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Implemented Ideas/Thoughts for PPC

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by DC_20, Feb 1, 2020.

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  1. Posted Feb 1, 2020,
    Last edited Feb 2, 2020
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  2. Hey! Here are my opinions on this.

    Personally, I don't see that much of an issue with this. However, it will decrease how rare some ranks are especially if the PPC player is already an Eternal. If how rare some levels are players might become annoyed since they worked hard for that level. Currently, if you want an XP boost you can buy a rank and currently if you buy PPC right now it comes with eternal features.

    This has been suggested many times in the past. The idea was denied. This is because it would make chat look messy. Also, this could cause confusion to new players since you might see an Eternal with a yellow tag (this can also make things look messy). So I don't think this will be added anytime soon. Yes I am spelling colour the non-american way.

    Personally, I don't see anything wrong with this. However, maybe the ability to unlock the colours instead of just instantly gaining access to the colours when you buy PPC. But I think this would be a nice small change.

    I don't agree with this. I think it's unfair on people who can't afford to purchase PPC since this will give others who have PPC an advantage on getting XP and other rewards.

    I don't think this is fair. If the reset timer was increased it could really annoy people who can't afford PPC. Especially, if they had a long streak. The streak increase also isn't fair on people. That's a big increase. If there was going to be an increase maybe something like a 10% or 15%? However, even then it's quite high.

    Cool idea! I like this and don't have much to comment on this. The only thing I can think of to say is that this would take a while to implement. Instead, the DEVs could be fixing bugs and adding updates. However, this would be something cool to add.

    This is an interesting idea. I'm sure this would be quick and easy to add. However, is it worth to add it? I don't think many people would even notice the colour change if I'm being honest. So, I don't really see a point in this being added.

    Again, I like the idea. However, I think this could cause some lag to players. Let's say there were 6 PPC players in a lobby. If 6 shard bombs went off it could cause some serious lag to some people. Especially, if they don't have a good PC and/or internet (sorry if that's not the idea you meant).

    I don't see many issues with this. It would be a nice little celebration for the person that achieved such an incredible milestone. However, the current level 100s may be annoyed since they might want PPC but they're already level 100 and they can't get PPC.


    This could cause some serious lag. If they're 20 PPC members in a lobby and they're all on the island it could cause lag. Also, this can make the lobby look messy and for it to not look messy it would require a new map to be made. Instead of making a new lobby the builders could be making new maps for your favourite game.

    These are my opinions on everything currently on the document.
    Posted Feb 1, 2020
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  3. Heyo!

    These are some awesome ideas and I think some of these should totally get implemented though I don't think all of them should. To start, I really love the idea of a 1.5x xp boost in games when having PPC. This really gives players a chance to grind xp and have a bonus while they have PPC. Also, I don't think the players should be able to change the color of their rank when they have PPC. I think the rank colors should stay as is. Though I do like your idea of being able to change the color of your PPC icon. This would be a super cool feature and I think a lot of players would like this! I don't see a downside to extra Sam the Slime missions for PPC players only, sounds like a pretty cool idea. I don't really think that streak bonuses should be increased for players with PPC. I feel like increasing streak bonuses for players with PPC would be unfair to people who don't have PPC since players without PPC may lose a high streak but if you have PPC you can wait 3 days and that's unfair to the people without PPC. I don't see a point to this as Legends already get MPS's and Eternal's get communities that can host private MES's. I think that there is really no need to add more player servers for people with PPC as it kind of reminds me of MPS's. I don't see a point in the color change thing for the chests, I don't think a lot of people would care and wouldn't really notice it. For the level 100 celebration, I don't think the players should be awarded PPC as the current level 100's who don't have PPC and want it wouldn't get it and that could cause an uproar. For the Monthly Milestones and PPC island, I think these would cause way too much lag especially when the PPC island would only be in Lobby-1.

    Though these are some cool ideas, I don't like a lot of these but there are a few I love, anyway it would be cool to see at least one of these get implemented into the game!

