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I'd like to file a complaint

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by AnInnocentLlama, Jun 3, 2021.

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  1. Before you read: If there is a place to give staff feedback, please let me know. Thanks.

    So, I haven't played Mineplex in a few months. I decided to try and enjoy myself. Seems fun right?


    How is it that when I join the server for the first time in months, that I see multiple requests being made in Staff Request without any sort of response/acknowledgement. And that's not including the multiple amount of script kiddies running around with clients, people spamming chat, OR players having inappropriate names/skins found in more than one lobby. I get that staff have lives too. But I find it ridiculous that out of about 1.1k players online; not a single staff responds to anything. It took a chat flooding argument within Staff Request itself to have at least ONE mod respond.
    Posted Jun 3, 2021
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  2. I can definitely relate what you're saying. I feel that moderators do everything except the core function of a staff member: actually moderating the server.

    I mean, there's so many subteams, subgroups, events, platforms, that you forget that what the players actually want is a hacker-free server! Take Discord, for example. On the Mineplex Discord, there's always multiple staff members chatting away, while not being in-game! Perhaps they should spend this time on the Java/Bedrock servers, helping us out. Everyone knows there's a big hacker problem on Mineplex.

    In my eyes, staff should really redirect their utmost focus on moderating the server; especially Staff Request. No more AFKing in lobbies, guys! Please make our experience better :(
    Posted Jun 3, 2021
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  3. You are welcome to submit detailed staff feedback on our support website: https://mineplex.com/tickets.

    This isn't a new thing: staff request is often not replied to, it's meant to be an extra chance at having a report handled, reports should still be going through the normal channels too.

    As a reminder, you can also:
    • Use the /report [name] [reason] command ingame to report someone for breaking the rules.
    • Capture evidence & Report on the forums (https://mineplex.com/reports)
    • Use !report in our discord server.

    Staff Request is a very flawed system, we reply to reports, we get shouted at, people are rude, people expect us to jump to every single report for the next 3/4 hours, then if we don't reply to reports, people are rude. Sad, but it's a major reason it gets less responses now.

    Furthers my above point.

    Staff members moderate the server, you may not see it as we don't all pop out and go "sorted! :)", but we're constantly at work handling reports.

    A hacker free server is literally impossible, players want to have a good experience on mineplex: these subteams help that happen. People don't want a server with "just games", it just doesn't work like that.

    (also: even with subteams, we're expected to moderate)

    "Hey, moderator quickly checking discord whilst on the bus, you should be on mineplex!" This argument is very, very flawed. We're members of the community, if it starts getting to a point where our only usage is to ban hackers and we cannot interact, there won't be many moderators left to moderate.

    Staffrequest should be replaced with a better report system instead, it's flawed and not fit for its purpose anymore. We don't afk in lobbies, unsure where you got this part from.

    Again, you're welcome to apply for trainee if you think you could sit for hours every day, for months on end moderating, then get shouted at in staff request constantly and still have the same passion: trust me, you wont feel the same way if you do end up trying it.
    Posted Jun 3, 2021
  4. @CookieBilly I find it quite childish that staff members are reducing their response rate on StaffRequest because players are being "rude". This signals unprofessional behaviour and I dearly hope that this was an unfortunate exaggeration on your part.

    Additionally, I want to further prove my point regarding subteams. I am not against staff organization in any capacity. I like the current system of hierarchy -- there are just too many subteams. Trainees and Moderators searching for fast promotions join them in hopes of being noticed, only to be swamped by additional hours of tangential work (not to mention the time taken by real life commitments, if any); not to mention the Senior Mods, who, to me, feel so comfortable in a high position on a Mineplex subteam that they prefer to dedicate their time to the team instead of the server! Honestly, there are so many Senior Mods on mineplex.com/staff that most of us have never heard of if we're just regular players on the network.

    Why would you open the app for the community you moderate if you're not able to currently moderate it? I'd hope no staff member does that.

