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How do u make studying fun

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Zeeelzeeel, Oct 27, 2021.

  1. I got 4 exams tommorow and im bored of studying how do i make it fun
    Posted Oct 27, 2021
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  2. I was always a crammer but it was never fun that way, so maybe for the future take your time to study for your exams a few days or weeks in advance.

    It also helps if what you're studying is something you actually enjoy, studying can be really fun then. But if it's not, then the best thing to do imo is just set yourself up with a snack and some tea or other drinks, put on some music (if you can work with it) and just get to work. There's no other tricks, you just have to do it.

    The studying methods that always worked for me is rewriting notes (the Cornell note method is what I do and it's great) which can be fun as well as rewriting anything I want to memorise over and over and over again on the same sheet of paper. Not very fun, but does help you learn very nicely. I did it a lot back when I was still studying languages and other paragraphs I had to memorise.

    Make sure to take breaks in between, though. And if you're studying multiple things, don't do one all the way through and only then touch on the next. That can burn you out easily. Do one module from one subject, another from another, and then go through it like that. That way you get a nice variety and when you go back to one of the module after having studied another, and go through the summary of what you did real quick, it helps with memory.
    Posted Oct 27, 2021
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  3. I dont
    Posted Oct 27, 2021
  4. i listen to music
    Posted Oct 27, 2021
  5. use this tool called seneca, you'll learn stuff while watching memes
    Posted Oct 27, 2021
  6. :o listen to music that you like. Maybe draw something or try studying with friends. It is always a fun experience :).
    Posted Oct 27, 2021
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  7. It's hard to make studying fun especially if it's a subject you don't like. Usually I listen to music to help cope with the fact that I'm studying.
    Posted Oct 27, 2021
  8. Hmm, whilst I haven't found a foolproof method myself something I like to do is re-teach myself everything that I need to learn, and overall learn it fully. This is because it just becomes so much more interesting and even if I find it a boring subject I can't help but feel engaged because I'm sort of learning something new if I didn't know it. If you want to make something fun and interesting you need to learn and explore what's best for you, and of course, what you'll be interested in. Do you like watching videos? Maybe try learning with videos and see if you learn well with it. Do you like being rewarded for hard work but can't wait until you get your grades? Make a reward system for yourself. Etc. Etc.
    Posted Oct 27, 2021
  9. im doing the basically the same thing rn and there is no fun way. How I do it the most efficiently is to turn off all electronics so that I can stay focused on studying. Also if I do get on I give my self a set amount of time to stay on.
    Posted Oct 27, 2021
  10. When is studying ever fun
    Posted Oct 27, 2021
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  11. Currently listening to music and scrolling through the forums when I should be finishing my essay that is due tomorrow and study for my exam in the morning :')
    Posted Oct 27, 2021
  12. Play some video games before you study

    you’ll find it way easier
    Posted Oct 27, 2021
  13. Power through that massive slog of studying without any breaks. There's no point in taking it seriously when you'll just burn out.

    However, if you're intent on a good grade, the best advice I can give you is listening to music.
    Posted Oct 27, 2021
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  14. study with Jacoby Brisket, that's how
    Posted Oct 27, 2021
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  15. It can be sometimes lol
    Posted Oct 28, 2021
  16. I always listen to music or studying with friends, I always find making flash cards the best way to study for me it never lets me down lol
    Posted Oct 28, 2021
  17. Jacoby Brisket MVP
    Posted Oct 28, 2021
  18. Si I agree

    Jacoby Brisket should help everyone study.
    Posted Oct 28, 2021
  19. hi

    making studying fun can be difficult considering that studying can be kinda stressful, but I do recommend things such as:

    • blankets
    • ambience sounds, waves, wind sounds, etc.
    • cool music
    • snacks
    stuff like this can just overall make it more enjoyable and keep you occupied into your work from my experience
    Posted Oct 31, 2021
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  20. Studying is not really something that can be "fun" and youd end up not learning as much if you tried.
    Ik it kinda sucks but I can assure you it is VERY important you do and youll be glad you stuck it out

    Edit: forgot to mention this, heres a tip when studying for a test. If you chew gum while youre studying the night before or whenever your last study time is before the test, and chew that same flavor during the test its proven that youll remember more because your brain correlates the info from the night before.

    Its true too you can look it up
    Posted Oct 31, 2021

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