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Survey How would I be as a Staff member?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jaek, Feb 13, 2019.


Am I suitable for Staff?

  1. Yes

    7 vote(s)
  2. No

    6 vote(s)
  3. I haven't seen you before

    38 vote(s)
  4. Mixed Feelings

    11 vote(s)
  1. I am applying for staff in the near future, and I would like to know if you guys think I'm suitable to become Staff on Mineplex. If you could, please discuss what I need to work on and what I do well.

    Thank you in advance!
    Posted Feb 13, 2019
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  2. Hey @Jaekub

    Applying to staff is a personal decision. To keep my insights short, it really depends on you and your capabilities. If you think you are a suitable member for the staff team, then definitely apply! Thing is, no one knows you more than you, so definitely take some time to reflect on yourself and your capabilities to see if you are suitable.

    With this being said, there's no harm in trying. If you feel ready, then go for it!
    Posted Feb 13, 2019
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  3. I'm definitely applying. My punishment timer expires on 3/19, so I've been preparing. I just want to know what others think of me.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 13, 2019
  4. I haven't seen you around too often, only around the forums I see you slightly. Try and focus on providing more quality customer service. Go into the Help section more (actually don't that's where I hang out lol), but providing more help would be great. I'm sure you'd be an amazing staff member. :)
    Posted Feb 13, 2019
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  5. What really matters is that you have what recruiters are looking for in applicants. I suggest you read bat and bat2 to enrich your knowledge of staff expectations. Here are a few words of advice I will offer that will help you on this goal:

    1. Think before you speak: Whenever you are about to say or do something that may be controversial, ask yourself, "what kind of reactions would I get," "how will this portray me."

    2. Don't act fake: Recruiters are able to figure out if you are doing what you are just to get the trainee rank or that is just you. You must be honest with everything as possible and faking personalities fails you in that department.

    3. Act as you would as if you ARE a staff member: Obviously, not directly. You still need to follow rules and only staff can enforce them. If you do that, then you are mini-modding.
    Actions speak louder than words. You already having this mindset shows that you know how and what staff members should be.

    Good luck!

    Report a User | Report a Bug | Apply For Java Trainee | Rules| My Profile
    Posted Feb 14, 2019
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  6. Hello!
    Honestly the Recruiters are the only ones that know if you're suitable to become a Trainee, hence their role and responsibilities. No one reallly knows how you'd be as a staff member other then yourself. There isn't a set sequence of activities that you should be doing on the network that are guaranteed to get you accepted. Remember that just because some people haven't seen you around before doesn't mean you're less qualified then anyone else.

    The Recruiters want to see you for who you are, and if that means you're faking or manipulating that in order to get you that position you're not ready. In my experience when you know, you know so don't give up. Don't force yourself to do anything and make sure that you're doing things that you're proud of. I don't want to write too much here but believe in yourself and if you really want it, and keep improving yourself then you'll get there one day.
    Posted Feb 14, 2019
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  7. Heya!

    If I were to apply, I'd definitely agree with things that were said above. First, this is your decision, and this is only about you. If you think you're ready, go for it! If you're not, work on your flaws, and improve yourself till you think you can become a trainee. @MrDrProfessor//_Prof_ explained everything perfectly, as well were other people who have replied here. But, be sure to check the links that Prof have listed, because they can help your application / interview a lot. His advises are also very helpful in my opinion!

    This is another reason why you should read both links, and especially second one (https://www.mineplex.com/bat2/). If you're punished, you have a "limit" for applying. Here's a quote from "Becoming a trainee 2":
    "you cannot apply until after one month for a severity 1 punishment, three months for a severity 2 punishment and five months for a severity 3 punishment. These punishment timers begin on the date the punishment was applied, not the date the punishment itself ends."
    Please be aware of that before applying, since you could get an instant deny.
    That's all, hope to see you as a staff in the future!

    Teodora / Tea
    Posted Feb 14, 2019
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  8. You are full of ideas, all of them are creative, but a couple don’t make any sense. Some ideas are exactly what we need for a good server, some not. I think that you’d be a good guy for a ideas director or something, but the forums provide so much ideas we don’t really need a guy like that. I do personally agree that you’d be a pretty good staff. I just like your creativity and sometimes it thrives into good content and some content that is not understandable to some. Although I do not know you that much, from what I see, being a staff member is a viable option for you.

