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I don't know what this game would be called. Egg hunt Maybe?

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Alexthom, Oct 20, 2019.

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  1. People pick between 4 teams: Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow.They spawn in a medium-sized map, and they go out and play survival. There's Different Kits, and each person starts off with the most basic kit unless they pick otherwise. Throughout the map, there's like, beads or eggs that match each team's color, and they have to go find ten of them. If other teams find another team's egg, they have the option to steal it and then move it somewhere else, but it drops out of their hand after 20 seconds. After that, they can no longer move it, but another teammate could. If someone punches somebody on another team, they steal the egg and can bring it back to their base. If someone on the red team goes to another base, then for every 10 seconds they stand on the base, they get one of that team's eggs.
    Game Parts
    -At the waiting island, people can choose from 4 different teams: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow. If someone doesn't choose a team, they get put on a random one.
    -There are different kits that have different abilities, and the default kit is a wooden sword and pickaxe, and leather armor in the team's color.
    -Each base has a crafting table, chest, and furnace.
    -The map they spawn on is fairly small, each team base is about 100-150 blocks apart.
    -People are free to roam through the map, and mine for ores, build a better base if they want, exc.
    -PvP is enabled, but teammates can't attack other teammates.
    Posted Oct 20, 2019
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