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Implemented Idea: Make Badlion Client not bannable!

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Richie, Feb 12, 2019.


Do you want Badlion Client not punishable?

  1. Yes

    8 vote(s)
  2. No

    5 vote(s)
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  1. So today I reported two hackers to a mod and gave video evidence, I was using Badlion Client aka the Client that has the sole mission of getting rid of cheaters! Badlion Client offers no unfair advantage whatsoever and I know of no server where it is bannable, except, Mineplex. I am now banned for using Badlion Client, good job Mineplex, good job.
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    Posted Feb 12, 2019
  2. I don't know why they would ban you, but you can always submit an appeal here: https://www.mineplex.com/appeals.

    I personally agree with you on this, but I don't know if the Mineplex Rules specifically state that you cannot use Badlion Client. I personally don't use Badlion Client and use Optifine, which is what I highly suggest.
    Posted Feb 12, 2019
  3. Hi there,

    From what I have heard from current Moderators, the BL Client will remain bannable as it can include modifications which provide an unfair advantage... namely in relation to the minimap. Technically this feature could be disabled through the use of a third party API on Mineplex's end, however Mineplex decided against such. So, bannable for now :)
    Posted Feb 12, 2019,
    Last edited Feb 12, 2019
  4. The whole explanation was given by Wanderer on Enjin last year. If you would like to know more about it, I’ll leave some screenshots of his posts regarding the Badlion Client specifically and why it is not allowed. Further questions on the matter should be redirected to RC (Rules Committee) though, since they’re the ones in charge of rules.

    Post 1
    Part 1: https://imgur.com/Y3LHWmy
    Part 2: https://imgur.com/HFZE9I6
    Part 3: https://imgur.com/0fcOrKd

    Post 2
    Part 1: https://imgur.com/ucmUnAF
    Part 2: https://imgur.com/JScU0W9
    Part 3: https://imgur.com/3j4aDFQ

    Full Album here
    (Source: @Wanderer ’s Enjin Wall)
    Posted Feb 13, 2019
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  5. And that is what I find very stupid, Mineplex chooses not to use the third party API that both Hypixel and the Hive use to disable features they don’t allow.
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    To me it just seems like another thing Mineplex bizarrely refuses to adapt to!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 13, 2019
  6. It’s purely in the name of safety. They are weighing the enabling of a third-party Modification (which, as Wanderer said, was never developed with Mineplex in mind) against the potential for bugs, data leaks, etc. Third party APIs have always been avoided like the plague. I would also not doubt an extra level of concern ever since Mineplex ran into some security concerns regarding their own plugins a couple of years back.
    Posted Feb 13, 2019,
    Last edited Feb 13, 2019
  7. Hey!

    Firstly, the Badlion Client is not allowed for a few reasons most of which can be seen in this set of images
    I have spoken to the rules committee admin very recently about the client, and we are both in agreement that it's disallowing is fair and will remain this way for the foreseeable future. It is important that players are aware that they will be punished for its usage as it states in the rules (www.mineplex.com/rules) and that this will remain this way, if player's start to use it then they will be dealt with accordingly, you can't just use it and hope you won't get caught.
    If you have any more questions about my conversation with the RC admin please feel free to message me on the forums!
    Posted Feb 13, 2019
  8. In all honesty most players use it anyways, cw players I know tons of them use it or labymod. I personally use blc (badlion client) still and will remain to do so. Although if you wish to not be banned for it, don’t use it. It give some type of movement advantage from what I’ve heard, but I don’t really see it? Could be wrong tho
    Posted Feb 19, 2019
  9. Okay since a couple people seem to be disregarding @coralines post, ima just do this:


    This is pretty much the only information you need regarding why the Badlion client is bad for Mineplex. There's really no if, and or buts with this point so..
    Posted Feb 19, 2019
  10. Td;lr to add on to what dutty said: t3 explained how Archybot + the BLC devs wanted Mineplex to install a BLC plug-in to combat the movement issues, which RC decided against.
    Posted Feb 19, 2019
  11. Hello!

    You wouldn’t really “see” the movement advantage as it’s more coded internally into the client. Remember, Badlion Client was developed and built for Badlion’s specific code, not Mineplex code. We have different abilities and code that Badlion Client messes with. It was developed for BadlIon, not any other servers.

    Like stated above, Mineplex was offered to install a BLC plugin, but rejected due to reasons that aren’t confirmed.
    Posted Feb 19, 2019
  12. Well, the replies to this thread pretty much summarize why it shouldn't be used on Mineplex. BLC will stay on the unapproved list unless they fix their issues internally. Will be locking this since it doesn't need to be discussed any further. If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to DM me.
    Posted Feb 21, 2019
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  13. Hey!

    Currently the Badlion client is marked as an approved client on Mineplex! If you have any questions about approved clients or any other questions about the rules, the Rules Committee (RC) will be able to help; members on this team can be found here. As the Badlion client is marked as an approved client, I'll be marking this thread as Implemented. Thank you for the idea.
    Posted Jul 12, 2020
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