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How would I be as a Staff member?

Discussion in 'Surveys' started by Jaekub, Feb 13, 2019.


Am I suitable for Staff?

  1. Yes

    5 vote(s)
  2. No

    6 vote(s)
  3. I haven't seen you before

    36 vote(s)
  4. Mixed Feelings

    11 vote(s)
  1. As said already, it's you and the Recruitment team who knows if you're ready. We can give you advice and criticism, but ultimately, it's up to you to apply! If you feel like you're ready, go ahead! No one is stopping you. If you feel like you help out people, and you have a passion for Mineplex, then you should definitely apply!
    Posted Feb 27, 2019
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  2. You're only going to get positive reactions here on the forums (for fear of Forum Moderators or just trying to look good in general so they themselves can try to apply), so I would take most of the opinions on this thread with a grain of salt. Ultimately the desicion rests on you to apply, and if you do, I wish you luck.
    Posted Feb 27, 2019
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  3. Why would our opinions matter? None of us know you very well and it's not like we know how recruitment works.
    Posted Feb 27, 2019
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  4. Hey Sweetie!

    I think you should message a Recruiter about this (you can find them at www.mineplex.com/staff under 'Recruitment'). They could give you feedback on how suitable they believe you to be for Staff here, providing you with feedback and possibly some tips on how to higher your chances. As previously stated, we don't know you that well. Yeah, we could probably go through your forum posts but we don't know how you are in game or you as a person.

    I'm guessing you're interested in Staff? If so read through the Becoming A Trainee post: https://www.mineplex.com/threads/becoming-a-trainee-java-bedrock.38/#post-47 and if you believe you're suitable, just go for it! That's what I did last time, and I got Trainee on my first application n first interview. Even if your application get's rejected this time, you know there will always be a second time and then a third and then a fourth. As many times as you need! Each time you'll be getting better and better, which the Recruiters will surely see and hey, eventually you'll get there.

    I voted, "I haven't seen you before" because sorry bud, but I don't know you all that well! (:
    Posted Mar 7, 2019

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