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i didt cheat for scaffold hacking,and i try to tell the staff My account has been compromised.

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Discussion' started by boardinglerum75, Apr 23, 2021.

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  1. My account was banned just yesterday. I didn’t fall asleep all night. I turned on the computer and waited for news. I really want to see my account unbanned, but it didn’t. I tried to work with me. The staff explained that there was no cheating, and I already have evidence that I can bridge without cheating.

    I also told the staff that my account had been stolen by my classmates, and I had changed the password, and I had also sent the ownership of my account to the staff, but it didn’t work. Sad, I have been playing this server for two years. I have encountered many cheaters but they have not been banned.

    I have proved that I can bridge by my self but he doesn’t understand it. Anyway, I don’t have to be so persistent. Block it, not only mineplex can play, I will only tell my friends not to play mineplex, because they do. Many cheaters, but they do not manage, only ban civilian players.

    Posted Apr 23, 2021
  2. Hey

    As I told you earlier in DMs, you need to create an appeal here. Explaining what has happened, along with any potential evidence you have proving your innocence. This would have to be evidence that was taken on the Mineplex server at the time just before your ban. For more information you can look at our appeal guide to tell you more about how you can go about getting unbanned. Unless you create an appeal you won't be unbanned.

    Any further questions feel free to message me :)
    Posted Apr 23, 2021
  3. It sounds like you've already gotten individualized help in DMs from neo, and you have been given the proper links to solve your issue. There is no way to be unbanned on our network unless you create an appeal with as much detail as you have. Links to the form and the guide are in the response above. Note that you cannot appeal for a compromised account unless that was your specific ban reason. The ban reason would say the words "Compromised Account" in the punishment reason. Your ban screen says Scaffold, so you will need to submit a regular appeal. You may explain as much as you can about the punishment. You will need to provide proof if you think your account was compromised. If you simply say someone else was using your account, that still makes the punishment correct if they did choose to scaffold on your account.

    I would recommend clarifying your timeline as well, because you mentioned the ban was because of someone else using your account, but also said you were bridging quickly, so try to be as clear as you can.

    This thread will be locked because the concern is addressed, as well as the fact that it is about "I quit/I'm leaving" which violates the forum guidelines. Good luck.
    Posted Apr 23, 2021
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