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How can Cow kit jump like this?

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by TheGamingTitan11, Aug 12, 2020.

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  1. Hi, I was playing SSM and a well known player by the name of FahouZ (5k wins) was jumping/moving with cow kit in a strange manner. This is NOT a report. Just a question I have to see if this is something possible. The videos are attached below. When they double jump, they shouldn't be able to move upwards anymore without using an ability, as double jump only recharges when you hit the ground again. They did not use milk spiral otherwise it would have showed.

    Thank you!
    Posted Aug 12, 2020
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  2. That's called triple jumping. A strategy that works in every gamemode that allows double jumping.

    Do a normal jump.
    Before you land, do a double jump.

    Hope this helps!
    Posted Aug 12, 2020
  3. Like stated above (including instructions) he's just triple jumping, any kit can do it and it's overall just a big part of the game.
    Posted Aug 13, 2020
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  4. does this count as bug exploiting and is bannable?
    Posted Aug 13, 2020
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  5. It's not bannable.
    Posted Aug 13, 2020
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  6. Hello!

    Like it's been said above, this is known as triple jumping and can be done by doing this:
    1 - Jump
    2 - Just before you hit the ground double jump so that you both double jump and touch the ground at roughly same time
    3 - If you did steps 2 and 3 correctly, you should be able to double jump again mid-air

    Hope this helps

    ~ Tomeroo
    Posted Aug 13, 2020
  7. Smh everyone saying "every kit can do it"... meanwhile Chicken is crying in the corner.
    Posted Aug 13, 2020
  8. Either I'm lagging or something but I found that I get an extra flap if I use the same triple jump trick.
    Posted Aug 13, 2020
  9. Hacks obv.
    Posted Aug 16, 2020
  10. -snip-

    I'm just gonna uh
    Leave this here...
    Posted Aug 23, 2020,
    Last edited by a Moderator Aug 23, 2020
  11. If you believe that they were hacking you can do /report in game, join StaffRequest with /com request StaffRequest, or submit a forum report @https://www.mineplex.com/reports

    Ok, now about the main topic. I believe what you are referring to is the in game double jump feature. They added it to make the game fast paced, and make you very maneuverable.
    Posted Aug 23, 2020
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  12. Hi hi,
    As stated above this feature is a double jump feature, which can also be used to triple jump. Something like this wouldn’t be punishable.

    @Echo ^-^ to address your concern, you can report any players @ https://www.mineplex.com/reports with the evidence you have.
    Since the OP’s concern has been addressed, I will now lock this thread. Please message me with any additional questions or concerns.
    Posted Aug 23, 2020
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