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How Can We as Players Help Mineplex?

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Mightylizard1, Jan 16, 2021.

  1. You have to realize that as a player, you do not have as strong of a voice in comparison to what you think. Only by joining a "sub team" like Ideas Team, Game Insights, or QAT, will you be able to properly have a voice that will produce actual actions. However, even people on these teams will deny your ideas no matter what the reason is. The only way without that tag below your name would be to gather dozens of players to "attack" a certain topic. For example, a rule change or a want for an update. Your voice might be heard a lot, but even then, the actions taken by the higher-ups will not budge; no matter how convincing you are or how much effort and sense you dedicate into your positions. That is because what THEY say goes; not what you say. Hate to be a pessimist but that's what reality is.
    Posted Jan 18, 2021
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    Ok, to be serious, we as players are pretty powerless when it comes to making Mineplex better. Basically all that we are able to do is to be nice to one another and report hackers. That might keep the server a little more pleasant for just a little longer, but it really isn't enough. It's on the higher-ups of Mineplex to make it better. They need to update their games, make some new ideas, and find a way to bring more publicity to the server. And they probably need to hire more devs. But most importanly, they need to listen to US, the people that have been here for so long and have been constantly disappointed by the lack of change in the most important areas.
    Posted Jan 21, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 21, 2021
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  3. Sure thing boss
    Posted Jan 21, 2021
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  4. Well considering Mineplex bans clients like Lunar that don't harm gameplay whatsoever and many mods lock any forum posts that criticize anything, what else do you expect? Mineplex Java can't grow until it catches up with other servers and actually focuses on improving the Java server.

    Just voicing my frustrations. This server has seen WAY better days. I just feel like there is less and less of a reason to jump in and play as time goes by, which is probably upsetting for the players and staff.
    Posted Jan 23, 2021
  5. Just get a growing YouTuber to play Mineplex, all those stans will come right over
    Posted Jan 23, 2021
  6. I think the big thing that the server needs to capitalise on is being playable and useable better by larger streamers. Tubbo as an example, was used earlier in this thread and is exactly true. The server just could not handle the influx of players, it lagged too much, and Tubbo was unable to stream on the server so went elsewhere for the rest of the stream.

    This is not encouraging to content creators, they need to be on a newer, diverse, fast running server with more modern, playable and intriguing game types. I really respect your view and intent of this thread on "bringing the community in on the improvement of the quality of the server", but unless the production team are able to capitalise on more modern and heavily demanded gamemodes, not limited to but including:

    • Duels/PvP based matchmaking games, this could include MP's custom DOM so it is unique.​
    • Bridging related games that involve competition but not just PvP​
    • PvE games so that PvP is not completely the main factor on the server​
    • More "grind-y/"persistent based games. I play persistent games more generally because I feel like I am making progress and have a reason & drive to play the game to improve & better my experience later on for that game when new content is released.​

    The issue with increasing server capacity is it cannot be done until there is (a) a demand for this capacity (already been brought in recently by Tubbo on a few occasions) (b) a supply of money that is reasonable to invest in this capacity. People think Mineplex often is short on money or does not have a very good money-making strategy ,but marketplace greatly assists with this, Immortal revenue is great but Bedrock is really beneficial to the company, the skin packs bring a lot of extra revenue in that would help add to this change - there needs to be good supply from Java to invest in both networks equally.

    The last thing I would suggest is simply more modern takes on things. Not as much reliance on nostalgia and more a mix of some well known traits of Mineplex but mainly dominated by newer, more mainstream gametypes like I listed above. Duels on Mineplex, if the server is growing in popularity due to a change like this, or even a change to Clans, making it more open to newer players/have more content that players can grind out, more of an economy where users can better trade with each other, or making it less PvP based would all provide great opportunities for CCs to jump onboard and start recording/streaming. With increased revenue from more players buying ranks, this can lead to better server capacity which will fix any issues proposed there, this is a spiral of positive growth.

    A few last points I wanted to touch on community-specific based:

    @glitcch is exactly correct when saying "stop comparing Mineplex to Hypixel". They are completely different, they are not related, they have different genres and are in different leagues, yes, before these servers were in a "clash of the titans" but this is just not relevant anymore, it doesn't benefit either server to see them as being in a "war", I personally, and I'm sure Mineplex as a whole is in a good relationship with Hypixel, we do not have bad blood or wish to have controversy, this is a separate minigame server that is supposed to cater to a different audience.

    Posted Jan 23, 2021
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  7. Actually, the reason that Lunar was banned is because the client itself interfered with GWEN and started flagging people. It wasn't for "no reason" and has been stated multiple times that it's a fault from the Lunar developers. You can read more about it in Dulciloquy's thread below.
    Posted Jan 23, 2021
  8. Play on the server or buy stuff
    Posted Jan 23, 2021
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  9. I haven't seen any of you guys use the ideas that were proposed from players
    Posted Jan 23, 2021

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