    StaffRequest is flawed, it's not perfect, by a mile. But to say it's not fit for purpose anymore? Come on, Mod. Please tell me this is another silly exaggeration. Perhaps your feelings got hurt by a "rude" player, but it's still the best alternative we have to ban cheaters who are actively ruining our games. I have a deep respect for staff members who use it frequently to help us, and I trust you must feel the same. These are the people who do the heavy lifting on the staff team, not "Event Assistance" and "Staff Management". I have written an interesting thread concerning StaffRequest, if you care to read it.

    Oh Mod, if only you knew...
    Posted Jun 3, 2021
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  5. Mental Health > Bans. This should never change. We're unpaid volunteers, not slaves: we should be treated well. This isn't just a one time thing: it's constant.

    I agree there's too many subteams, but efforts are already being made to merge/integrate some of them.

    By design: senior mods focus on that subteam. That's the entire point of a senior moderator currently.

    The same reason players do... to chat with people? We're not robots. If you expect no moderators to do that, you really need to re-evaluate the staff team in general, we apply because we enjoy the community, nobody enjoys banning people for 3+ month with no breaks, it's very tiring.

    It's not fit for purpose, /report should be improved and staff request removed, it provides 0 benefits, but a lot of downsides, feel free to list 1 downside that removing it would cause, I'll come and demolish that argument.

    Hopefully this changes, the current /report system is awful, it needs changes: but putting a bandaid on a severed leg won't help.

    I have respect for all staff members, as I know that every staff member is doing a good amount of work that players don't see.

    Event assistance doesn't do "the heavy lifting", instead they make the server better by providing memorable experiences. You may not see that now, but those are the memories that last forever, not your typical survival games game.

    Not getting into details here, but trying to say staff management don't do the heavy lifting is just flat out wrong: they're not perfect, but they do a load more than myself or most moderators could ever do, hands down.
    Posted Jun 3, 2021
  6. I'm been on SR for a while, and I've seen what you've talked about. Lots of times, however, I staff request someone (with no response) and then a little while later they get staff banned. Just because they don't respond doesn't mean they aren't about to ban the person. I don't exactly know why this is but I guess it has something to do with users with mains that are on staff request, who hack on alts with access to the main to see if they've been staff requested or not. If they sit there and see that a mod is coming, they'll probably toggle off everything, right? But with no response, the hacker happily goes about breaking rules, moments later being banned. I'm not sure if that's the reason this happens or not, but I think it's actually quite smart
    Posted Jun 3, 2021
  7. pqk, this idea is actually a very good idea for hackers, but this why staffrequest is not such a great system. I would submit all reports through the forums, as they have the most likely chance of being accepted. Just being ready to record is important.
    Posted Jun 3, 2021
  8. Hi @AnInnocentLlama! To address your first question, yes, there is an appropriate setting where you can give Staff Team related Feedback. This can be done within a Support Ticket, which can be found here. You may also use a Support Ticket to voice any issues you have with a Staff Member, whether that be with how they handled something, or if you simply feel that they aren't fulfilling their duties as a Staff Member.

    I would like to start off by stating that Staff Request is not mandatory, and it probably will never be mandatory. That has been confirmed by our Staff Management Admin herself. With that being said, Staff aren't required to join, have chat enabled, or take request from this community. Just because you see multiple request being made in Staff Request "without" any sort of response/acknowledgement doesn't mean they are getting ignored. In fact, I can confirm that many Staff will take a request at times without saying anything. Lots of Staff Members who have joined the Staff Request community volunteer to handle their normal duties and attend to Staff Request when they're aren't busy with other Staff Work. Whether the requests get taken or not depends entirely on if there is a Staff Member available, who isn't busy at the time that the request is made. I feel that there has been a huge misconception with the whole Staff Request Community itself. This is a personal opinion, but from what I've observed, players feel that we should be obligated to taking every single request made in the community because one of our main responsibilities is moderation. While one of our many responsibilities is moderation, answering Staff Request is not a part of any of our various internal quotas we have as Staff. Furthermore, I don't think that something that isn't required should be a determining factor in our performance as a Staff Team. I do want to add though, that I do completely understand where you're coming from, and I can understand any community members frustration with the feeling that their request is being ignored. Whenever I'm online, I do my best to attend to Staff Request when I have the free time to.

