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How to become a Mineplex Builder!

Discussion in 'Build Team Docs' started by Build Team, Sep 23, 2018.

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    What is a Builder & what do we do?
    A Builder is someone who builds maps for all types of games on Mineplex. We build maps for any and every gamemode, all of our choice. A lot of the work we do is independent, however we also take part in various team builds which involve other assignments such as seasonal lobbies and large maps (SG for example) in which we all build together as a team!

    What are we looking for?
    We are looking for mature and experienced builders, who work well in a team but can also work independently. There is no age requirement when applying for Builder, so the most important thing is that you showcase your best talents in your portfolio. We always like to see people who stay themselves and stick to their own building style, and create something unique!

    Gameplay information
    Gameplay is priority when making maps for Mineplex. You want to not only make good looking maps, but also ensure that the game runs smoothly for players and is as enjoyable as possible. If you are ever unsure whether your map has great gameplay then take a look at the current maps of Mineplex. Use them as reference when making your own maps, but be sure to make something unique out of it!

    Most people need to improve gameplay in two areas: maps should be mostly flat, with open space for PvP and you should follow general guidelines for the given game. You can find guidelines for all gamemodes on Mineplex here.

    If you are still unsure whether your map has great gameplay, feel free to message a Builder and we will provide you with feedback on how to improve the gameplay on your map.

    How do I increase the chance of becoming a Builder?
    The more builds you show in your application, the higher the chances of getting accepted. It is important that we can see what you are capable of making. We will be judging on four categories: terrain, structure, gameplay and organics. Ensure you include multiple examples of all these four things in your portfolio and you have more of a chance of acceptance. If we can see you’re good at multiple different styles of the above sections, then it shows us you’re good overall.

    Another thing is to show us you understand gameplay and why it’s very important when making maps for Mineplex. Make sure you go into detail when answering some of the questions, so we can see you have a lot of knowledge of the server and the gamemodes overall.

    Also make sure to post your builds in the build showcase from time to time so that players can give feedback of your maps and you can learn from the feedback that’s given by players and other Builders. You can also watch some talented builders on YouTube or look for help on a creative server to improve your skills.

    Where can I apply for Builder? Click here to apply!

    Do I need a map accepted before applying? Nope, this is just a rumour!

    Do I need a Java & a Bedrock account in order to be a Builder? Applicants are required to have a Java account because that platform houses our build servers. A Bedrock account is optional.

    Do I need to buy a rank to be a Builder? Nope; a rank is not required to apply for any staff rank.

    Do I get a rank if my map is accepted? No, you will only get the Builder rank once you have passed the Trial stage of the application.

    Can I apply for Builder when I’m already another staff rank? Yes, you can! You can be a Builder when you’re Trainee+, as long as you can balance your workload, it’s fine by us.

    How long do I have to wait to apply for Builder after a punishment? Sev 1 punishments are case dependent, however for some punishments we do have strict set guidelines (unless false):
    • Sev 2 mute: 1 month
    • Sev 3 mute: 2 months
    • Any hacking ban: 2 months
    • Permanent ban/mute (If not compromised account): 3 months

    Before applying tips!
    • Make sure to upload pictures with imgur.com or any other picture sharing website, then paste the links of your builds in your application. If you don’t provide pictures in your application you will get rejected. If your pictures aren't showing up then cancel your application and make a new one.
    • Avoid using shader pictures, as shaders can mask imperfections. If you include shader images, please also include vanilla versions with them.
    • Make sure you have waited 2 weeks after a rejection, otherwise you will get rejected again.

    Teams you can apply for as Builder
    - Application Team (Lead: @joshuart )
    - Map Submission Team (Lead: @Intoxicating )
    - Map Issues Team (Lead: @joshuart )

    Current Build Applications Team members:
    @joshuart [Lead]
    @CarterAimz_ | @DrNeptunex | @Ian923 | @Ocelotguyy
    Feel free to message any of them with any questions concerning build applications.

    Please understand that posting immature comments on your wall regarding your application being rejected will only make the situation worse, and may affect you from applying again in the future.

    “We all learn lessons in life. Some stick, some don't. I have always learned more from rejection and failure than from acceptance and success."
    Posted Sep 23, 2018
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