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I miss this gamemode :/

Discussion in 'Dragons' started by SuchDinosaur, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. You can predict when Dragons will be played in Mixed Arcade because games rotate in alphabetical order. I believe Death Tag precedes Dragons, so if you go to Mixed Arcade in the game menu, you can join Death Tag games and be guaranteed a Dragons game within a few minutes. It’s unfortunate that you usually can’t access a lot of these games individually for a lack of players, but knowing the Mixed Arcade rotation works really well if you’re looking to play a specific gamemode.
    Posted Jun 3, 2020
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  2. This is a java~
    Posted Jun 6, 2020
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  3. In fact, I will be happy for this game to come back. The game also had a lot of problems that give an advantage to other players. If the problems are fixed they will surely bring this game back~~
    Posted Jun 6, 2020
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  4. Hello there!

    I really understand your frustration that Dragons was removed as a full game, but it can be still found in Mixed Arcade category. I'm noticing sometimes that there's a solo lobby of Dragons which consists of 16 players, but unfortunately, it happens rarely. To be honest, I've not paid a lot of attention to this game, but I'm sure that it consists a lot of fun. I suppose that Dragons won't come back as a full game, it'll be a part of Mixed Arcade.

    Stay safe,
    Posted Jun 6, 2020
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  5. Sorry if this is repetitive, just wanted to reiterate and summarize what everyone has said already!

    Dragons DOES have its own lobby sometimes in the day. It really depends on the time you log on (usually midday to afternoon to early evening in America) and I usually see one Dragons-only lobby whenever I log on that I join. There's usually 7-12 people playing that I have noticed.

    To join you just need right click the Mixed Arcade icon and hover over Dragons (the endstone) to see how many people are playing.
    Posted Jun 12, 2020
  6. You don't HAVE to play Mixed Arcade for it, go to Mixed Arcade menu and click the dragon egg and you will specifically queue for dragons, but keep in mind you might not be able to find a game
    Posted Jun 12, 2020
  7. Dragons is quite oftenly played these days, some of my friends try and start a lobby, I'd say there is a Dragon's lobby on for 25%-40% of the day.
    Posted Jun 14, 2020
  8. Yes, sadly this game-mode doesn't have a lot of players.
    Posted Jun 14, 2020
  9. Yeah, I was going to make a thread for new kits and some new ideas for this game, but decided not to because it will simply be ignored because of the lack of player base. There is usual a lobby up during certain hours of the day, but it's a fun game, I love to play it when I can!
    Posted Jun 16, 2020
  10. Hey!

    I love playing dragons and try to play it as much as possible in my MPS and in Mixed Arcade! It is sad, however, that it is not queued for in itself very often. I'm sure that many people would love to play it if it was easier to get a game for but that is not the case right now. Perhaps if the word got out for people to queue dragons the game could get a chance at revival! Other than that, until now I am going to have to get my dragons fill, along with other great mixed arcade games, in my MPS!

    Thanks for posting!
    Posted Jun 17, 2020

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