    To speak on the heavy amount of rule breakers, we unfortunately can't control who breaks or follows our rules. By playing our server, every player comes to accordance with our rules, otherwise there are consequences that follow. Although Mineplex may not be as big as it once was, it's still a large Network to moderate. There's absolutely lots of ground to cover in terms of moderation. I can ensure you that we, as Staff, do our absolute best to moderate whenever we can. There are times in which we could be busy, have to get offline or are already helping another player. I will say we also heavily rely on the community to report rule breakers to help us deal with them.

    In conclusion, I think that you have a valid reason to be upset, as anyone should. I don't favor players who go out of their way to break the rules because they have potential to ruin a player's gameplay experience. Albeit, I personally think that relying on Staff Request all the time is simply unreliable, as it is not a required place for Staff to respond. With that being said, I would suggest using other reporting methods whenever you aren't being helped directly though Staff Request.

    Other methods of reporting players:
    • Collecting evidence and making a Forum Report here - If you haven't done so already, I would suggest thoroughly reading the Official Reporting Guide, as it goes over everything you need to know about efficiently and of course, correctly submitting a report here on our forums.
    • Using /report <user> in-game - Be sure to report them under a 'Hacking Offense,' and the Report will be handled by a Moderator+
    • Switching between lobbies 1-5 - Lobbies 1-5 are sort of a hotspot for online Staff Members who are actively Moderating a lobby, and if you do happen to come across a Staff Member, you're more than welcome to report the player via /a <player name, hack, lobby>. /a only works when there's a Staff Member present in your lobby.
    • Joining the Mineplex Discord and using the #Report-Players channel. The reports are actively looked at by Staff Members.
    Posted Jun 3, 2021
  9. Sorry but do you even know what a senior moderator is? They're dedicated to a specific team. Recruiters dedicate their time to accepting new trainees. Forum Managers work on appeals. The other teams have their other purposes as well. They are not "so comfortable in a high position" that they forget to do server work because THAT IS NOT THEIR MAIN JOB

    Right now you seem so concerned about senior mods not doing work on the actual server instead of their real job. If they were on the server as their main job like you are suggesting right now, give it two days and you'd be complaining about how nobody is replying to your appeals and how it takes too long to reply to a forum message. You wouldn't get your messages answered in over two days, you'd have them never answered. And then you'd come here and complain again.

    Event Assistance is a subteam for both community and staff members. It doesn't affect their work on the server. You can be an event assistant and not be staff. You can be an event assistant and still ban players.
    Staff Management are senior moderators, they MENTOR the trainees and moderators. They're important.

    Posted Jun 3, 2021,
    Last edited by a Moderator Jun 3, 2021
  10. @scarlet -snip-

    I find it unfair (and erring on the side of obssesive) that you searched through my profile in order to find the perfect thread to dismiss my replies. What I have previously said is beyond the point; point being that there are too many Senior Moderators focused on unneeded teams whilst there is a bigger problem at hand. In fact, had you scourged my profile for a few moments longer, you would have found an enlightening post of mine comparing staff member ratios throughout the years.

    Posted Jun 3, 2021,
    Last edited by a Moderator Jun 3, 2021
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  11. It's optional for staff and there is literally no incentive for them to reply in there. If you find it ineffective like I have, just leave it and wait for the GWEN update to be pushed
    Posted Jun 4, 2021
  12. > Makes StaffRequest optional.
    > Wonders why players are angry that a com made for staffing purposes isn't held to the same standard that the regular reports system is.
    > Rants towards community members to use /report or the website to report players, and not to rely on StaffReq, knowing that it is the most direct and easy system they have at hand.
    > Tries to cover the fact that ~90% of staff are in the com, but just too lazy to respond.

    There are staff on, they're just AFK in their lobbies or not bothered to respond.
    Any time someone brings this up, staff get overly defensive. You may think you're arguing and making a good point, but you're just digging yourself a bigger grave. The appropriate response is: "We recognize it is a flawed system, we're working on increasing the com's productivity" and just leave it at that.
    The more you argue against the community, the worse it gets.
    Posted Jun 4, 2021
  13. I always try my best to answer in StaffRequest whenever I am on, whilst not an official method of reporting I know that it can be a lot quicker and many people prefer it over the other systems and I would love to see more staff active in there. Whilst it is true that some staff don't respond for the reasons stated above, I don't think that it's fair to put all staff into that bracket, there is also a myriad of potential other reasons for a lack of response.

