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Hunger games

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Locatedjewel4, Aug 5, 2020.

  1. You should add hunger game the hive has it and it’s really fun you guys should add it
    Posted Aug 5, 2020
  2. We recently removed Survival Games from the Bedrock network as there was a very low amount of players that would be in that gamemode at any given time. As far as I know, we're not planning on adding back removed games. This game has already had its time on the server and unfortunately it came to an end, so I don't see this idea being implemented, sorry.
    Posted Aug 5, 2020
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  3. I think the game was removed cause of the bugs honestly. You could right click wood and it would vanish, then you could walk though it lmao.
    Posted Aug 21, 2020
  4. I don’t think it was all about lack of players, I was always able to get into games, at certain times like am USA time was a little low but other than that it was fine, the achievement kit was deactivated because it wasn’t functioning properly, tnt and compass you couldn’t get from chests, bomber kit destroyed land and didn’t regenerate. But I think it may make a return with fixes to the issues or changed up a little, but that’s for the higher ups to decide.
    Posted Aug 21, 2020
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  5. Agreed mate. TNT and compasses not hoping into your inventory was one of the many bugs on the minigame. If these bugs could be fixed, I see this game coming back. +1
    Posted Aug 21, 2020

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