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How SG Could Return [Idea]

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Discussion' started by ReJo, Sep 14, 2021.


Would you like to see Survival Games make a return?

  1. Yes! (with bugs fixed ofc)

  2. Maybe...

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  3. No. (please leave feedback)

  1. Hey there.

    I, as well as many others, would love to see Survival Games make a return to Mineplex Bedrock.
    I am aware of the reasoning as to why it was removed, but those reasons can be resolved.

    I want to go over how the past issues of SG can be resolved, then go over some things that could be changed if the game is brought back.

    Numerous Bugs - At the time, the game was very buggy. This was one of the main reasons the game was removed. Well, ever since SG was removed, our amazing developer, gyroninja, has implemented many server-wide bug fixes. Quiet a few of those fixes would also go towards SG. Any remaining bugs in the game should just be fixed before re-releasing the game (if this even happens). Also, if the game returns, please don't remove the kits. The kits is what makes Mineplex SG fun & unique compared to other SG servers. Please just fix any problems with them, and if balancing is needed, I'll have an entire list of kit changes below as an example.

    Low Player Base - At the time, the game was averaging 100 - 200 players. That's not too bad. Now, think about this. When the game came as an LTM for the Christmas event last year, it averaged atleast 300 players, even without any major changes to the game. If the game were brought back all fixed up & updated, I'm sure it would do very well. And I'm sure Mineplex Bedrock will benefit from another PvP based gamemode.

    Poor Quality - I think that people thought the game wasn't in great quality just because of how many bugs there were & the knockback wasn't like how it is now. If the bugs are fixed, I don't at all see how this gamemode is "poor quality".

    Now, a list of changes that could be made to the game if it's brought back.
    Please note these ideas don't have to be used, I just want to give some examples that could be used to improve gameplay if SG returns.



    - Remove wheat from the lootpool.
    Reason: There’s already enough food, no need for an extra resource that just clutters inventory.

    - Remove eggs from the lootpool.
    Reason: There are already snowballs. Eggs aren’t necessary & just clutter inventory.

    - Make Mushroom Stew apply regeneration II for 3 seconds. Rename this to Healing Stew.
    Reason: As far as I remember, mushroom stew didn't apply anything. On java, stew heals you so I would like to add this.

    Game Length
    I recommend keeping the game no longer than 10 minutes total. It used to last like 20 minutes a long time ago which is too long. I think that keeping SG matches at a decently fast pace is good, so that players aren’t playing for 20 mins just to loose. Maybe death match can happen at either 8 mins into the game, or with 3 players remaining. Also, if it didn't already, I recommend making the border slowly move in as the game goes on instead of it just not moving at all.

    Anyways, I’m gonna get into balancing the kits. Here we go.

    NOTE - If any of these ideas already exist in the game, I apologize.

    - Add a 2s cooldown between axe throws. If you throw an axe during the cooldown, it only deals 50% damage.

    Reason: Without this, the kit is a bit too over-powered.

    - None

    - None

    - Change knockback dealt: 125% -> 120%
    - Change knockback taken: 75% -> 80%

    Reason: This is a pretty balanced kit, but needs a slight reduction with the knockback perks.

    - Add a passive: Take 50% fall damage.
    - Add "Assassin's Compass": A compass which always points towards the nearest player.

    Reason: As one of the most under-powered kits, a couple buffs should help.

    - Remove "Wolf Tackle".
    - Reduce wolf respawn time: 30s -> 20s
    - Make wolf more aggressive towards whoever the beastmaster attacks.
    - Add a passive: When wolf is killed by an opponent, the beastmaster receives regeneration I for 5 seconds.

    Reason: Since it can be difficult or complicated for some players (especially mobile players) to use the wolf tackle ability, removing it would be ideal. To make up for the removal of that ability, adding a few buffs should work out just fine.

    - Add a 12s cooldown to the "Explosive Arrow" ability.
    - Add a passive: Take 50% explosive damage.

    Reason: Just to help balance things out.