    • Some staff have the community muted as they find it quite spammy and if we're trying to look at something on the screen but chat is moving too fast because of a community it can cause problems and that's when mistakes are more prone to happen.
    • Some staff might be online to play games but are on break or are playing with friends. Whilst it's our duty to help, sometimes staff just want to play a game or two between handling reports and answering questions, it feels pointless staffing on a server that you no longer feel able to enjoy for what it is.
    • They are dealing with reports/questions and can't respond right at that second as their focus needs to be elsewhere. Trust me when I say we get a lot of reports.

    However, some staff really have no motivation to try help in the community anymore due to the level of harassment we can receive there. Case and point, I logged on today and the first thing that I see in chat is people in staff request calling mods lazy and useless for not answering their request. It really can be demoralising and I can see why many staff are reluctant to help. The more staff that stop replying because of arguments and abuse they may face, the worse this problem gets.
    I think that getting StaffRequest more active is something both staff and community need to put work into to make it happen, but I genuinely do hope it can move away from being a constant source of arguments and discord between mods and players as I really think it would be of benefit to the server.

    (Side note: if you do see staff AFK in lobbies, you can always reach out to their mentor/team leader as this really shouldn't be happening)
    Posted Jun 4, 2021
  14. Orrrr, we can argue for its full removal and for a better report system, benefiting both the staff team (less harassment/rudeness/people seeing reports stemming from staff request) and the community (less cheaters, less chat spam, less mutes due to getting involved in staffrequest): this won't happen for a while, but it'd be the best option.

    Not sure where this information is coming from, but largely isn't the case: we're pretty much never afk in lobbies. Nor do we "ignore" staff request, we have other duties other than jumping to people's demands.

    Also: when we're in lobbies, we're being thrown questions, spammed with reports in /a, spammed with messages, have people hacking in gladiators etc. It's really not what it looks like a lot of the time, there's times where /a is super duper spammy, but players think I'm ignoring them due to replying to others. I think the community should be made aware of how much work staff members are doing at once a lot more.

    It's very frustrating to not be able to even play games without having to moderate constantly and players demanding that we ban someone instantly. It's a major reason I spend 0 free time outside of moderating on Mineplex compared to before: it's really not enjoyable to play as a staff member. And when they see us in a lobby, they demand we jump to action in staff requests. The entire system is awful currently, it doesn't need to exist: it's just a breeding ground for being rude about staff and toxicity, it's pretty redundant when we have an existing report system (which heavily needs upgrades). We joined this team to better the community, but we still enjoy the server: so, we are able to play in peace too sometimes.

    It's frustrating to see people complaining about us ignoring it, lots of us put a load of effort into moderation, which is largely not seen due to the fact that we don't all reply in staff request.
    Posted Jun 4, 2021,
    Last edited Jun 4, 2021
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  15. Orrrr just make it mandatory, set a staff standard/soft quota for activity, and be done with it. You're suggesting a full revamp when all that needs to be done is a small tweak to the staff guidelines regarding StaffReq and how it's handled. The team literally has the most direct form of communication set up and isn't capitalizing on it properly. All this requires is some acknowledgment, acquittance of such denial, and some basic action in changing the com's structure.
    It's coming from the fact that I was staff for a year.
    Most of you are in Staff-1, which is my point.
    I was playing SSM for 8-9 hours a day while still completing my workload and quotas.
    Again, you're literally backing up my point about being defensive instead of acknowledging that StaffRequest is under-moderated and ignored during off-hours.
    Posted Jun 4, 2021
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  16. Which again, encourages players to report in staff request, a redundant system that doesn't work and makes it less efficient for moderators. It'd be better to ask moderators to be more active on /report and reassure players that reports are being responded to via /report, which is a much, much more efficient system designed for reports: not just a bandaid.

    I've also been staff for a year, I've never once seen a staff member be completely AFK.