    You, @Jaekub, should apply.
    Posted Feb 14, 2019
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  9. Honestly, if you feel ready, then apply. If they turn you down, it doesn't hurt your reputation or anything, and you can always apply again. Just make sure you are always being supportive and not toxic ig, on discord, or forums because people could essentially complain about your reputation and you could be stripped of your title if (and when) you are accepted. Just act natural and don't try to be someone else.
    Posted Feb 14, 2019
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  10. Hey there!

    As others have already mentioned, it's not really our choice. Only you know yourself best. You know your skills, weaknesses, and strong points. If you believe you have the knowledge and the confidence, I definitely recommend applying! After all, you aren't loosing anything in the end.

    I wish you the best of look on your application!
    Posted Feb 14, 2019
  11. I don't know. Become staff and find out.
    Posted Feb 14, 2019
  12. Definitely I think if you put your mind to it, you could do it.
    Good luck though.
    Posted Feb 16, 2019
  13. I personally haven't seen the way you act in-game. I only seen you post on the Forums pretty frequently. So I do not know but you seem respectful and nice by giving giveaways to the community and just doing nice things in general. So I personally do not know, I need to understand you more in-game before I can decide. But when you apply, good luck!
    Posted Feb 16, 2019
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  14. You seem to have great ideas for the server like the Morph idea you suggested. But do what you want to perdue. I don't even know who you are but after looking around the forums for a while, and checking your threads you seem to be pretty interesting.

    I mean I guess go for it! I don't know :shrug:
    Posted Feb 17, 2019
  15. I mean the only time I've really seen ya is on the forums so I'm not really sure. But I guess if you're active here, that's one step closer to Trainee.

    In all honesty, the only opinions that matter whether or not you'd be a "good" staff member is yours and Recruitment. Every other opinion doesn't really matter unless extreme circumstances. If you think this sounds like the kind of person you are and you believe you fit the requirements, apply gurl. Could always use more staff.

    If you do decide to apply though, make sure you read over this thread so you know exactly what's up. I wish you good luck :)
    Posted Feb 17, 2019
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  16. Just keep working. There are lots of videos on YouTube from past staff members who were successful in their time as a staff member on Mineplex. They can give you lots of tips and what you need to become a staff member on Mineplex and last as a long as possible. Hopefully those work out for you otherwise I wish you the best of luck!
    Posted Feb 24, 2019
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  17. Hey there!

    This isn't necessarily a question worth asking the community as not everyone would immediately recognize you or your abilities. You should evaluate yourself and understand your capabilities and your limitations that affect you as a candidate.
    Ask yourself the following:

    - What is the role of a staff member? Do I suit this role? Does this role fit me?
    - What do you think you will gain or lose from becoming a staff member?
    - Do you have a personality that suits the staff team?
    - Do you provide any skills or experience that can be applied in this field?
    - What assets would you provide to the team?
    - What are your strengths and weaknesses?

    Not everyone is aware of your skills or experience, so the last question is one worth considering when making the decision on if you believe you are a worthy staff member.
    As others have, and as I would, I highly recommend you read up on the information provided within the Becoming a Trainee forum threads here:

    - https://xen.mineplex.com/threads/becoming-a-trainee-java-bedrock.38/
    - https://www.mineplex.com/bat2/

    The information will indubitably prove to be helpful in your determination and success towards becoming a trainee in the future.
    Furthermore, I do wish you the best of luck in finding your place possibly fitting within the staff team. You can do it, anyone can! :)
    ~ Shotty
    Posted Feb 24, 2019
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  18. Posted Feb 24, 2019
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  19. I think you would be suitable as a staff member because your posts are authentic and not fake, and you're constructive and unafraid to share your opinion. We need more staff members like that.

    Also, you probably shouldn't apply right after your punishment timer expires. I'm not a Trainee, so I could be wrong, but I think you'd look more mature if you applied a month after your punishment timer so you don't look too eager.
    Posted Feb 24, 2019
  20. In all honesty, as the community may want it or not, its really up to how you apply and how you are within the staff team. I've seen you around before, but I don't know you personally but if you already applied then good luck if not, then good luck again. I would like to see some new faces to the team along with others joining in. Good Luck!
    Posted Feb 25, 2019

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