    - Make skeletal minions teleport to the player if they are 12 blocks away or further.
    - Make skeletons move faster & more efficiently around walls & through water.
    - Add a new menu for clicking on a skeletal minion. If possible, make it like a chest menu with only 5 slots. Four of those slots are for armor, and the last is for any weapon. This is so you can choose what your minion is using to attack & you can give your minion any extra armor you have. If the 5 slots isn’t possible, just make the menu like a normal chest. The best armor & weapon in the menu will automatically be equipped by the skeleton.

    Reason: It is annoying when you have to wait for your skeletons to catch up to you. This feature should help. About the menu, it will give a use to extra weapons & armor you have in your inventory. It's also a cool and handy feature.

    - None

    - I know the community would have mixed feelings on this one, so here are my top suggestions: 1. Fix the kit and leave it as is. 2. Completely remove the kit. 3. Replace the kit with something new.

    Again, if any of these already exist on bedrock, I apologize.
    And that's all I got. Would you like to see SG make a return to bedrock sometime in the future?
    Thank you for reading, feedback is appreciated.
    Posted Sep 14, 2021,
    Last edited Sep 23, 2021
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  2. hai! i totally agree with bringing SG back. although there are many bugs/glitches that need patching, it would be a popular gamemode for everyone! i don't see any reason to not have SG as a gamemode. the kits are some pretty good ideas, and i think a few were implemented already in game before. although it has been a long time so i apologize if i'm incorrect. nonetheless, these are some great thoughts!

    some other ideas that i think would be cool is giving every player a compass that points towards the nearest player after the 5-10 minute mark (depending on how long the game will last ex. 10 or 20 minutes respectively).
    Posted Sep 14, 2021
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  3. I would like to see SG come back.
    When it got its last big update it changed a few things and I don’t think for the better.
    Game time should be raised up to 10 from its now 5 minute game.
    Border should move in again, rn it stays at the furthest point.
    Gyro did change tnt from damaging blocks, which I kinda liked but I get it.
    Necromancer skellies need to be fixed, maybe just a little faster, as well as be able to get out of water.
    Beast master I suggested 2 wolves in the past and didn’t get much response. But 2 might be too much, so making wolf attack better would be a good fix
    Horseman kit was not working properly so it was removed, and would hope it could get fixed, although for java horseman was replaced and I don’t think that kit would work well for bedrock.
    The compass and tnt could not be removed from chests except if you had bomber kit you could back then blow up the chest and pick them up and compass did work when picked up, so that is a fix that is needed
    Over all wasn’t too bad, maybe bring over some of the kit changes that were done on java over to bedrock.
    Posted Sep 16, 2021
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  4. Not until they let people disable ranks because I hate being targeted every game. Otherwise it’s playing on an alt without all the good kits.

    When I got the achievement kit for Sg I was so happy and mad. The kit didn’t even work! Or it was me being stupid…
    Posted Sep 16, 2021
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  5. Thank you very much for the feedback.

    I have added your suggestions.

    The bug you explained about not being able to move compasses & TNT from chests, I’m almost certain that bug was fixed sometime last year when gyro came around. If I remember correctly, I was able to move those items around again when SG came out for the Christmas event last year.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 16, 2021
  6. Horseman was disabled, the ability to get horseman didn’t happen until about a year before it was removed, that’s when the beacon and supply drop was added. So when it was possible to get all the achievements, horseman was disabled because it wasn’t working properly.
    Posted Sep 17, 2021
  7. Been a while and forgot that those were fixed, I didn’t play much when it came back out because of the other changes that happened earlier.
    Posted Sep 17, 2021
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  8. that's a whoollee Lotta kits
    Yrah id rather not have to go to hive to play SG, cause there's more teaming in solos than in dous over there
    Posted Sep 17, 2021
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  9. Please do not use that bad word here… lol
    I used to play SG, there was a lot of glitches tho
    Posted Sep 17, 2021
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  10. A lot of those glitches were fixed by gyro. The remaining bugs should just be fixed before opening the game back up, but that’s it. Problem solved.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 17, 2021
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