    That game where... people don't normally cheat, has a very small playercount per lobby so there's not much to deal with and players tend to be older and more understanding of staff members. I try and play survival games and get people asking me to ban people left right and center, It's literally impossible to play in a party with friends due to the sudden need to go and swap servers to deal with a report (which: spoiler, I don't ignore.)

    Because, as a moderator: this isn't something I've seen. Maybe I don't login during off-hours, but people are doing reports. Staff request is a complete mess, I agree: but not due to the fact that staff don't reply. It's due to the lack of off-topic rules, lack of respect from the community and constant trolling, that should be sorted first.
    Posted Jun 4, 2021
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  17. You just missed the point. You're arguing not having time and being too busy, that players constantly ask you questions... They don't. Working as a staff member isn't hell as it's constantly made out to be.
    Why are you disagreeing with this point when it's the most common complaint people have. You're missing the point once again.
    What makes you say it's redundant? Most of my bans came from staffrequest. Like I said, it's the most direct point of contact players have with staff. A few simple tweaks to how it is implemented within the staff ecosystem would literally make it so much more livable not only for community members and staff members alike.

    My man, you're taking points out of the context of their intended argument, and yet still being defensive and denying everything that we originally brought up.
    Your own experiences are not enough to argue against points made by multiple community members in this thread. Instead of agreeing and offering solutions you immediately go to counter-argue these community members. Ever think of perhaps agreeing and noting that if multiple people have an issue, it actually is an issue?
    I'm not gonna argue with you further about this, hmu on discord if you have any issues.
    Posted Jun 4, 2021
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  18. Heyya!
    Not a java staff, however, I know a fair share of how staff request works from the community side as I use it when I am on java to report players. I can say first hand, it's not the most effective way to report. It's outright not an official way to report, nor is it a requirement for mods and staff to manage it. That leads me to my first topic.

    Staff shouldn't be required to Moderate staff requests.
    I said it outright how I see it. The community is very rude and toxic towards staff rather they help or not and we by no means should put our mental health at risk for any reason. Health > anything. To add, moderators are volunteers, adding to the workload they already have wouldn't be fair. Again, especially for a voluntary position, we should never be forced into something that could make our health be at risk.

    Staff request is rude towards staff no matter if they help or don't.
    Once again, saying how I see it, staff request has a lot of rude players who harass staff members for not answering them. Staff arent always going to be at the snap of fingers, we have a life outside of Mineplex and outside of Moderating. With that being said, even if staff come to every single staff request that comes up, players will still find ways to be rude "you didn't do it fast enough they already logged off." or similar. I have seen this happen before more times than I would like to admit. Staff could be busy with questions and not be able to make it to a staff request at that moment, therefore they would get yelled at by members of the community for being "lazy" or "not doing their job." In all honesty, rather it becomes a required thing to manage or not I don't think that it'll ever help with the toxicity towards staff from it.

    Ending Thoughts
    Personally, I don't think staff requests should become a requirement for staff, I would much rather see it removed entirely and have people resort back to /report, forums reports, or discord reports. Call me defensive, say what you like, but this is my opinion on the matter. This argument is getting out of hand and I would honestly like to see a closing to it.
    Posted Jun 5, 2021
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  19. Hello, a lot of people already replied with some really good information on reporting and other things that I will try not to repeat to keep this response [as] short [as I can]. I want to leave my 2 cents on this rq.

    To begin, StaffRequest is a great idea in theory but executed not very well. This is both due to the community's behaviour within it and the fact that staff members tend to not be around so often, especially at certain times (there's a very small amount of EU and AU staff). I don't really know how it goes at US evenings as I'm not online then (EU here). We're not "lazy" if we don't respond to StaffRequest. Some people choose to not contribute as much as others to the community, so they might be in the com but not doing much, and others are not in it at all. We have other tasks we can do too, which are also valued. If someone is sitting in a lobby afk-ing or not responding to any requests through /a, you can forward this to any Staff Management member found at mineplex.com/staff as that should not be happening. It is mandatory to actively help there - but for StaffRequest, the situation is different.

