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How often do you cut your nails

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Muils, Apr 3, 2021.

  1. Hello Mineplex community, I am about to ask you a very simple and normal question, I'm sure you have all heard this question before as it's a very common question in life, but how often do you cut your nails? Or maybe you don't cut them, you bite them? Personally I cut my nails once a week :) WBU
    Posted Apr 3, 2021
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  2. I bite them! I'm embarrassed to say that, but I've actually had that habit for a while now. Can't really measure how long it's been, to be honest.
    Posted Apr 4, 2021
  3. I used to bit them when I was like 5.

    Had no idea why my mom was always telling me to stop doing that because I thought they were always clean.
    Posted Apr 4, 2021
  4. So we're learning about each other's hygiene routines now?
    Posted Apr 4, 2021
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  5. Before the pandemic, I used to go to the nail salon (I had acrylics) so they'd be cut once a month. Now I cut them once a week or every other week.
    Posted Apr 4, 2021
  6. I cut my nails every week basically. Sometimes I just get the habit randomly and I just do it so it's usually pretty recent.
    Posted Apr 5, 2021
  7. Actually I don’t :) But I use my fingernails to pick my other fingernails/toenails and they stay short(this must not be confused with biting them).
    Posted Apr 5, 2021
  8. The hec are you doing man SUS as hell XD
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 5, 2021
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  9. Hey

    I can't lie I do it way more than I should. I have a really bad habit of biting them, cutting them and then filing them down. I have a weird perfectionist mode with my nails. I can't have any of them have the white bit meaning they're always short and don't reach past the end of my fingers ever. If they do then they get bit, cut and filed into place. I used to go to nail salons to get acrylics similar to @siee but I ended up stopping that when lockdown began. It's just not so fun. I had them done in July but I was in Spain and their lockdown was different then.
    Posted Apr 5, 2021
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  10. Honestly I just cut them whenever they get long. I don't have a specific time frame on when it happens, whenever I notice or feel that it gets annoying enough and interferes with daily life then I cut them.
    Posted Apr 12, 2021
  11. I like having long nails :)

    I usually don't cut them until I end up breaking one of them, which happened pretty recently. I broke one of them at the top of my nail bed, so then I tried cutting it as short as possible so that it wouldn't get snagged on something and rip my nail off completely. At that point, I just cut all of them as short as possible, and I also have a bruise under my nail from breaking it.

    That was honestly the first time I cut them in like 5(?) months. I am blessed by having really perfect nails. They're so smooth and even, and I don't have to file them when they get long, so I just let them grow.
    Posted Apr 12, 2021
  12. Hey!

    Before I got my nails done I would honestly cut my nails once a week, I wasn't a big fan of having my nails grow too long as it can get in the way of my daily routines. But since I do have my nails done every so often I would say I cut them twice to once a month depending on when I get my nails done!
    Posted Apr 12, 2021
  13. Hey!
    I usually cut them once or twice a month, as I don't really like to have long nails. It's not that's it's too terribly bad, it just isn't something that I care for !
    Posted Apr 12, 2021
  14. Hello,

    I dont really have a specific time on when I cut them. I just cut them whenever they get long. I don't really like to have long nails to be honest since I could accidentally injure myself with them which is something I dislike. They sometimes get in the way when I'm eating which irritates me. So, I cut them at least twice every month to keep them short.
    Posted Apr 17, 2021
  15. since i play a guitar i cut my left hand nails way more often than those on the right
    Posted Apr 17, 2021
  16. Once a week
    Posted May 7, 2021
  17. Hey!

    I don't know why I find this question so funny, it's just such a random thing I've never been asked sincerely. For anyone reading this, you heard it here first because this is one of the few topics of conversation that has never arisen between me and my friends.

    I cut my nails whenever they get long, usually that's every two weeks or so as they grow pretty fast. What's really annoying is that I always cut one of them too short. Without fail, every time, and I don't know why. Then it's especially uncomfortable when anything salty makes its way in there. I just use regular nail clippers.

    Interesting question; interesting answers!
    Posted May 7, 2021
  18. I just stay cutting them all the time, whenever I see nail clippers. They're very short.
    Posted May 7, 2021
  19. Anxiety serves as the clippers for my finger nails but for my toes, usually once every 2 weeks or whenever I notice they're getting longer. I wear flip flops from April to basically the first snow fall so last thing I need is for people to assume I climb trees with my toe nails, which is why I keep them nice and short!
    Posted May 11, 2021
  20. Usually every week or so, whenever I notice them getting longer and I have some spare time out of my day I'll cut them. I prefer having them shorter, though sometimes I accidentally cut them too short and they're way too close to the skin underneath, causing pain :/
    Posted May 11, 2021
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