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I WAS UNBELIVEABLE to hacking to thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so disgusting!

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by KillenDeath, Jan 8, 2022.

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  1. Today I play Cake war and reach a hacker , something i can't believe it is some one follow this hacker and say thank you to him , I shocked , and I don't can make video and put it on Youtube, I think I can use hack to kill it , and I fly to his base and want kill him , but he kill me and laugh me (say LMAO)

    I suggest need make a video replay mode and last thing in another blog and every anti - cheat player want : upgrade anti - cheat system and hope no hack in every game

    thank you

    I'm sorry for the hate or hate or Mineplex that came up because I cheated
    Posted Jan 8, 2022
  2. Hello!

    First off sorry that you ran into a hacker on the Bedrock Server if you ever come across someone hacking you can report them at www.mineplex.com/report or in the reports channel in the Mineplex Discord. Second please never hack to beat other hackers it doesn't help the hacking issue and can cause you to be banned for those actions. We all know the Anti-Cheat needs an update and those updates will happen sometime in the furture.

    - GuardianInASuit | Bedrock Moderator
    Posted Jan 8, 2022
  3. Well, unfortunately, Mineplex has dozens of hackers that play daily. Hopefully, when G.W.E.N. gets updated that problem will significantly decrease.
    Posted Jan 8, 2022
  4. As mentioned by GuardianInASuit, the best way to report a rule breaker is @ mineplex.com/report however you can also join the Mineplex Discord (link here) and use the #report-players channel to make a report there. As your concern has been addressed I will be locking this thread. Please feel free to reach out to me with any further questions or concerns.

    Thread Locked - Concern Addressed
    Posted Jan 23, 2022
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