    In general, staff members as a whole don't really like StaffRequest. Every staff that doesn't has their own reasons so I don't want to comment on them, but I've met a great deal that get stressed out with how others act in there, and that should definitely not be dismissed if we want to make this issue better for everybody. We are people too. Yes, we should moderate, and we do, some have quotas and others moderate elsewhere, otherwise we would be suffering consequences. Sr. Moderators, of course, moderate less but they are still contributing to the server in other important ways which, in my opinion, is understandable (eg. appeals).

    Anyways, if someone wants to avoid getting trolled or yelled at when StaffRequest is optional in the first place we can't force them to not care and move on. I know this is a pretty big issue, the amount of kicks I see given out for rudeness, trolling, or off topic in com is insane. Because of this as well, it won't be made mandatory for anybody. Even if it was, it wouldn't work well. We shouldn't be expected to drop everything and run at any SR report, especially if we are in-game. At least /report, discord and forum reports are more reliable in that way, because everything is logged and we can check it out when we wish and still get the rule-breaker if they haven't been caught already.

    When there is a chance, StaffRequest is probably going to be eliminated. Of course we don't want to do that yet as there are improvements to the other reporting systems that need to be made first. We are well aware of them and have a ton of moderation ideas on board. Unfortunately, for the majority, we need development time which we just don't get. So, we have StaffRequest open to be another method of reporting players as well as asking questions or for restarts to help with this issue. It's definitely better than nothing, the communication between players and staff is good imo, but we are still trying to make it as best as we can possibly make it. Suggestions are always appreciated, but do note that things like "make it mandatory" will not be considered for reasons I tried to outline above, as well as other things others have mentioned + stuff I probably forgot about.

    Of course, issues in StaffRequest aren't solely the community's fault, so I hope I'm not rubbing off that way. In general, I think the entire thing sucks for multiple reasons, and suggested it to be stricter before to eliminate some of the trolls or rude people and make it more of a friendly environment that, in return, staff would be more inclined to be involved with, as well as improve things in the com itself, although we were told nothing will be getting developed solely for SR (so I just hope for different moderation updates).
    Posted Jun 5, 2021,
    Last edited Jun 5, 2021
  20. Heyo, as the admin that supervises the general trainees & moderators on the team as well as the person who owns the Staff Request community currently I'll be responding to the thread and then locking it.

    For your original question on whether there is a place to give staff feedback, yes. You are able to message me directly (I'd prefer discord as that's a platform I use more than the forums) if it's about general stuff. Or if it's about a specific staff member you could message their supervisor (Mentor/Myself for trainees/mods, Admin for senior mods).

    I apologize that your experience on the server has been poor, and I acknowledge that there are a lot of hackers and I don't think that anyone would deny that, or at least I'd hope they wouldn't. Hopefully this will be reduced when the mandatory migration into Microsoft accounts eventually happens, however we aren't able to predict the future of course.

    Pointing out the obvious first, the community is named Staff Request, not Staff Demand. It is meant as an alternative way to request a staff member to come look at a rule breaker for you. I recognize that this community is not the perfect way to report players, and if I had my way we would get a /report update to make it more effective to the point where this community wouldn't need to be around. Unfortunately I am not in charge of development, and this community serves as a type of bandaid while we wait for any development time to be put into /report. Staff Request is just not a good system for the community or for the staff team, and all it does is make everyone upset. I can understand where both sides are coming from, the community and the staff team alike have their own unique experiences with Staff Request, and I believe if we were a little more understanding and patient of eachother it would make the Staff Request community a better place.

    Trainees & Moderators have a general in-game quota that they have to meet. Anything they do past that is purely optional and for the most part they are actually spending more time and work towards the server than they would if they were not on said sub-team or other platform.

    Why wouldn't they? They can moderate on their phone, or they can get another mod to assist them if they don't have time and need to leave abruptly. As Billy said, staff also like the converse with people as much as you do. This point just doesn't make sense.

    It is not "childish" for staff members to put their mental health above moderation on a block game. The staff members that we have are unpaid volunteers that do what they do because they want to give back to the community. Not because they want to hear generalized complaints that demotivate them. Taking care of your health, especially your mental health is extremely important, and will always come above doing any volunteer work. I really don't understand how you would think it would be fine for someone to allow their mental health to deteriorate further by opening themselves up to that negativity rather than using one of the most healthy coping mechanisms which is just removing yourself from the negative situation?

