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Ideas for Skywars

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by naete, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. Over the past month I have been looking at some features of Mineplex Skywars, and wondered how they could be changed and improved to create a better and fast-paced version of the game which it is of course meant to be.

    Achievement Kit
    The achievement kit is something which I have never really liked, because it takes a lot of effort to claim but not so much to use. Instead of giving the player blocks that they can throw at other players, it should work the same as the Brute's block-toss in Champions. For those who are unaware of how it works, you right-click with a sword to pick up a block and release to throw it.

    In Skywars, the ability would have a 20-second cooldown and you would keep the 25% knockback while on the ground perk that the kit currently has. The longer you right-click your sword, the more damage and knockback it would deal. Of course there would be a limit on how long the block can charge so that it can't deal horrific amounts of damage. I believe that a change such as this one would make the kit less annoying and overpowered, and would also take more skill to learn how to use.

    Throwing TNT
    As of lately, I have been playing a fair amount of Castle Siege in MPS's. I think the concept of having TNT on a timer is an interesting one and could add an extra level of strategy to the gamemode. Here's how it would work:

    After a player has picked up TNT, a timer would appear on their action bar (above hotbar) and they would have 30-seconds to throw it. If someone doesn't throw it within the allotted time then the TNT will blow up 25% of their inventory at random; meaning the player would lose 25% of their items instantly. This introduces a lot more risk for picking up TNT and means someone cannot just hoard a whole bunch of it, and if someone tries to, the consequences will make them worse off.

    Let me know what you think of these ideas, and if you'd make any changes to the suggestions that I have made here.
    Posted Apr 8, 2020,
    Last edited Apr 8, 2020
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  2. Hey,

    Nice ideas, but I am going to give my opinion on these changes.

    For your Achievement kit idea, I have a lot to say about this. I personally think this would be an interesting change to test out, since block toss isn't used as often in champions, even though the cool down is much lower than 20 seconds. This will definitely make the kit less viable with the longer cool down , but I can't say much about the balance without actually testing how it would work in Skywars. As for the skill part, it's still gonna take the same amount of skill to throw a piece of block at someone, but the amount of opportunities to succeed in those hits are now less than usual with the longer cool down. You might even get a better chance with holding the sword than right clicking dirt since accuracy might be more precise. Overall though, I would like to see how this would work in Skywars, but not be completely implemented. Achievement kits are really difficult to get so I don't want this to be a complete overkilling nerf of the current achievement kit, otherwise people won't be encouraged to play a lot of Skywars.

    As for your TNT idea, I think it wouldn't be necessary to force people to use TNT after a certain time. The point of the TNT spawner is to encourage people to go to mid often, and while it might be annoying for people to stack on TNT, I think implementing this would encourage people rather to camp outside of mid, other than the point of chests. Maybe instead of this idea of destroying your inventory, we could just instead have a limit on how much TNT you can get in your inventory, if we don't have that already. I am not a big expert on this, so I might be wrong on the limit part. Overall though, I don't think this idea is necessary since the objective of the game is to stay alive and get the most value at the center/middle of the map, and making this change will encourage people to camp someplace else.

    Otherwise, hope I gave good feedback on these ideas.
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
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  3. I don't have an opinion on the first idea but I don't like the second one. The tnt encourages people to not camp. If you don't want someone to stack tnt, go to the middle and stop them. I am also against putting a cap on the amount of tnt you can hold for this reason.
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
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  4. The achievement kit in Skywars has an overwhelming weakness. From my experience, ice kit and sky kit are most commonly used because falling in the void doesn't mean you're instantly dead. Choosing earth class is a big risk, because getting hit off most likely spells game over. Changing it to the way block toss is in Dominate would be an overall nerf to the class. First off, you would need to charge your sword for a long time, leaving you vulnerable. How the kit currently is, you right click and it instantly throws at full the dirt at full throttle. Secondly, if it were changed to block toss, you wouldn't be able to collect multiple pieces of dirt. I see no reason to nerf an already weak class.

    @ImposterK easily sums up my thoughts on the second change. TNT stops people from camping, which is regarded as a cheap strategy by most of the competitive players within the community. I don't want to see TNT get nerfed, because this would be an indirect buff to camping.

    Thank you for your ideas. I can see you put a lot of thought into it, which makes me happy. Although these changes may seem more logical in the grand scheme of things, they are nerfs to aspects of the game that I believe don't need to be nerfed.
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
  5. I don't have too much to say on this idea, other than I personally like the achievement kit for skywars. It's extremely easy to use, and likewise, extremely easy to get kills with. In my opinion, it's easier than knocking people off the map using a bow/egg/snowball. I wouldn't be totally opposed to your idea, but I think it needs a bit more development. Would the player be able to gather an unlimited amount of blocks using the idea you described? Or would there be a limit?

    I personally think making the kit more complicated to use defeats the purpose of an achievement kit. At least in my opinion, unlocking an achievement kit means that you have already mastered most of the game, and the kit is a reward for doing so. I suppose making the kit more complex and harder to master may give achievement-kit players another goal to work towards, but I also feel that those players deserve to have a kit that is both powerful and easy to use as a reward for all their hard work.

    I definitely like this idea. I think it can be really annoying when people rush mid in the very beginning of the game, gather all the TNT they can get, and just spam it at everyone. However, I can see some potential problems with the idea you introduced. Like others have said, TNT is a "remedy" to those who try and camp in Skywars. This idea would work perfectly if there were no campers. Thus, I'll present a modification to this idea: a player can only hold 3 TNT in their inventory at a time, and after 45 seconds, the TNT will disappear from their inventory (rather than blowing up). I suggest that the TNT simply disappear because it might be difficult to determine which items will get lost if the TNT explodes the player's inventory. For example, if one player's sword is lost, that would be a big loss that could cost them the whole game. However, if another player's extra armor is lost, that's not nearly as big of a loss. I think you're definitely on to something here, I just think your ideas need a bit more tweaking.

    I really enjoyed reading your post. Your ideas were well thought out and well-written. I look forward to seeing more from you!
    Posted Apr 9, 2020

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