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I feel bad for the bedrock developers

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by swimfan72, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. A lot of people have been pooping on the bedrock server's developers over in /offtopic/ and other places. I felt I have done this my self too and I kind of stopped and thought about it for a while. Imagine being a young high school student/college freshmen like me, dreaming of being a game designer and you just landed a new job to gain experience/friends and earn some money. That job is making plugins and updates for a Minecraft Bedrock edition server. The current C++ plugin support is not user friendly or easy to work with at all, and every one else on the team is no better than you, so there is little leadership. You and your very small team work a 50 person job with small build teams and small artist teams trying to implement stuff while also juggling school, sports, and high school/college. It takes forever to get an update out and once you finally do the whole community flames your project for lacking content after you just sacrificed sleep and study time on. You get demotivated and say "Why even work on a game I don't want to play anymore and get no appreciation for still improving it?". Your 35 year old boss who has owned the server since forever needs some quick money flow to pay everyone and keep the servers running, so the only possible option is pushing out marketplace content. You get bored making purchase GUI's that are mostly already programmed and you quit. I feel like this happened to Toonbasic after realizing the environment would be partially like this so he just focused on school instead. I feel pretty guilty of criticizing like this and putting pressure on teams of only 3 people at the most for updating an entire server that has around 20 mini games.

    Mods/Devs who work/have worked on Mineplex is it like this at all? Is working with/making C++ plugins for the server inconvenient? Are any current Minecraft features or lack of features holding back development? Is the Bedrock team size smaller or inexperienced? Are people simply not applying to become Bedrock devs? Or is it any bit true that Java updates are more prioritized than Bedrock? (which is what me and lots of other people have grown to believe for the past few months)
    Posted Sep 13, 2019
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