the point

    Well, today I would like to propose something different, which would be adding new Illuminated (or old/ancient/mythical) chest rewards. I have been seeing a lot of players complaining about how after they've unlocked all of the cosmetics, that they can no longer use their chests for anything. Mainly, the only changes I've seen players suggesting would be to trade back in your Illuminated Chests, but I don't see the point in that. If you've bought Eternal and know what the rewards will give, eventually you know you'll run into an issue like this https://imgur.com/a/GnVtjLL. Getting back on topic, instead of trading illuminated chests for anything, why not add more cosmetics? This wouldn't break EULA regulations, it would make players more happy, and allow players to use their chests more effectively instead of letting them gain dust and grow cobwebs. Here are some ideas I've came up with.

    Obviously, I'm not the most creative person on the planet, so feedback down below or just ideas down below would help me out a lot. With that being said, let me get into my first idea. I don't remember exactly what year this happened. but I know for a fact that during Christmas time, there was custom music being played around the lobby. https://imgur.com/a/siY3Tvh We all know this very useful and cool section of the cosmetics, right? Well, instead of playing the default Minecraft musics around the lobby, I suggest that there should be custom made musics. This would be a lot nicer than playing unoriginal music, and would obviously give more rewards. As for the section right now, the rewards should stay, but add in more music into this section. The top will be the basic music discs, then the more you go can be custom blocks representing the musics created (sorry I don't have images available, I'm not that cool.) With this being said, instead of just having custom Christmas music being played around the lobby, making separate musics would be very cool in my opinion. If possible, making it so the music only played for you would be cool, but if not then keeping the system the way it is right now would be fine as well. The reason this wouldn't be a big issue is because you can turn your music off in the settings.

    Apart from this, I have another idea to propose. This one could strike some controversy, so I'd love to hear what you guys have to say about this. Join and Leave messages. I know some other servers have had this before, but this would be different. It wouldn't be exclusive to ranks (unless they ended up receiving a custom one, not my choice to decide), but rather from old/ancient/mythical/illuminated chests. How it would work would be when you join a lobby, it'll put a message in the chat once you join just for a little cosmetic feel. Here are some cringey introduction ones I created https://imgur.com/a/URfqseI (I'm not very creative and just made some on the server really quick, but you hopefully see what I'm getting at. This kind of would be like taunts, but just to show you've joined in a more creative way. I also mentioned leaving messages, so again here are some more bad ones https://imgur.com/a/ruOCCjJ (note that they correspond with the previous ones, they don't have to). A lot of people probably won't see the point in this, but it doesn't seem like it would be negatively harming players, just a cool little cosmetic to show off what you have. Obviously, these don't have to be the messages, but these are template ideas. If you're wondering where it'd be located in the cosmetics menu, I have 2 ideas. 1 idea would be separating both of them so they are separate cosmetics (not my personal pick, but it would fit the cosmetics menu nicer), and the second idea would be combining them into one cosmetic (though it'd be weird to add this into a slot, but let me give you the one I think it would fit the best in https://imgur.com/a/4bDqtDO) These ideas are not set in stone, but hopefully you all will leave some good feedback on this idea.

    Well, it seems I've ran out of ideas for new cosmetic sections, but I still have some other cosmetic ideas. For the hats section, with all this Alien Invasion and Area 51 meme related topics going on, maybe add an alien hat? It wouldn't do anything, just for cosmetic purposes. I am not sure if the morph has the hat already on it, but if not this could be a good idea. Also, once 1.15 is close to releasing, maybe a bee hat for celebration? It doesn't have to be only for this, just a bee hat in general could be cool. The last hat I would suggest would be an angry one, like a face. Here is where they would be added in case anybody was confused https://imgur.com/a/A8TN1Fy. This could be used just to show expression, since there is a heart emoji one already. This is all I have for the hats, let me move on to the next section.

    Costumes and morphs I got nothing, but for the banners, maybe adding a notch apple banner? For the original Notch supporters of Minecraft, this could be a cool way of showing off Minecraft in general, and definitely is possible to create. Also, a dragon banner would be very cool as well. If anybody is confused where it'd be located as well. here is where it would be https://imgur.com/a/J078gOs. That's all I have for this section as well.

    For the mounts section, maybe having an Iron Golem mount walking around would be cool? Every 15 seconds, it could do a ground pound/earthquake ability, and the morph would be somewhat fast. It would knockback players a few blocks, and would put particle effects on the floor for an earthquake type feel. If two iron golems were to run into each other, they'd go flying backwards and their arms would go up to represent them hitting each other. Maybe it could also have a flower in its hand if there was a villager close, but this is pretty complex for just a morph. The bottom sections of the cosmetics seem fine, this would be the only suggestion I have. If anybody is confused, here is where it'd be https://imgur.com/a/gk4sq2G.

