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Not Planned Ideas to Give Gems More Use

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by aknatn, Aug 9, 2020.

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  1. So, gems. the things that once you have enough of, you have no use for them at all. and since so many people only play one game mode they could max out that game modes kits in like 3 days.

    I am suggesting a sort of upgrade system. you unlock the leveling system per game mode after you get every kit for that game mode. (Including achievement kits.)

    To make the general idea of how it would work I will give you how it would work in the context of cake wars. once you have unlocked every single kit in cake wars you can upgrade your frosting starting at 50k gems. so maybe it will only take 5 seconds to replenish or it will give 1 extra maximum snowball. then the next upgrade could be for 100k Gems, making it 4 seconds between snowballs or be able to hold 5 snowballs. for Archer, the starting upgrade would be, say 10k gems and would give you maybe 1 extra max arrow, then 50k for 2 extra maximum arrows, 100k for 3 extra, 500,000 for 4 etc. maybe with warrior it could heal you an extra 0.5 hearts per level, would start at 10k and go up 1 digit per lvl, (100k, 1,000,000) and for Builder it would give you wool 0.5 seconds faster and platforms 1 second faster. would be the same principle as warrior kit in terms of price, but starting at 100k.

    In General the balancing would be made from small upgrades for a really high price. the upgrading system would not apply to games like Micro Battle, though, since A. there is no achievement kit, (I think.) And B. Because the small advantage the upgrades would give on those kits wouls be unfair to people who dont have them in a pretty substantial way. (apologies for bad grammar.)

    edit: will post further ideas on this thread

    Posted Aug 9, 2020,
    Last edited Aug 9, 2020
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  2. I do think that gems need to be repurposed for higher level players, for example I have around 2,000,000 gems after wasting a couple hundred thousand randomly donating to communities. However, I don't support these specific changes to kits such as Frosting, Warrior, or Archer however because these kits in cakewars would dramatically change gameplay and make the game less fun for newer players if they're snowballed 4 times before even coming within swinging distance of someone who bought an upgraded snowball. I think the kits specifically in cake wars are on a very vulnerable spot in which if any kit recieves a buff, the game will change massively. Again, agree we need changes but maybe stick to different game modes or gems to cosmetics/immortal for a month or whatever.
    Posted Aug 9, 2020
  3. Hey!

    I definitely see where you are coming from. Gems are a fairly inflated currency and finding more uses for it makes a lot of sense (readding gem fountain, more community purchasable items, etc.), but there are some problems with introducing more outlets as well, mainly the idea that the gap between long time players and new players. For long term players, we have enough gems to probably max out all the kits immediately while newer players have even more stuff to work towards.

    That small concern aside, I want to acknowledge that this exact system was implemented in Skywars v2 (recently just updated to v3). It worked with having small perks such as faster kit ability reload or like more knockback from throwing dirt every 20 levels for your kit, maxing out at level 100. To everyone's dismay, this system was a pretty big flop - it wasn't compelling for most people to grind for these levels and overall just wasn't worth it for most people. As such, it was removed from the game recently and all gems spent are being refunded.

    Going through to implement new level-ups for all kits on the server is too much, and would take way too long for little benefit. However, only adding it to a select few games would be ineffective as well - people who don't play those few games wouldn't ever level up those kits to spend gems on.

    Overall, I do think this concept is good, but I don't see it being implemented in the foreseeable future because it just doesn't seem like the most efficient/effective solution to the problem you are trying to solve. Given this, I will be giving this a -1.

    Let me know if you have any questions/concerns.
    Thank you for sharing!
    ~ Bobert / Erik
    Posted Aug 9, 2020
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  4. maybe they could also be redeemable to treasure shards at a nerfed rate too (rank based?)? but treasure shards not be able to be converted into gems?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 9, 2020
  5. Hey!

    We do need more uses for gems. A lot of the players who play on a daily basis have an overload of gems and since they most likely obtain all of the kits or at least all of the ones they want, they have nothing to spend the gems on and just save them in case something does release that you need gems for. Fortunately, one of the Immortal Shop perks is a gem to shards converter (though at a reduced rate), which isn't a new way to spend gems but at least you won't have an overload of them once you purchase the perk!

    Now for the actual idea, there are positives and negatives to it. Positively, it will be a new way to spend gems and because of that, every upgrade should cost a TON of gems. I'm talking 50k-500k, even a million if people are okay with that. Upgrading kits is also a unique idea for spending gems, as it will be for most games (the ones that have purchasable kits, plus an achievement one). Due to that, if implemented correctly, a lot of the community will be happy with the addition. But then comes the negative part, upgrading the kits. Kits being upgraded is perfectly fine, but there has to be a limit. Even though you may have access to upgrade them and improve the kit, there still needs to be balance, which could be hard to find what makes it balanced after upgrading it to a point. The reason this is an issue is because not everyone has 50 million gems and can easily upgrade their kits. A new player may join and use the default kit in Cake Wars and get destroyed by someone who has, let's say, the Warrior kit maxed out. They may be fighting someone, kill them, get tons of health back, and then eliminate the new player when the new player thinks they are low on health. Anyways, I just wanted to bring this up so potentially if you have any ideas on how to limit the upgrades, we will be chillin.

    Overall, I like the idea and though currently it sounds poor, with modifications to balances and limits, it will be a great addition for people who have too many gems. Thanks for the suggestion :)
    Posted Aug 9, 2020
  6. Thanks for the feedback, yes the suggestion I mentioned in my post was just a prototype that would be pretty unbalanced. I do think that it should have a limit too.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 10, 2020
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  7. Hiya!

    I definitely get where you’re coming from, but unfortunately I don’t agree with updating kits as it can make kits too unbalanced. Yes, I believe gems should be used for greater use, but maybe In a different way. Perhaps gems could be used for some sort of different cosmetic exclusive to gems, or maybe cosmetics could have the treasure shard price, and the gems price. I hope Mineplex adds something unique for gems soon!

    Best wishes,
    Posted Aug 10, 2020
  8. i think Mineplex sorta introduced a leveling kit system to Mineplex i remember you were able to level up kits but it wouldn't let you but it was an option i don't remember all the details but, it was a thing at some point for a short time it was up for the like a week or something.
    anyways there should be more use for gems since i have 2M of them almost 3M and can't do anything with them same with shards too because i can't open anymore chests since ive unlocked everything from that chest (Mythical, Old and Ancient) so i cant buy them either.
    Posted Aug 11, 2020
  9. My best idea for the usage of gems would be the ability to buy amplifiers which cost more or less depending on what kind of amp they are, but i also like this idea.
    Posted Aug 11, 2020,
    Last edited Aug 11, 2020
  10. Hey,

    I agree with you that we need to make more use of gems. Right now there aren't enough things to spend gems on and it creates a problem where there's no reason for older players to continue playing. While there are definitely many solutions to this, Kit Upgrades are not one. Kit Upgrades were generally disliked due to the great challenge they gave to those who had to balance the game. Many found Kit Upgrades gave too much of an unfair advantage. Thus, they were removed along with the Engine update back last January. In conclusion, while I understand the need to give gems more use, Kit Upgrades are just not the way we plan to go about it. I am marking this thread as Not Planned.

    Posted Aug 18, 2020
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