    Posted Feb 1, 2020
  4. I like to reiterate that the Milestone idea is based on 1 shard bomb per 30 seconds, not executed all at once. Like if there were like 250 members in PPC and they were all in the same lobby at the event start. It would only execute 1 bomb per 30 seconds for 250 members. But it probably could cut in to the event time so the game would check for any PPC member's auto use and if the 6 hours were done, the event would stop and the PPC member check would stop, even if not all members auto bombs were used. The island idea, I didn't really mean it for it to be in Lobby 1 only, I didn't double check my idea and should have made it say it would be an all lobby thing, and the island doesn't have to be too special but I meant to say it was meant for PPC members to hang out or something. Like I don't know...
    Posted Feb 1, 2020
  5. Unfortunately, many of these are not possible due to breaking the EULA.

    x1.5 XP Boost (Mini-Games only)
    There are a few level rewards that give out gems, so we cannot make it so that purchasing this will eventually lead to changing gameplay, as that goes directly against what we need to follow.

    Sam Slime Exclusive Missions
    This falls into the same category of what I said above. Because it would give you gems and xp, it would need to be balanced for everyone and anyone to be able to get it. Since it would give PPC members an easier way to get more gems, we cannot have it.

    Rank Color Change
    This has been denied by Production repeatedly in the past since it would make the chat look messy. I still agree with they decision because the colors are organized in a way that each color represents a specific rank. Changing this would just change everything that the colors show.

    PPC Icon Color Change
    I can get more on board with this instead the rank color change. While the colors of ranks show a lot, I do not think that having the PPC Icon change would be too big of a deal. It would let players express their personality and keep chat much cleaner than if they could change their chat color.

    Increased Daily Rewards
    Again, because this gives players XP, it would be against the EULA.'

    PPC Private Server that acts like Mixed Arcade for less players
    I'm confused by this, do you mean just a MIN server for players with PPC? If that is the case, it would split up the MIN community, which I am not a fan of. If you want to host your own, then we already have the option to host an MPS, so there really is no difference in that.

    Chests Rarity Colors Announcements
    I could go either way on this one. It is not too important, but if it does offer PPC that one more small thing to make it cooler, then sure, why not? Maybe even the option to turn this on and off could be cool too.

    Monthly Milestones for PPC
    I like the idea. However, having it occur every 30 seconds just seems like too little time in between each of them to me. Maybe increasing it to something like 15 minutes at least would be pretty cool.

    Special Level 100 Celebration
    Getting to level 100 is already enough of a challenge, so I think that they should all be rewarded equally, even if they are or are not a PPC member. However, I really like the idea of giving all Level 100s one month of PPC, but it would definitely be a marketing decision.

    Power Play Club Island
    To me, having a place in a lobby where only a specific rank can go isn't the best idea to me. I never like to feel like I'm being separated because I cannot purchase something, but I would definitely be interested in others takes on this.
    Posted Feb 1, 2020
  6. I'm assuming this is a lobby that rotates through all of Mineplex's games.

    This would be pretty cool, but if it goes from a game with 24 players to a game of 16 players, we'd have some problems. Plus, this wouldn't really be active since players would rather pubstomp for wins.

    And yeah, like jacob said above, the rest of this stuff is against the EULA (which Mojang doesn't enforce) so it can't be implemented.
    Posted Feb 1, 2020
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  7. We wouldn't care if these weren't implemented, because well we already had a big ppc update in june and they recently added ppc symbols a month ago so at the moment we were just brainstorming little ideas.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 2, 2020
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  8. Hey!

    Thanks for the idea for PCC, or, now, Immortal! When the rank was introduced, we implemented a lot of these features like the extra XP (for 24 hours a month) and being able to change your rank color (for all but Staff/CC ranks). Because we have implemented these, I’ll be marking this thread as “implemented.” If you have any more ideas, feel free to create another thread. Let me now if you have any more questions or concerns regarding this!.

    Locked ↣ Implemented
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
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