    Billy already replied to the point about Event Assistance perfectly, however I just wanted to add on more about Staff Management. So you know Trainees & Moderators? Who do you think teaches them the rules and guidelines they are meant to follow? Do you think they just magically join the team being able to know everything that there is to know? How about when a mod makes a mistake or has poor behavior? I suppose there is nobody around to correct either of those? I'm just going to assume you are using the outdated experiences you had while you were staff half a decade ago, because things have changed so much since then. Staff Management does a lot of work, almost all of it being behind the scenes that players would never see, but that every staff member does see.

    We(Mods/Admins) do recognize it is a flawed system. However we are not going to mandate any sort of activity in this community. We didn't at it's creation, and we won't until it's deletion. As I've mentioned in a previous thread on the topic: I will not be requiring that staff members have to join, have chat enabled on, or take requests from this community. I will also not be counting this towards any internal quota system that we have for them.

    A majority of Billy's replies are backed up by multiple staff members who have posted on this or similar threads. It's not fair to argue that it's his own personal experiences when staff members have brought up the same issues both publicly on related threads and privately in our staff chats, anymore than it would be fair for us to argue that what you are saying are your own personal experiences.

    Now with all of the quoting done, here are some interesting things to keep in mind.

    There are times during the day where we don't have staff members in-game (timezones exist and the non American timezones have statistically less people in them). There are also times where staff members may be in-game but are already working on moderating in one of the many other methods that are available to them, or doing their subteam work. There are approximately 58 trainees and moderators (not counting senior mods) for the Java server. Even with having all 58 of those people online, if we had 1,100 people online staff would only make up roughly 5% of the people online. Of course, that is just not the case, and we more frequently have about 5-15 staff members on during peak times at any one given moment. This more accurately reflects to 0.5% to 1.37% of the people currently online being a staff member out of the total amount of players on. There's no accurate way to really give a count of how many hackers/rulebreakers are currently online out of the number of legitimate players, but I'd hazard an educated guess based on my years of moderating that it is at least 100-200 out of that original number of 1,100. With that estimation, there would be anywhere from 7 to 20 hackers online per 1 trainee/mod being online, if not more. This would be mostly a constant since right now hackers mostly just jump on another account to continue hacking.

    Not every staff member actually replies in Staff Request when they go to spectate someone who has been reported. I personally don't because that would lead to random questions or off topic chatter because "omg an admin". Other people have their own reasons for not doing that, whether it be similar to mine or not. One major reason would be to prevent the player from knowing that we are actually going to be watching them, because that is the best way to get someone to toggle their hacks off for a while which makes dealing with the situation frustrating for both players and staff. If we don't see the player hacking within a few minutes, we'd leave to spectate other people.

    In closing:

    I understand how frustrating it is to have rule breakers ruining your experience on the server. I play many other servers and many other games and I relate to those feelings when my games are ruined by hackers or other types of rule breaking.

    I apologize that the experience you and others have on the server is poor. Everyone is just here to play a game in the community they like, and it's deeply upsetting that some people choose to ruin that experience.

    It's not the community's fault, as much as it's not the volunteer moderation staff's fault. Our in-game /report system should be better, and it's quite unfortunate that it is not. While I am not a dev myself, nor am I in charge of what the devs work on, it is my promise that I will do everything within my personal power to try to get /report improved. The staff team has given multiple suggestions on ways that it could be improved internally, and I will fight for those to be implemented.

    Staff Request is an alternative to request help, and was never meant to be such a long term solution. It's not a perfect solution, and there is no way that we are able to improve it (without severe consequences to our volunteer's mental health - which we would see a lot of resignations over). The only option we would have left is getting rid of it all together, which is something that I personally don't want to do at this time, either.

    If you have any additional questions/anything else, please feel free to shoot me a message on Discord (Toki#6017) or on the website (though I do reply quicker on Discord).

    Thread Locked - Concerns Addressed.
    Posted Jun 5, 2021
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