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How or where do I start learning and improving for building?

Discussion in 'Build Team Docs' started by Arshaad_73, Jul 12, 2020.


Should I make a post about how to tackle making maps for Mineplex Gamemodes also? [In general]

  1. Yes, would be really helpfull!

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  2. No, I don't need it.

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  1. Hey y'all!

    In this post I am gonna tell you my story about how I started building, how I learn it and how I improve myself with building.
    This post might be also for those who want to know where or how to start / to learn / to keep improving their building skills.

    NOTE: this is my way of doing it, of course every builder [no matter how good you are] has an other way of doing things.
    And I don't claim that I am the best builder out there, but a decent one for sure that just want to share some of my own knowledge with you guys about building.

    1. Introduction of myself as a builder. > Hi there!

    Hi I am Arshaad and I am 17 years old. I started building around 5 years ago, the first day I got minecraft for my birthday. Through the years some people from a Dutch discord taught me building techniques and tricks how to improve myself. I kept doing it and not gonna lie I got a lot better at building!
    I joined 2 buildteams so far 1 on a Dutch server which died unfortunately and this great Mineplex buildteam! So I thought why wouldn't I spread my story and information about building in this community anyway? So... here it is!

    2. Where / How did I started building? > Tutorials!

    I started as a little kid watching youtube videos about building and I was like: ''I also want to make builds''. So I started it by watching building tutorials from youtube and building it exactly as how they did it. Sounds wrong right? Actually it is very helpfull to do it for people who don't understand building at all. So I kept watching YT turorials which helped me a lot for building.

    3. How do I create builds so quickly? > Build plug-ins like: World Edit, Voxel Sniper, Gobrush and GoPaint.
    As I kept watching Youtube Tutorials I also saw a turorial about build plug-ins. I watched that tutorial and that is how I learned build plug-ins which are very handy to use while building. If I kept building things by hand that would take ages, so I definitely recommend learning it. I build nearly everything with commands no matter how small it is. Even if I need to place 50 blocks in a straight line I use: //stack 50. [command example] (for tutorials you have to look it up yourself on youtube or else it will be advertisement).

    4. But I can't have plug-ins in my single player world :( ? > Find public creative servers, so look it up on the internet. (if I tell you the IP's it would be advertisement that is why I don't say it).
    So when I realised when I got no build plug-ins I found a way to still make use of it: public creative servers with the build plug-ins. I found on the internet myself some IP's where I could use build plug-ins and started learning it.

    5. Dude I think building alone doesn't help me learn building right? So do I need to go in a buildteam? > Depends.

    Even though I was in 1 buildteam and now in the MP buildteam doesn't mean I have learned everything from my teams. This might be weird to you, but I did learn more on my own then with building teams [no offence ofcourse]. If I go in a building team then I build for a purpose and that is in my case: making maps for Mineplex, having a great time here and learning more about the buildteam and Mineplex itself. Yet again everybody can think different about this ofcourse.
    But yes you do learn much from buildingteams and teambuilds but you don't need to be in one to learn building. You can also build alone on public creative servers and ask for advice from better builders just like I did.

    6. How do you keep improving yourself? > I made ''rules'' for myself.

    Through my building years I've learned myself some tricks to keep improving. So I made some rules for myself which I am still using today.

    - Learn how to build realistic [with shapes, coloring, proportions just like it would be in real life (This doesn't include the theme of a build for example fantasy style)]:
    Ofcourse the builds will not always the exact same as real life, but the closer u get the better people will recognize the building as ''good looking''. But that is not the only reason you should learn it, because you get more of a general idea how to create buildings on your own which will be very helpful!

    - Learn how to build with real life or concept art references from google images [or from other platforms]. You can try it yourself for example: go on Google images and typ in: Medieval Houses concept art. :)
    I wanted to build things from my own imagination which is harder then I thought. So I learned that if I build more with real life references or concept arts it increases my way of thinking about how to build better.

    +Example: Real life; https://gyazo.com/8db5c9087f7f9ed973e3841195620e2e
    Made by me in minecraft; https://gyazo.com/229d425a8ced0c7fc378167eae0303ff

    - Criticize yourself with the 'Is this good/decent/bad?' rule:
    Everytime I make little parts for a new build I keep asking myself is this good, decent or bad? If I think it really looks good I keep it like that. But if I think it is decent or bad that means there is room to improve that. But what if I don't know how to improve it tho? Then I make use of real life references / concept arts. ''Oh I don't know how to make a window for this medieval wooden house'' *Looks up on google images: Medieval window houses concept art*. And then I start making it just like how it is on the reference.

    - Keep experimenting and don't give up too quickly:
    Don't give up when it is getting hard!! Building can be very difficult at times and also very challenging, but you have to keep experimenting to achieve the build you want to create. And what if I don't know how to keep going? Then I would say ask some builders who are better then you for some advice [ask a few people not only 1 person].

    -Looking at someone else's builds and copy some little details for your own:
    Sounds wrong, but actually very helpfull which helps you to improve! [A lot of people are doing it and if you think it's wrong it is actually not bad. Except if you copy the whole build from someone else and claim it as if it is build by you.]

    7. I think I am a decent builder but I want to take my builds to a next level and create bigger things, but I just don't know how or where to start that... > Ask builders!

    Yet again if you don't know to tackle huge builds ask builders [who are for sure better then you] how they tackle their own builds. They often have some great ways how they do it so you can learn it too! Or you can look up tutorials on Youtube.

    8. I have trouble with starting a build, do you have tips? > JUST DO IT!!!!
    Believe it or not if you don’t know where to start a build just do it and start. That is the best way to not overthink for a build u want to make.

    Anyway that's it I guess I kept it very general and not too specific, but if there are any questions about building feel free to ask me in a Forum conversation or here down below!
    Btw let me know if I ever should make a forum post about how to tackle making maps for Mineplex gamemodes [in general for aesthetics, not gameplay wise].
    As I always say: Have a Nice day!
    Posted Jul 12, 2020,
    Last edited Jul 12, 2020
  2. Great post man
    Posted Jul 12, 2020
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