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How long does trainee applications have to be?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SylomerIsTaken, Apr 12, 2020.

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  1. No matter how long I make my applications, and how much time I put into them, I always get denied for lack of detail, whats the recommended amount of detail do I have to put in?
    Posted Apr 12, 2020
  2. Detail and amount are two different things in this case. As a general rule, you should keep the amount (number of paragraphs etc.) pretty moderate. You should, however, add a personal touch to virtually every comment you make, as that's what the recruiters will be looking for.

    Here's a direct quote from one of the guides on the Trainee application process. You should definitely read both of these guides in their entirety.

    "Detail has nothing to do with quantity, but rather quality. If you write 4-5 sentences per section with overwhelming detail you are much more likely to be considered over someone who writes 4-5 paragraphs per section of irrelevant details or fluff. With that being said, singly-sentence answers will never be considered detailed, so do your best to explain your thoughts and reasoning."

    Here are the links you need:

    Posted Apr 12, 2020
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  3. Hello!

    I believe that for every question there should be 4-5 sentences or above. I watched the TAP QnA video from a while back and this same question was answered. They said that 4-5 sentences or more are recommended. Of course these sentences will have to have a lot of detail in them if it were to be 4-5. Also if you write down to much it could show that it's hard for you to explain things without writing a lot down. If you need more help I recommend going to https://www.mineplex.com/bat2/ or here https://www.mineplex.com/threads/becoming-a-trainee-java-bedrock.38/. If you watch to watch the Tap QnA video to see if it helps answer further questions go here .

    Posted Apr 12, 2020
  4. @tom1 gave you great answer above but, as a recently accepted trainee, I can tell you, it's quality over quantity, recruiters are not looking for a specific amount of lines, they just want the highest quality app. With that being said take your time on it if you want to be accepted, my accepted app took 3 days for me to write so really put some thought into it!
    Posted Apr 12, 2020
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  5. Absolutely! That's definitely what I was trying to get at. Congrats by the way :)
    Posted Apr 12, 2020
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  6. hi
    Posted Apr 12, 2020,
    Last edited May 2, 2021
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  7. Also it's worth adding that you should reach out to the recruiter that managed your application in any instance that you have further questions. They'd be happy to help.
    Posted Apr 12, 2020
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  8. Honestly, I can really relate to you on this one as I used to be in the same situation as you are currently over a year ago. When I started applying for trainee for the first time, I always got denied for lack of detail as well, no matter how many effort I did put into my app. This went on for 3 apps and then finally on my fourth try, I managed to get invited to the interview after 10 days of waiting. I was really demotivated, knowing that each time I would apply I would still end up at the same place as before. But, I was really determined to continue applying so I didn't give up and gave it my best the next time I applied. Anyways, the thing I did was I took a really long time to write my app (Over one week I think?), where I wrote 2-3 sections per day. This way I could rethink my answers I wrote down and change something I wasn't happy with. It's always better to read your own application before you submit so you can ask yourself "Is this something Recruitment would have accepted?". Of course, maybe you would say no because you don't have the self-confidence in yourself but that always doesn't have to be the case. As others have also mentioned, Recruitment isn't looking for a specific number of lines or words but rather the quality you put into your application. I can directly confirm this by saying that I saw an application that had less than 2000 words but still got invited to the interview. I know that still might seem like a huge number to you but just know that some people write over 6000 words long apps. They also want to see your answers be as detailed as possible. That's also why you should take time when writing your application over rushing it. Nothing is going to change if you apply today or tomorrow or in one week from now. As others have also stated, I highly suggest reading BAT and BAT2 threads as they go greatly into detail about the whole trainee positions and BAT2 also has a section dedicated to all denial reasons which includes the "Lack of Detail" reason as well.

    It can be pretty demotivating when you're told that your application isn't detailed enough but trust me, it doesn't mean that you won't ever get accepted. It's definitely possible to improve and write applications that can get you invited to the interview. It just requires effort and dedication put into your application. And if you try a little harder next time then I'm sure you'll get there in no time!
    Posted Apr 13, 2020
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  9. Umm In my app I misclicked and put 17 is that a Big problem im not trying to age fraud and get a warning
    Posted May 2, 2021
  10. Hey!

    When it comes to Trainee applications there's no set amount of words you need to have. My tip is to write the hows and whats of your points, for example; you want to make a positive impact on the server. How would you do that? You can't just say you want to do this or that and not give any details about it. You know your intentions better than anyone else so go into detail about them! What do you want to do? Why do you want to do it? How are you going to do it? Something I did a lot was read over my application and think to myself "would I accept this application if I were a recruiter?" and I found that helped me out a lot as well. Others have already said this but sure to check out www.mineplex.com/bat2 for a list of denial reasons and explanations. Also, be sure to always message the recruiter who denied you in order to get a more detailed reason for your denial. Good luck with your future applications! :)
    Posted May 2, 2021
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  11. Message a recruiter and let them know you made a mistake. A list of them can be found at www.mineplex.com/staff :)
    Posted May 2, 2021
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  12. Hey!

    The Recruitment team does not recommend a certain amount of detail, minimum word count, minimum number of paragraphs, etc. We are mainly looking for your answers to provide us with insight, they do not have to be insanely long, but quality does matter. With that said, it's not going to be possible to convey a point well in one sentence for example. It comes down to how well you are able to express your thoughts and ideas in your writing, for example, writing a few paragraphs about something unrelated to the application, or just rambling on about the same point might look decent to the applicant because of its length, but we are looking for detail and relevant answers. So in this case, writing a coupe of paragraphs of content that is relevant and detailed would be more a better use of time. That's an example though, and you can apply that concept to other aspects of writing an application.

    You did mention your application was rejected for Lack of Depth, this rejection reason typically means that the Recruitment team felt like the responses in the application did not contain much elaboration, and did not explore the mentioned points in depth. My advice to you here is to message the Recruiter that rejected your most recent application (make sure to include the link in the conversation), and seek feedback from them - ask how you can improve, and if they have any other tips to help you out. We are always eager to help applicants improve, it's good to show initiative and show you want to improve by reaching out too. Usually the response you receive from the Recruiter should give you enough guidance and advice to go off and improve upon your application. Keep in mind that we do give advice to applicants, but we are unable to help you to an extreme that would be unfair to other applicants (such as telling you what to write, how to write things, what to and what not to mention, etc). Additionally, doing so would make the process way too easy for you, and we would not learn anything about you or your intentions for applying.

    I really hope this helped you out, however, you are more than welcome to reach out and message me privately if you have any more questions regarding the Trainee process. I will now be locking this thread since I have answered your question.

    If you could message me privately with the link to this application, we can discuss this further! :)

    Thread Locked | Concern Addressed
    Posted May 3, 2021
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