    Honestly, I've ran out of ideas for the rest of them. If you combine everything I've covered within this thread, it can lead up to probably 10-15+ chests. While this may not solve everybody's issue, this would definitely be a cool cosmetic change to see. Once again, nothing here is final and I am not very creative, so hopefully you guys can leave some ideas below as well. I'm open to feedback, and hopefully this would resolve everybody's issues!
    Posted Sep 19, 2019
  2. I'd rather they completely focus on game updates than any extra cosmetics. I remember 2016 when a bunch of games were neglected due to such a focus on cosmetic output. Honestly I would rather they just make a new buyable chest (50k shards?) that can unlock old limited time event cosmetics or ppc stuff. Tons of people like me who have all attainable cosmetics through illuminated but still lack a good chunk of the cosmetic inventory.
    Posted Sep 19, 2019
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  3. I really like the fact that you’ve put a lot of effort into these ideas so props for that! Let me give you some feedback on them.

    Custom music - To be completely honest, I’m not sure how popular this would be. Music discs are very rarely played and are on of the more unpopular features, and most people have their music disabled so they wouldn’t even hear it.

    Joining messages - So I’m pretty sure way back in the day ranked (or maybe just the highest ranked) players actually had a join message appear for them. It was pretty cool and then the server got big and the messages became pretty annoying so they removed the feature. I’m not sure whether this should be added because it could flood the chat and be very frustrating when trying to have a conversation, especially if this was available to everyone.

    Alien hat - I actually think this is a cool idea especially with it being so relevant with the new theme and game modes and could be a nice little addition.

    Banners - I don’t really have an opinion on the banners because I personally don’t use them. They might be a good addition for the players that do though.

    Iron Golem mount/morph - This sounds pretty cool actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing it introduced. It might be annoying for players always getting flung off the map but we already have the wither/guardian morphs that do exactly that anyway.

    Overall you had some good ideas and I look forward to seeing any more suggested by other players. Sadly I agree that Mineplex’s main focus right now is going to be bug fixes and game modes. That’s not to say that we’ll never see new cosmetics implemented though!
    Posted Sep 19, 2019
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  4. I would like to see some of these cosmetics implemented. I understand there is a problem for players who cannot open additional Illuminated Chests, and I think these ideas would be excellent short-term solutions.

    For the custom music suggestion, I think this would be a nice addition. Although it is true that some people have their sounds disabled, it would allow players to listen to some music in the lobby which is pretty cool.

    However, I do not agree with adding join and leave messages. First off, they were removed a few years ago due to it being spammy and annoying; thus, I don't think reintroducing them would do any good. This may also cause other servers with this feature to attack Mineplex for copying them which is something we want to avoid. Although I see how this may look cool for the person who has this feature, implementing them may cause places like Lobby-1 to become overwhelmed with various messages.

    On a different note, I think hats would be a great addition. Area 51 and related memes are still there, and the alien hat would still be a cool cosmetic to show off even when the trend has faded away. Similarly, adding a bee hat would be nice to see implemented and I don't have a problem with releasing more hats. I also wouldn't mind seeing additional banners and if anything, increasing the number of hats and banners would likely be beneficial.

    Lastly, I find the Iron Golem mount/morph idea quite appealing. I personally think this would better be suited as a morph as this would make one appear quite large. With an added ability of seismic slam or something similar, I think it would fit well amongst other cosmetics in this category.

    I think these are great suggestions and I hope to see them implemented sometime. It's quite clear you spent a lot of time writing this post, so I appreciate the time you've spent on these ideas.
    Posted Sep 19, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 19, 2019
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  5. Hey buddy!

    I am definitely on board for this, and I agree that Mineplex should implement some new cosmetics some time in the near future to benefit those players who have unlocked all the cosmetics. This is a great idea because then players won't be getting duplicates all the time, and will therefore hopefully get some new cosmetics to play around with. As for your suggestions, here is my input;

    Custom music is cool, but I personally never use it. I have my music sounds on around 25% as the music can distract me and does become repetitive. This doesn't mean I am opposed to implementing some new music! I must admit though that I do not see many players ever using music gadgets, so I am not sure how popular it would be as a cosmetic, but there's no harm in adding it for the players who may use it.

    As for join/leave messages, I would not like to see the return of this. Yes, they did exist some years back on Mineplex, but they were obviously removed, and I would say it had to do with spam reasons, or because it flooded the chat and made it messy. Considering the large sums of players in popular lobbies such as Lobby-1, this could be easily spammed, therefore causing it to be near impossible for people to have conversations with others due to the spam. I know it would be a cosmetic for some to unlock, but I don't think it would work out on Mineplex.

    I would love to see some more hats added to the cosmetics menu. I personally don't use them often, but I am sure others would use them, especially if there are ones relating to memes or popular topics such as the release of bees in the newest MC version. This is a nice idea, and I hope we can see some of these new hats added.

    The way you've introduced the iron golem mount/morph is extremely interesting and has got me wondering if maybe this could be implemented. I agree with the above that it should be a morph. I agree with you how you said they should get some ability that can launch players in the air, similar to how a normal iron golem works in Vanilla MC. This morph sounds really cool!

    In summary, you have presented some very detailed, and well thought out descriptions for possible future cosmetics. I agree with most of your ideas, and would definitely love to see some of these implemented. Thank you for spending so much time thinking of new cosmetics so players who have unlocked them all have a chance of getting something new. Good work mate!
    Posted Sep 19, 2019
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